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Official Artist Status: Schooling
Official Thread Status: Mostly dead
Official Art Status: Closed!

Hello everyone!
Looking for quality single or chibi art? Look no further! At Moondust and Madness, I do my best to make you shiny and lovely art that you
will want to show off (maybe). I've had MAM for just over 5 years now,
and it just keeps getting better. ♥ Thank you to all my loyal customers, and welcome new buyers!

Please look at my Deviantart.

NEW BUYING SYSTEM ALERT! Please see the "Rules" post.

Thinking of buying? Pay attention to the following lists.

1. Girls
2. Cute/sexy avvies
3. Animals (chibi)
4. Sparkles
5. Bright colors

1. Complicated or ugly avvies (aka NO buckteeth or creepy eyeballs)
2. Weapons/metalics (but I will still draw)
3. Any laurel-like items (Silver/Gold Laurels)
4. Big curly hair (Porridge items)
5. Predominantly light colored avatars or characters

O.C.s = Avatars

I don't do males unless you offer a lot (they look like women.. but slightly manly). I draw interpretations of your avatar or O.C.
I also take IRL moneys! E-mail me at ednaaaaaaa@gmail.com.

If you commission me, you have permission to use it anywhere else on Gaia (profile, flobs, sig, etc)

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11/17/09 - 1,000 pages! Whoot! <3
6/23/08 - Creation of Moondust and Madness

I have a few simple rules:
1. Be respectful to other posters/lurkers, me, and yourself.
2. Chatspeak makes you sounds stupid and annoying and I don't like it, so please don't use it if you want to make a good impression on me.
3. Follow the Gaian TOS.
4. DO NOT complete the trade until I give you the art. It serves as motivation and as a tracker for incomplete commissions.

1. I have a life outside of Gaia and I can't promise your art by a certain time unless it's IRL commission. Yes, that means you might wait over a few months to get it.
2. I am tired of the same poses over and over again, so please be creative.

With increasing inflation from cash shop items and my increasing workload, I don't have time to do a lot of commissions for a million for a full body. This means I am significantly upping my price.
However, I know that if I raise my prices too much, some of the people who have been waiting for my art for a long time won't even get a chance. Therefore, I'm going to do a lottery system for most orders. People can apply to 1 of 2 types of slots:

1. Charity Slot - 600k flat rate full body
2. Regular Slot - 10mil minimum - see Slots for price suggestions

The art is identical, but I'm trying to get other people the chance to order art who may not have millions in the bank. Charity slots will be based SOLELY on character alone, and will not need to generate a random number.
Only 1 full body charity slot is available per art cycle, and 1 chibi.

Also, if you are a millionaire and CAN afford my stupid prices, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY for a charity slot. >: (

I will choose my top choice in the charity category and my top 2 choices for the regular slots, then open up 2 more slots based on a lottery system; all regular orders will be eligible.
Only 4 slots total are available every art cycle, and 2 chibi.

All regular orders must generate a number between 1 and 25 at the same time they order; one for every order they post. Duplicates will be regenerated if they get close to my generated number.

Thank you for reading! Any feedback or thoughts is appreciated; I'm testing it out.
I should have more time in the near future to do some art for everyone!


Here is the process for buying art.

1. You can post your order any time the topic title says "Open".

2. I choose the 1 charity slot and 2 regular slots. All others are by lottery. Please specify which slot type are you applying for.

3. If you post a regular order, generate a random number between 1-25 at the same time.

4. I will quote you if you got a slot.

5. After I accept your order OR you win a lottery slot, you will PM me the order. You must be responsible for PMing the order and starting the trade or I WILL NOT START on the artwork.

5. Use this format. (if it's not in this format, I will not accept it.)

[color=#cc66cc][size=18][b]GIMME THE (choose one: REGULAR or CHARITY) SLOT![/b][/size][/color]
[b]Name of Person receiving portrait:[/b] Username
[b]Pose:[/b] Pose here (reference pics are fine)
[b]References:[/b] References here (aka other art of your avvie or a non-gaia-linky picture of your avatar)
[b]Extra info:[/b] Eye color, other stuff, etc.
[b]Background?[/b] Yes (NOT available for charity slots) or No
[b]Offer:[/b] Whatever you want to pay- 600k flat rate for charity, 10mil+ for regular
Don't forget to generate a random number between 1-25!

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SIDE NOTE If you've already posted your order and haven't got a reply from me, DON'T PM it to me. Only PM me your order once I've accepted it. I only consider orders in the thread unless they are super bribes. You can PM me super bribes at any time.

