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Sweetie Rinelle is currently: Busy drawing stuffles

heart If you love my art, please have a heart and rate my shop often! heart

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Hi! And welcome to my first art shop on Gaia! I'm pretty new here as you can see so to get used to Gaia!

I've just opened back up having been absent because of an injured drawing hand so take a look around! I'm a bit busy right now and taking it slow as my hand continues to heal so please be patient with me as I get to completing your order *bow*

heart !!!Lunar Dreams!!! heart

I've just come from Deviantart, so if you'd like to visit me there it's Rinree's DA Page right here~

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*~working to get this pretty thing~*(updated with nice tip from quick sketch)
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30/01/09 - Back into commissions! Been away for quite awhile because of my hand and because i've just not had much time to come onto the internet with it dying all the time n stuff. Mostly I just came on to feed my precious cuttlefish ^^; Won't be accepting any further commissions until I actually get through this massive list of current ones that I have which I hope to dig into quite well and complete in a few weeks or so. But bear with me, I'm still taking it easy cuz of my hand which is annoying still healing so I won't be as fast as I used to be before xmas, hoping everyone can be patient with me on this. But thank you and keep supporting me please to help a practicing artist!!!


30/12/08 - Important notice: all drawing activity ceased because of drawing hand injury
29/11/08 - Important notice: ceased incoming normal orders for now
9/12/08 - xmas chibi art slots n bump comp
29/11/08 - Heads up for price increase over the xmas and new years period
26/11/08 - Rules & Favourite comments have been updated
18/11/08 - Mr Digby's special FREE ART! (Filled & complete)
14/11/08 - Lunar Dreams opens!!!

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* Please do not request for free art. Unless you are a good friend of mine, then I will not, under any circumstance draw you something for free.
* Follow the ToS
* Do not steal any art, not even the banners! You wouldn't like it if it happened to you DX!
* If you're in my shop, what I say is law
* I reserve the right to refuse service to you If what you want me to draw is weird or uncute
* WILL NOT DRAW CLUTTERED AVI'S!! Too much work that I can't be bothered with
* If you get a slot, please pay in advance or I shall not work on your art request! I do not want to be scammed out of my hard work!
* I do not accept "use my current avatar" as a reference pic. upload and post a reference PIC in your order form
* Please comment in this page to grab a slot. If you comment elsewhere or PM me, I shall ignore you biggrin
* When you receive your art, do not post it on other websites! Keep it solely here on Gaia although I will be posting finished art to my Deviant Art account. You are entitled to tell me if you do not want me to and I will understand ^^
* If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask/PM me but NOT if you are asking "when am I getting my art piece?" I am not a machine, good art takes time

Okay! And then there are things I will draw for you:
- Shounen ai/tasteful yaoi -
- Shoujo ai/Yuri -
- Original Characters -
- Gaia Avatars -
- Fanart -

And there must be things I cannot and will not draw for you:
- Naked people! DX no no, they must have SOME clothes! -
- Smut! Sorry but has to be kept PG 13 -
- Anthro! I dont know how to draw them XP -
- detailed backgrounds, trees, beds, house, etc... pattern/design background orders only -

To make sure you have read my rules and will abide by them, in my order form I will ask "Have you read my rules and followed my conditions?" Answer with a heart and only then will I accept your order. No heart, no art! Thank you for reading all my rules ^^

User Image


heart CHIBI'S heart

1 character x Full Body (sketch) 5k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]
1 character x Full Body (colored) 10k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]
1 character x Half Body (Sketch) 2.5k
[sample 1]
Half Body (colored) 7.5k
[sample 1]
1 character x Headshot (sketch) 1.5k
sorry no sample available >.<
1 character x Headshot (colored) 3k
[sample 1] [sample 2]

heart NORMAL ART heart

1 character x Full Body (Sketch) 10k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]
1 character x Full Body (Colored) 20k
[sample 1] [sample 2]
1 character x Half Body (Sketch) 5k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]
1 character x Half Body (Colored) 15k
[sample 1] [sample 2]
1 character x Headshot (sketch) 3k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]
1 character x Headshot (coloured) 5k
[sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3]

heart Background : 1k - 6k heart
Patterned - 1k
[sample 1]
Simple - 3k
sorry no sample available >.<
Detailed - 6k
sorry no sample available >.<

