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1.Intro 2.Prices 3.Rules 4.Samples 5.Form

Ok time to switch stuff around. If you snoop around the thread you might notice that I used to do these differently. Now I do them a new way and that is just how it is. I might still do the old kind if you *really* want me to, but they are harder and less awesome, so I don't wanna ><

I don't have a banner cause I'm lazy. If you make me a banner I will say thank you!

I have quests here (items) and here (art).
I currently have way too much free time on my hands, so my slots are theoretically infinite, as long as you can wait a day or two.

IMPORTANT STUFF! The application form and instructions are on the 5th post. If you do not apply correctly, you will not get drawn. Apply exactly as instructed.

1.Intro 2.Prices 3.Rules 4.Samples 5.Form

Price is 250g. I only do head shots.
If you want a couple our group drawing, it is literally just different head shots pasted together, they do not interact other than possibly having their eyes looking at each other. SO, following that logic, every extra person you add adds an extra 250g.

You can also get art for an item from my wishlist that is worth 250g or more. Or art for art. But maybe check with me first on art trades, just fill out the form and at the top you can say "I want to do an art trade" and then give me a link to some stuff you drew. Keep in mind that I usually finish my art within maximum one day, basically somewhere under an hour after I figure out someone asked, so I don't really want to sit and wait for 2 weeks to get the art from you. If you think you will finish within 1 or 2 days, that is fine.

1.Intro 2.Prices 3.Rules 4.Samples 5.Form

-Use the form!
-Be nice, be courteous, speak in full words.
-Unless absolutely necessary, do not quote more than 3 previous quotes in your post. I will still know what you're talking about if you don't include the entire conversation since the dawn of time.
-Don't waste my time, only ask for art if you are ready and willing to pay for it. Have the gold ready.
-On that note, please send the trade as soon as you see your art. I can tell if you have opened the PM or not.
-If someone asks who you got your art from (doubtful but still) please link them to my shop.
-I save a copy of your avatar if you ask me to draw it. I may use it along with the art I make from it in the future.

1.Intro 2.Prices 3.Rules 4.Samples 5.Form

User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

1.Intro 2.Prices 3.Rules 4.Samples 5.Form

Please post your form in this thread.
[size=18]Art request[/size]
Username: Username here
Image of Avi to be drawn: "my current" is not an image. Give me an image.
Comments: if you have something else to say, say it here.

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