6. I will start working on the art after the trade has been started. I will also PM you a sketch to see if I need to fix anything.

7. After you okay the sketch, I will finish the work, send you the art, and then you complete the trade.

8. DONE! <3 The work goes into my gallery and you get awesome art.

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Full Body Slot
1. Closed

Chibi Slot
1. Closed

Regular Slots - Chosen
1. blushzy
2. Arturo Savinni

Regular Slots - Lottery
1. Evermore Your Angel
2. SilentRedemption

Chibi Slots - Chosen
1. TidusLovex

Chibi Slots - Lottery
1. Closed

♥ Trades can be sent to my main account - Eddie Eddie Eddie
♥ One artwork per order unless it's a huge bribe.
♥ Boys require extra gold.
♥ FB Couples are over 20 mil unless I love you.

Examples - please refer to my "pickup". All past art is displayed.

These are base/beginning prices for charity slots.

CHARITY SLOTS Cellshading (anime style) avaliable on request.

• 600k flat rate
+ Complex Background: Super Bribe only
+ Simple Background: 50k

• 300k flat rate
BG not available

These are base/beginning prices for regular slots.

REGULAR SLOTS Regular offers can be in items from my wishlist or in pure, or a combination.

• 10mil+
+ Background: Be prepared to offer 20mil+ for complicated BG.

• 25mil+
+ Background: Be prepared to offer 35mil+ for complicated BG.

• 5mil+
No background available.

EDDIE CG : my original style- flowy and stuff, but more time consuming.
Also, if there is a particular piece of art I've done that is an example of how you want yours to come out, tell me! There is some variation in line thickness/etc and shading in my work.

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Frequently Asked Questions ♥ ♥ ♥

{Q} May I use your work in commercial stuff?
{A} No, you may not.

{Q} Can I get free art?
{A} No, you may not, unless you are a good friend. It's a rarity.

{Q} When is your art auction going to be?
{A} Most likely soon. Time is silly.

{Q} Why can't I get a freakin' slot?! TT^TT
{A} Your requests probably don't appeal to me.

{Q} Can I offer less than the base price for a bribe?
{A} I won't accept it.

{Q} Can I offer tons of monies for a bribe?
{A} OF COURSE. And you'd have a higher chance of being first. The first art goes to the highest bidder, generally.

{Q} Can I sell your art or claim it as my own?
{A} What do you think? (By the way, this is a blatant NO.)

{Q} Can I advertise you in my thread?
{A} Sure!

{Q} Are your slots open when it is crossed out?
{A} Nope, the slot is still closed.

{Q} Are bribes open even if slots are filled?
{A} Yes, that is the whole point of having bribes. I will post in the first post whether or not bribes are open; please check the thread name, too.

{Q} Do the bribes have slots?
{A} No, I pick how many bribes I take at a time.

{Q} Can I ask you a question?
{A} Please do!

{Q} Can I be an affiliate?
{A} I don't do affiliates, as you can see. It takes up too much time and space.

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Please visit my DA gallery- the categories are on the side, if you would like to look.
Gallery W/ Examples