Urgent Order Fee(to skip to the very first in line) : 50k

*** in most of the pictures you will see backgrounds, IGNORE EM! what you are looking at is the body because that's what you will be getting
*** half bodied pictures are from the WAIST UP! no more, no less, the samples will have more/less because...they are sample...yes stare
*** head shots will only be from neck up
*** one of the pictures I had to put in two places for examples the "Twisted Cover" because it had both sorta full body and half body.
*** please mostly look at the first examples XD (the latter will mostly be old ones shhhh!)


* If you have a very detailed avatar, I have to raise the price but this will be negotiated
* any price change will always be negotiated so dont worry ^^
* Those that generously 'donate' wishlist items for me, I may 'donate' special pics back for them
* If you need your order before a certain date, please feel free to tell me

User Image


Step One: Ask for a slot
Step Two: I approve your slot if there is a slot free
Step Three: You fill out the order form
Step Four: I will see if there is any extra cost, then I give you a total cost
Step Five: If you agree to the cost, you fill out the order form with the ref pics and details
Step Six: Make sure that I have put up your order in the "Current Orders" section BEFORE you pay in advance

DONATERS, DO NOT fill out this form yet if you have donated an item/gold to me. You PM me, telling me that you have kindly donated with your gracious gold/wishlist item to the very grateful Sweetie Rinelle...and I shall contact YOU telling you what I can draw for you. Thank you ever so much heart

You fill this out:
Headshot/Half body/Full body:
Sketch/ Colored:
Hetero/Shounen ai/Shoujo ai:
Background y/n:
Specific Pose and/or additional details:
Have you read my rules and followed my conditions?
Reference pictures(tektek list if avi):
Total Payment:

REMEMBER! If you do not follow the steps or my rules, or do not fill the order form out properly do not expect me to accept your order okay? heart

User Image

Please refer to order form on how to get a slot. If there are other people in line and you are taking your time in deciding what you want, I will give you a warning first and if you still take long, I will give away your slot to someone else.

Working List: (FULL)
1.BikkyMaxwell (heero + duo)
2. Hidokki (paid) question
3. Cobra_X (paid)

Special List: (not open to buyers)

Xmas Chibi Slots!
1. Tyzzy (paid and pending drawing)
2. Cobra_X

Bump Contest Winners:
1. Handsoffgucci - avi art
2. Zarius the Fire Master - redface
3. psychicfiredemoness - pending order??

Waiting List: (CLOSED)
1. VampyricOrigins (pending order)
2. Lady Bella Bloodlust (pending order)
3. ToastyCrackers (pending order)
4. Kera-doll (pending order)

Hold List
1. Azure Yuzuki (kekeke everything of your avatar! XD) - on hold -
2. ThinkingHurts (chibi) - on hold -
3. Shadowdragon (waaaay overdue commish) - on hold -

heart ~Art Progress Symbols~ heart
Sketching: question
Lineart complete: exclaim
Colouring: 3nodding
Art complete: 4laugh
Payment pending: redface

User Image

ORDER 1 (complete)

ORDER 2: (complete)

ORDER 3: (complete)

ORDER 4: (complete)

ORDER 5: (complete)


I do hope this isn't too much to ask for...

