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      name: ashleyasdfgh
      samples: ignore prices posted on there.the more the happier we are.
      price range: uhmmmmm i like to be paid a lot :'D but i can go cheap yeah.
      comments: yeahhhh. it'll prob not look anything like those samples? probably funny art since thats more stress relieving. see this only it probably would look better most likely. unless you want something else. hahahaha okay...
HI ASHLEY I like the samples in the shop a lot, but the stress-relievin ones are cute too HAHA. IDK what to offer price-wise though since I'd pay way more for the shop samples as opposed to the stress-relievin. BUT THEN funny art would be so fabulous in the stress-relievin style. so what style are you more willing to do for-sure??
      i could do stress relieving now (since i need it midterms and exams etc) and then shop samples after? I really like the avatars, hahahaha. order all the art your little heart wants.
okayy, for the stress relievin I kinda want...

both avatars with pokeballs, and for pokemon, golden sheep and huskies stuff. like... IN THE POKEMON VERSE with kind of a light background? would 100k be okay for this?

AHHH are you in college? SCHOOL SO TOUGHHH.
      when you say light background do you mean like a pale yellow, or like a simple background design? hahahaha.

      and no. highschool. ): joonya.
      i really need to beast some of these midterms though, GONNA BE MY SAVIN GRACE.
      but i have my english eoc paper due, and then no more engrish til next year HUZZAH.
      other than i just have art art art art lots of ap art to do. ):

simple background! like a few colors or something, just anything to make it not look like they are CREATURES WHO FLOAT IN SPACE. which would be a cool superpower, actually, but...

OMGG so young, juniorrr, hahaha. what's an eoc paper? GOOD LUCK ON THAT PAPER!!! KILL ETTTT hahahah.

I TOOK AP ART!! they grade surprisingly hard ahhh.

I'm still on winter break actually haha THANK GOD!! one more week, before back to hell... then it's like... homework... everyday.... I'm too dumb for my school AHHA people study all the timeee. I mean thurs-sat it's like PARTY EVERY NIGHTT, but then sundays get SUPER QUIET while everyone's studying, and I'm in the notoriously "party dorm" too.
      yes i can do that 100k is great send trade. C:

      i'll start tomorruh. sleepin now.

      and baw i'm young? ):
      haha. AND YES THEY DO. my teacher is crazy. ausdlfghk. i skipped a WHOLE ASSIGNMENt and i have a 66. so i have to do buckets of extra credit. but the project was so ridiculous. We had to grid a picture of ourself, then draw it, then draw in values, number them, then trace the values onto tracing paper, then cut out the tracing paper, then trace those shapes we cut out onto bristol board, and then paint those different colors depending on their number, then cut those out, then paste them back onto the original drawing.
      but heck if i'm doing that i'll do 5 art critiques over that anyday.

      also lucky this was my first week back. next break isnt for ages. ):

[2] UNICORNS and grass and rainbows.

Feel free to shoot me for my obvious lack of self control.

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ASHLEY: thank you!! I will see you later, have a good rest and good luck in school! heart

RETIQUIS: oh my god that is so cute I think I'm in love with you ahhh, thank you!!

LOLOL. I'm glad you like it.
man it would suck to like, have a manly personality and LIVE IN UNICORNLAND.

omigawwwwddd my tablet is working fantastic
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White ink= 2/500
Donate Pwease? -PuppyPout-

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name: Kimi Sunshine


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price range: Um. o3o Nothing to low but I take offers. I will add the huskies and sheep. With backgrounds and the hair and eye shading/texturing it should be a little more. Chibis are less. I actually give the art before receiving payment so if it isn't what you wanted you can pay as you see fit.

comments: ... o3o

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