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-The is a bribe shop! Name us an offer we can't refuse biggrin But seriously, be reasonable. smile We don't want to steal all your gold, but we also know when we're being scammed. razz

-Or you can tell us the amount of gold you are willing to offer, and we will see what we can do for that price. smile Not all gaians are filthy rich, we know this from experience! XD

-All trades are based on approval!

- We do an eye for an eye. You must trade us something in a style we will appreciate. We may ask you to draw Fanart, our Avis, Dream Avis, or OCs. In exchange we will draw Fanart, YOUR Avis, Dream Avies, or OCs. Details will be worked out through messages or forum after approval.

-Bring examples of you work! We want to see it!

-We're not mean, I swear, we just want a serious trade here! Please let's be civil here. Please don't beg for art here, it isn't fun for anyone to deal with D:

-Time frame: We don't want to rush you, because we do want your best work, as we will give you OUR best work, but please try to be prompt in completing the trade. Two weeks is a fair deadline! : )

-Follow the Gaia TOS
-Have fun! biggrin


Meet the Artist

About Me:
I am a sophomore in college, Interior Design major.
I like top hats, steampunk, gothic and wa lolita fashion, black and white stripes, strawberry everything, blue eyes, and fantasy/supernatural novels.

I am also a huge anime/manga fan : D

What I Do:
-with variety of style : D
Plushies (RL only)

I work in both traditional and digital mediums

Both avatars and OCs are acceptable

What I Do NOT Do:
-overly crowed avatar

I will need decent reference picture(s), preferably a frontal view of whoever I am drawing : )


User Image

Which style do you want?

Plushie and IRL Commissions go to my DA : D Celeste131 on DA

Plushies Examples

User Image

meet the artist
kiki's devinatART

about me:
I AM A TAURUS LOOKING FOR A LEO WHO ENJOYS LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH-- oh wait. wrong kind of "about me". I had my first art class as a junior in high school, and my art teacher hated anime D: no help there. I hate Naruto (sorry!) I enjoy classic animes such as Gundam Wing and Outlaw Star. I sketch almost 24/7. I have been developing a style of my own since...I dunno...I was eight? Ten years later and I'm still....practicing >_>...

what I do:
-digital and traditional with COPIC markers, or a mix of the two-
-cute girls, sexy girls, feminine boys, shota boys-
-yaoi, yuri, het-
-both avis and OCs are accepted! smile -

what I don't do:
-really crowded avatars (my brain can only handle so much! D: )-
-manly men avatars (garrr avis on steroids!)-
-explicit scenes-
-a crappy job! biggrin -

User Image

1 Lineart (Digital or Traditional)

2 Fullbody COPICS

3 Bust Sketch (Detailed)

4 Fullbody Digital


6 Bust Digital

Which style do you want? smile


Trades: Temp Full

Commissions: Temp Full

RL Commissions: Always Open~!

RL Commissions:
I accept RL commissions! Please visit my deviantART to find out about ordering RL commissions. RL commissions are done with COPIC markers and the originals are sent by mail to the orderer! heart

Current Trades



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bumping for great justice! heart
bumpage! biggrin
bump? Yes bump!
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Oh such pretty arts! I hope you ladies get some trades.
Do either of you have a art shop though?
jadslkgjdksfl BUMP :3
Thank you for the complement ^.^
I'm sorry to say that we don't accept gold and neither and us have an art shop. So sorry D:

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