Username: BikkyMaxwell
Chibi/Normal: Normal
Fullbody/Half/headshot: Half
Sketch, Colored: Colored if it’s not too much trouble
Single/Couple: Couple
Background y/n (please be specific): None thank you
Any other specific details?: Be creative?
Reference pictures: Duo + Heero


xd I think you know what I'm probably going to order D: Hoho. Tell me the price after you calculate it? smile Looks like I'll need to earn some gold after this haha xd your shops' lookin good. biggrin

Username: Hidokki
Show me your Special Opening Ticket: Special Ticket 1
Chibi/Normal: Chibi
Fullbody/Half/headshot: Fullbody
Sketch, Colored: Coloured
Single/Couple/Group: Couple
How many people in pic (for Group pics): N/A
Background y/n (please be specific): No
Any other specific details?: Nope XD
Have you read my rules and followed my conditions?: heart
Reference pictures:
Ramy - http://beybladefanatic.deviantart.com/art/Spiron-X-Ramy-Ref-39294629 (Eee gods D: old art)
Taireru - http://malik-bakura.deviantart.com/art/9-Wild-Ride-47688264 (I'm not too sure about back view XD; but I think its almost similar to the front)

Thanks Lunar biggrin



Whee, Xmas chibis! I must pounce on this.

Username: Tyzzy
Background y/n: No thanks~
Specific Pose and/or additional details: Standing, one hand in her coat pocket with the other holding up the candle, tilting her head a bit while looking up, grinning.
Have you read my rules and followed my conditions? You bet! heart
Reference pictures(tektek list if avi): Current avi, Tektek pending! I need to switch to my lappie to do it, but I'll edit this in a minute. :]
User Image
'Tis missing the candle, though.
Payment: 25k sound fair?

I have to say, your art is delicious. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it!
It's worth mentioning that if you take my request I usually up the payment after seeing the final piece.
I'm stingy until I inevitably get all gooey-eyed over a commission.



Username: Cobra_X

Background y/n: Forestry

Specific Pose and/or additional details: Cobra (my avatar, minus the petals, coco, spirit flames, and faunzy flute,and dark claws) standing up and leaning his back agaisnt a tree with arms folded, looking forward from underneath his hat. Between the scarf, his headband and the hat, most everything but his eyes should be shaded or covered, but with his naturally crimson colored eyes, it should look somewhat menacing.

Have you read my rules and followed my conditions?:I hope so?

Reference pictures(tektek list if avi): My avatar, (minus the petals, coco, spirit flames, and faunzy flute,and dark claws)

Payment: 20K plus, I dunno, something on your wishlist...I haven't checked it yet, will go do so now.

No rush of course. Get better soon hun! Hopefully you will be back to yourself in NO TIME! heart
User Image

heart Where all lovely and nice comments have been posted about Lunar Dreams Art Shop, thank you so much! *bows* heart

Rainbow Raver Flick
i would like to add a comment about your art.
Rainbow loves your art!
your art is beautiful, and your chibis are so perfectly adorable!!!

I wanna spot!
Oh! Can I be an offical bumper?!

Ace Cloud Strife
zomg that finished art for rainbow is totally adorable

OMG! I LlllOooOOoOVvEEEeee the art done of Rainbow! It's so gorgeous! You be da behst arteest evah!
heart heart heart

x Ririka x
Hauuuuuuuu... this is so beautiful Ririka wants to cry!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ç__ç


Your newly finished commission is purdy heart THE TREE!!! Omg I love the tree >W< and of course the main focus of everything - such a darling scene :3

And your newest commission is very pretty like Kera-doll said. Yay for Rin and her perdy arts! heart heart

Awwwww. The art turned out so cute!!!

Am liking the latest piece, lunar biggrin

Ace Cloud Strife
wow the Rina and that other girls couple art look sweet love the background as well heart

Waiiii~ What an adorable style. The girl is absolutely gorgous. I can't wait to see the finished product ^^

Ace Cloud Strife
-dies with happiness- Zomg that art is soooo CUTEEE..We love it thank you sooo much <3

o.o OMGG! It's so pretty! -bows to the art goddess- Thank you so much it's ahmaazing! -melts at the amazingness- Sooo wonderful.

OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!! I love it! You rock!!! I really cannot put into words how perfect that is!! I love the nails!
THANK YOU X A MILLION! The long wait was soooo worth it!
And I was wondering... would you mind if I built a custom profile for myself using the art? You'll receive full credit of course.

User Image

If you have a shop and would like to affiliate with me, send me a PM ^^ I will be more than happy to affiliate with you!

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image


User Image

User Image

heart I'd like to send out a big shout out to Azure Yuzuki who got me back on gaia and into creating this art shop in the first place! Without her, I wouldn't be here! ^^ So lots of snuggles and cuddles and purrs for her everyone! And she's also an artist with her own art shop, having started it before I did! Also, credit is given to her for layout as I referenced mine off hers XD! So please visit her and check out her art shop here for request you'd like from her! When she reopens of course XD Please support her too! Thank you very much! ^^ heart

heart Awesome People who tipped/donated/bumped/are special heart
x Ririka x (first customer!!!)
TatyanaNavka (tipped and official bumper ^^)
BikkyMaxwell (donated AND tipped! heart )
Hidokki (tipped + donated LOL)
Dark Princess Shay

heart Past Customers heart
Rainbow Raver Flick
Generation XXX
x Ririka x
Ace Cloud Strife
User Image

Pick up your order right here! But when new art pops up, it shall be shrunk and then turned into a link when I need to clear space. But I will PM you when your order is ready ^^ *bows*

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image User ImageUser Image

User Image

29/01/09 - this was a very difficult picture. it was very detailed, high res, the characters were strange, I was delayed when I was suddenly called into work full time for a full week, then came my hand injury. Despite my injury I still worked on it as often as I could considering it hurt. The commissioner threatened to get me banned for scamming because I was a month late as opposed to the three days I said I was going to get it completed by. But past commissioners know I tend to be late or very late with deadlines ><;; I take much pride in my artwork, why would I scam for fake money when I appreciate good artwork more? Confuses me...*shrug*

13/12/08 - tried out more new styles for lineart and CG'ing. Kinda failed in the CG department, but least I got the lineart pretty good. Won't be doing a pic this high quality anytime soon...too time consuming for a chibi. Again, another special pic. I put alot of effort to this because Shay chatted often to me and bumped often too heart I love sweet people like that ^^ So here you go Shay, hope you think the long wait was worth it XD!

5/12/08 - he hair...the hair...I drool over the girl's hair, it came out soooo prettiful! I'm getting used to folds and stuff and am trying out new CG'ing styles all the time. This took me ages to do simply because I wanted to come out extra good. It was well worth all the work I put in it though. I'm so pleased with how it came out ^^

25/1108 - *yawns in exhaustion* do not be decieved....it was only the background that was supposed to be purple. the sketch did not make sense when only the bg was coloured and i couldn't MAKE it make sense. so i did...blah to the sketch to make it look decent and this is the finished product. For future sketches, there will be NO colour because it's too difficult for me.
21/11/08 - Aaaand it's complete! Thanks alot to Azure who showed me how to do alot XD
21/11/08 - lol thought you guys would like to see what is currently angelic cloud's new sketch WIP. this is how all my sketches start out!!!! XD;;; believe it or not! I haven't had much progress done, I've been without my computer for a few days...the new WIP version. Again, sketchy as hell XD;;;; all my sketches start out not too great
thanks again for this!

i love you so much for this.
here are the pics.

User Image User Image

and then to let you know.
after removing the cape on the little red robbin hood, she is wearing a tail.
i think its the tail of the beast.

User Image

if you would like a full item list i would be more then happy to get one for you. 3nodding

edit: please if you would not mind, please make it a chibi.
your chibis are so cute!!
i would like to add a comment about your art.

Rainbow loves your art!
your art is beautiful, and your chibis are so perfectly adorable!!!
i was wondering if you would also do me the honor of drawing my oc?

Go here. I think you will find that with your skill you will be able to make a lot of Gold quick.

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