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UPDATE: college is starting up really soon, so
the time for massive art hoarding has drawn to
a close. Beckette will still be around for about
five minutes at least every other day to accept
art & send trades. it's been a great winter break.

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I wanna be the very best, like no one ever waasssssssssss.
to catch this is my real test, to train them is my cauuuseeeee

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A REFERENCE (drawn by neneno)
beckie is so white she glows in the dark k.
no but fosrs da reel pic

hi guys. I'm beckie and my compatriot neneno wants some friendship art of us frolicking around. yeah major funtiemz.

we have lots of funds so if you're interested show us some samples & we'll throw you an offer.

User Image <= dis es beckie
User Image <= dis es neneno

obviously we match beautifully togetherrr

we want art of us together as friends frolicking in fields and crap.
neneno wants more huskies if possible.
and if you're going to draw huskies beckie wants some golden sheep frolicking with the huskies too.
and that thing in beckie's hand is a GUN wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

also individual art would be cool too, if you want to just draw one of us. just name it sistaaaa.

optional form, if you're like one of those official sorta people.
name: yours obviously.
samples: the more the happier we are.
price range: totttallly optional.
comments: mmhmmm

[b]name:[/b] yours obviously.
[b]samples:[/b] the more the happier we are.
[b]price range:[/b] totttallly optional.
[b]comments:[/b] mmhmmm

[1] neneno is a pirate and beckie is also a pirate and they're ON A BOAT.
[2] UNICORNS and grass and rainbows.
[3] sitting on grass eating cherry garcia.
[4] neneno and beckie eating raw fish together.
[5] neneno and beckie with pokeballs, except with huskies and golden sheep as pokemon.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
TARA_NEPION tee-hee~*~*~ heart

4laugh heart = complete
retiquis | unicorn lmao - freebie! 4laugh heart heart
ASHLEYASDFGH | chibi couple + pokemon 4laugh heart
amber_moon | chibi couple + raw fish w/out bkg
gooki | bust (neneno) 4laugh heart
Ziang | chibi couple + rainbow 4laugh heart
Kyousouka | waistup couple + dis is my ____ friend
Lord_Teekay | chibi couple
Teh Eve | chibi couple
gooki | fullbody (beckette) 4laugh heart
Jigo-san | chibi couple sketch 4laugh heart
ii Kiwi ii 83 | chibi couple
Tara_Nepion | chibi couple + bench 4laugh heart
Infared_Fox | FB couple + bkg
ImStillSleeping | bust (neneno) 4laugh heart
Akimoto Chiaki | chibi neneno & beckette 4laugh heart
mynjii | FB couple x2
yuyupuu | chibi couple + pokemanz

let's have fun times smile
hi guys I'm canadian I drink milk out of bags and to get peoples attention I act like a moose.
you kind of sound like a *****.
turn that frown upsideownn.
maybe it shall be sleeptiemzz.
you made me stay up ):

plus you said it was fun sad
yeah but I'm sleepy ):
SO AM III why am I still up
Um.....little tip, the tard-typing is a bit of a turn-off. Makes you look like a CBer.
samples: i have heaps of samples here at my art shop http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops-and-requests/such-is-love-my-avi-art-shop-update-edited-layout/t.57302759/
price range: i like to let the buyer decide
comments: im really nice and wont say no just please dont rip me off
Bento the spazcat
Um.....little tip, the tard-typing is a bit of a turn-off. Makes you look like a CBer.

Oh, I do apologize. I tend to subject my grammar to defenestration around these hours.

What's a CBer?

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