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(Don’t worry, I won’t have that nasty red ‘signature’ over the art)

Note: Only accepting bribes now (unless I know you)...
Note2: WTH??? $5 to buy something from the cash shop and sell it in the marketplace goes for 300mil to 400mil??? And what, I'm only getting gold for my art that's probably like 10cents worth... I'm almost done with you gaia...
Note3: Oh my gosh... just peeked at other art shops (haven't done that in forever) and full body price is 50mil? Not bad... yea, I've been behind in noticing the insanity gaia did to the gold system

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm really sorry about this, but I'm sick and tired of being taken advantage of. Due to how easy it is to get above 100mil gold now, offering less than 10mil for my art, which takes time to do, makes me feel really worthless. I'm gonna set the minimum to 20mil... I'm really sorry if this doesn't work for you, you will have to find someone else. If you have the nerves to offer less and request art from me, I WILL ignore your post... I really hate to do this.

Oh, but if you have any of these items I will drawing anything for you ;o
- Blade of the Night Sky
- Avant Crowne
- The Manslayer Duke of Lalune
- Virgil Rosenthal
- Little Law
- Princess of the World
- Pawsitive Mien
- Galactic Cadet
- Eternal Eclipse
- Absolute Maiden
- Tale of Clarion
- The Legend of Castle Town
- Standby Roundabout

Style 1-
My avi

Half body includes some thighs.
Just add up prices if you want additional characters in a drawing.

Things I will draw:
I’ll do anything, everything, all things; just ask. ;)
Things I won’t draw:
… I guess I won’t do full nudity.

Things I’d LOVE to draw:
Wings, yaoi (boyxboy), yuri (girlxgirl), action, maybe some gore, weapons (blades, swords, guns, etc)… and probably some others I can’t think of right now.

Order form:
I want to order!
What you would like: (single/couple/etc)
Any pose ideas?:
Things I should know/extras:
What food/drink would you want an unlimited free supply of?:

If your ref is a gaia avatar, I’d like a tektek, but if you won’t provide me with one, then I can’t guarantee I’ll get everything in or draw hidden items correctly.
I will not start the art until I accept and you send trade.
People who want art:
1. x-will of flame-x
2. Achaia Crucifix
3. Casca 7
4. Runeyeah
5. Potentially Problematic

Waiting period? Err... it's sporadic now; definitely more time to draw during the weekends
"Together we will pave, the path towards our dreams
They call me, beckon me closer...
The future is waiting for us"
"The ground doesn’t move; it’s up to you to walk or not"
"A small spoon is enough to scoop out happiness
There’s just the question of if there are people to share it with"
"Because surely someday, you are
Meant to fly in that sky
No matter how many times you stumble"

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