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formerly Lawl Lab

H'O' M'GAWD. There's zombies in them thar hills!
Anywho. Welcome to Graveyard Shift, an art shop run by two odd people with a love of drawing.

1 Follow all the Gaia Terms of Service.
2 Don't be a jerk!
3 Don't beg for or steal art.
4 Please don't insult the art or artists.
5 Feel free to hang around. We don't shoo people unless they break these rules.
6 Please be literate. No chatspeak or 1337.
7 Have fun.
8 If this is your first night at fight club. You have to fight.

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Hilarious Stalker

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Infared_Fox // ★☆☆☆✖

Status:CLOSED, currently involved in an auction / making a new shop.

E'yo, the name's Red / IF.

I'm an inconsistent style artist with a weak immune system and a natural sweet tooth. I get sick a lot, so it'd probably do you best to keep you eye on my status if you're waiting for art. I used to run this shop with Am but it's just me now so it's a bit cluttered and confusing. Regarding art I'm a hard worker, I really try to illustrate your ideas.

I'm not solely out for gold here. My main focus is improvement and being up to par with what you want, so offer me zany ideas, critique me if something looks off, don't be afraid to step on my toes so to speak. My ego wont be bruised I promise. Offer me ref if you want, I also love tutorials. Overall I'm slow but my work tends to have 6+ hours or days of work put into it, and a lot of fine detail.

Personal rules: Don't rush me, Any additional person = couple

Yes ★// All skins, Lineart, OC, Anthro / Furry, Toned muscles, Background, Animals & Humans alike

No ✖// Cluttered avatars, Overly mechanical, Overly muscular, Hentai, Group / Couples without heavy bribe

Loves ☆// Animals, Simple, Cute, Tastefully Colourful, Original Avatars.

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º Background price depends on request
º Couples, Group, and Fullbodys are always bribe.
º Links are examples

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Waist up:_____________________30k

Chibi Chibi 2:_________________30k
Headshot 1 Headshot 2:_________35k
Waist 1 Waist 2________________50k
Fullbody Fullbody 2:______Very Heavy Bribe. (100k+)

Full scale art

Very Heavy Bribe, PM me if interested with your request and offer

This example includes:
Fullbody Coloured Couple / 2 Texture Background / Added Features

* Concerning all bribes: Offer what you think it's worth, don't be shy.
Generally higher the bribe / tip, higher the quality of work
It can mean the difference between a sloppy colouring job and meticulous detail

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, specify if you have an idea of your own! My job will be so much easier. Also NO CHANGING PICTURES for ref. I enjoy tek tek lists too if you have items I might not catch but they aren't a must.

Post request> I accept > you send trade > I send watermarked image > you accept trade > I send unmarked version.


[align=center][size=16][b][color=red]Oh s**t zombies![/color][/b][/size]
Reference: (Picture, actual picture of your avi, not one that changes, may include a tektek list)
Type: ( Chibi, Waist up, Line Art, Coloured etc. )
Total: ( Put your tip in parentheses if you decide to, if bribe you may remove this )
Bribe: ( for bribes only, otherwise you can take this out )[/align]

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Note: Time to time I'll send you a WIP if something concerns me.

0 slot(s) open!
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- Animalzz: He made us giggle. He's the first post, even though it wasn't open. But, he did make us laugh. So it's all good.

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Goody! No one as of yet!

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Uh. None.
But don't worry, we'll have us some pretty banners. Sooner or later.

And just send a PM over if you'd like to become an affiliate!

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A-with-a teeth-a.
A-with-a teeth-a.
A-with-a teeth-a.
A-with-a teeth-a.

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Could I be a sample? I'm sexy.
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oh ho ho -giant scissors-
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Hilarious Stalker

Oh wow my icecream melted..

I like it better as soup anyway
My brother's girlfriend gave me a cookie.

I'm all nice and snug on the couch with Lappertron, cursing at the Met game.
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Hilarious Stalker

Pish, I want a cookie.. ;^;

Maaaw. I'm in my cave secluded from ze world. Nibblin' on mah ice cream. Drawin mah doodles.

I still can't watch baseball. DX
'Twas good. :3

How...How does one nibble upon ice cream?

They're tied nao.
Two on base. One out. Top of the 6th.
One ball. One strike.
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Hilarious Stalker

I have the ability to nibble upon icecream. Nom nom >:U
It's like a super power

..actually that's exciting
It's only fun when SOMEONE'S on the verge of losing >w>
Or just got hurt

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