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shenanigans! 0.17123287671233 17.1% [ 25 ]
bacon! 0.23287671232877 23.3% [ 34 ]
you. ಠ_ಠ 0.28767123287671 28.8% [ 42 ]
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Devoted Sweetheart

-pokes thread- <.<
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Devoted Sweetheart

Thread's pretty dead. :c
Yeah...everyone's probably busy
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schooooool TT_________________TT
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I figured it had to be something like that. sweatdrop
I lucked out. My college got closed for snow during the first couple of days.
So I've only had one day of class, but I go back for realz tomorrow.
Aww ;~; Well it hasn't snowed here but it's VERY cold in my house right now
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Devoted Sweetheart

Really? I figured you'd get snow before I would. You're further up north. D:
ICHIGO *A* *drools* Hmm...nope no snow. Not yet anyways
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Devoted Sweetheart

Aww, you's an Ichigo fan? :'D
I'm totally in love with Bleach right now.
It's so hard to pick a favorite character.
I think Ulquiorra or Izuru. /shot
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rofl I will always be a Urahara fan, though I haven't watched Bleach in a while, dropped off around episode 300
Yes I ADORE Ichigo >.< Watched all the episodes. I may start reading the manga one day
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Feral Hunter

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This week's been so boooring =A=
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Devoted Sweetheart

I've only seen up to episode like 170 or something. Still on the Arrancar arc. <_<

So I had an incredibly awkward moment a few minutes ago.
I walked in on my step dad while he was watching porn.
He didn't hear me come in, because the front door was open.
Why was the front door open?
/pretended not to notice
/has seen worse things before
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That's disturbing...

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