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heart good day all
Candycane i have a question,
I have an OC but i can not draw. i can give you a very detailed discription of him but thats all. would you be able to do it?
Candycane Scartissue's avatar

Mewling Nymph

I'd certainly be willing to give it a try, hun. :3 <3
Gosh, my lip hurts.
Really? do you want me to sescribe him to you frist or just do the norm and send the trade?
Candycane Scartissue's avatar

Mewling Nymph

Ooh! I'd like a description beforehand, if that's okay? <3
Alright how to put this.

Hair: Just about touches his shoulders so it will be all in the head shot. Staight Blue at the roots that fades into Purple and ends with it being mosty Pink
Eyes: His eyes are This colour
Face: he always seem to have an playful impish expression with a slight blush
Neck: on his neck he wears a pink velete choker with this sumbol on it. Larger image here

It might be a little hard to do so if you can't thats alright. If you want to charge me more thats alright too. just tell me your price and i will pay.

a head shot of my abby. ninja
Indeed. colours seem right to you? it's the best i can do.
impish as in playful imp.

maybe a bit of a blush. . . . I like it when my pet blushes. twisted
Kay. thanks for the input.
Candycane Scartissue's avatar

Mewling Nymph

Sounds good to me. n_n Normal 3k is fine, sweetheart. n.n
Woot sending trade now

::does dance of joy:: i am getting my Abyss heart heart heart

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