Completed 1 - For k a w a i i blood
Completed 2 - For Lone_Sexy_Bunny
Completed 3 - For Tamni Boo
Completed 4 - For Lyrical Slumber
Completed 5 - For The Overlord Pez
Completed 6 - For Soshii
Completed 7 - For Sugakitten
Completed 8 - For st4rri3
Completed 9 - For Sayurisaya
Completed 10 - For ~girl of black and white~
Completed 11 - For Fire Storm444
Completed 12 - For [P]unkee
Completed 13 - For [P]unkee
Completed 14 - For J I G S
Completed 15 - For Lucious Lotte
Completed 16 - For St4rri3
Completed 17 - For Clair Aleksandra
Completed 18 - For Roi-chan
Completed 19 - For Sheshoumara
Completed 20 - For Arretsu
Completed 21 - For CrimsonMurder
Completed 22 - For amaranthine_seeress
Completed 23 - For [Cindy]
Completed 24 - For jessyta
Completed 25 - For natureavenuficus
Completed 26 - For Queen Fonne
Completed 27 - For Jae Seu Meen
Completed 28 - For Dunazul
Completed 29 - For I Yume I
Completed 30 - For amaranthine_seeress
Completed 31 - For Arretsu
Completed 32 - For smallhotaru
Completed 33 - For mokona418_new
Completed 34 - For CBunny
Completed 35 - For Menstrual Cramps
Completed 36 - For Rosie Tricx
Completed 37 - For Kisharo Dragonwings
Completed 38 - For Melting Sugar
Completed 39 - For _cLicHeLLe_
Completed 40 - For Oclupaca
Completed 41 - For elffromspace
Completed 42 - For PetitEtoiles
Completed 43 - For Melting Sugar
Completed 42 - For Mokoni
Completed 43 - For Oclupaca
Completed 44 - For PetitEtoiles
Completed 45 - For Tennyo no Aiyoku Setsuna
Completed 46 - For [.Sammie.]
Completed 47 - For Roi-chan
Completed 48 - For Ashlii xoxo and Tenshi no Mizu
Completed 49 - For Mightelove
Completed 50 - For Ashli xoxo
Completed 51 - For kumiko-tan
Completed 52 - For The Goddess of Dawn
Completed 53 - For xXYumi-DonoXx
Completed 54 - For xenthyl
Completed 55 - For Melting Sugar
Completed 56 - For Lady Luck _ Kylie
Completed 57 - For paige rage
Completed 58 - For LividPeas
Completed 59 - For iHitomi
Completed 60 - For Angel of Death DA
Completed 61 - For FURlKAKE
Completed 62 - For Isabella Montoya Chiquete
Completed 63 - For FireGoddess101
Completed 64 - For Jessyta
Completed 65 - For xXYumi-DonoXx
Completed 66 - For Siafoam
Completed 67 - For FireGoddess101
Completed 68 - For Fetishplz
Completed 69 - For Princess Pandemonium
Completed 70 - For Arretsu
Completed 71 - For Ailyia
Completed 72 - For Ashli xoxo
Completed 73 - For Syaoran-Puu
Completed 74 - For Jen-Til
Completed 75 - For Melting Sugar
Completed 76 - For Melting Sugar and Oclupaca
Completed 77 - For The Lady Twele
Completed 78 - For Roi-chan
Completed 79 - For kitten
Completed 80 - For Nicole the Hotness
Completed 81 - For The Lady Twele
Completed 82 - For The Lady Twele
Completed 83 - For FireGoddess101
Completed 84 - For Nicole the Hotness
Completed 85 - For iiSaiyu
Completed 86 - For Karrri
Completed 87 - For RinaLovely
Completed 88 - For Lady Yuuki Syth
Completed 89 - For Kiaori Moon Warrior
Completed 90 - For Mokoni
Completed 91 - For Empress Boa
Completed 92 - For Caelia Darkwhite
Completed 93 - For FireGoddess101
Completed 94 - For [evilpinkbunny]
Completed 95 - For Arretsu
Completed 96 - For GentlemonMatt
Completed 97 - For Moment's Indecision'
Completed 98 - For Lady Angel of Light
Completed 99 - For Arretsu
Completed 100 - For BucketHead1693
Completed 101 - For meuq
Completed 102 - For Lusillyah
Completed 103 - For zuxia
Completed 104 - For Some Witty Name
Completed 106 - For The Valkyrie Ryu
Completed 107 - For Odori-ble Kitty
Completed 108 - For Lady Angel of Light
Completed 109 - Arturo Savinni
Completed 110 - Blushzy

Set 1 -
One X Two X Three X Four X Five X Six

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HI! I haven't been active on Gaia lately, but occasionally I'll come back and do freebies or random commissions. I'm sorry for all you loyal lurkers out there that my schedule isn't that regular! I really appreciate that you all still follow me, though. It makes me feel warm fuzzies inside.

I'm currently studying neuroscience at university and I am LOVING it, so, so, sooo much. I hope to go to graduate school soon, and still find the time to draw and photograph people.

User Image

So this is where any special events will be happening!
I may have bumping contests, freebie grabs, random contests, or announcements here.
Occasionally, I will also have limited edition art styles here. Keep an eye out for Eddie pixels,
head shots, comics, anime screenshots, and more!

Now open! ^^
c^^oi)'s avatar



your art is amazing

I am considering buying some as soon as a slot is open!
c^^oi)'s avatar


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Omg that sound is my stomach. ~~;

-every few seconds hearing a roar-ish moan-

I guess I'm hungry. ... FOR ART!
.. And food, but ahm that'll have to wait. D=

I was going to reserve a slot, but i believe i'm wasting lots on artworks, sorry
c^^oi)'s avatar


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.... -falls over-

..... Kai, I guess food can't wait.
I'm Sangii♥, by the way, and I have taken the position as your official stalker.

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