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Nice layout. 3nodding
I think I'll bump around here for a bit. =='
@Chels: Added you to the list~ :'D

@Zamayla: Thanks! :'D Nice avatar. <333
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Shy Explorer

        @ Icy
        oh yay !! :'DDD
        may i ask, what is that in your signature ?? :3

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Icy Sapphire~ which items in particular are you questing for?
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Yep :3 I have a screenshot of when I had 577k, after I already bought a couple things xD

@Chels: The animated icon? :3 It's a clip from the anime of Tales of Symphonia, in the first episode, I believe. Lloyd was spacing out in class and so Raine (the teacher) threw a piece of chalk at him. :'D

@Zamayla: My goal is to get all of them eventually, but I'm working up and so after I get the GO Phones (which I'll have enough money for after I finish my next commission), I was gonna get the red-black joker hat. However, I've probably wanted the horns of the demon the longest. x __ x;;

But, you know, EVERYONE wants those. XDD;;
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Dapper Gekko

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D: sorry I disappeared.
trade sent~
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Shy Explorer

        @ Icy
        Damn, thats an awesome anime :3
        - goes watches first episode -
        brb x333

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@Star: no problem~ :'D Thank you~ <33

@Chels: XDDD lol! It is. :'D Only the first four episodes are out, though.
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Shy Explorer

        @ Icy
        I notice > u>
        thats cool tho that they turned a game
        into an anime <33
        They should do that with kingdom hearts > m<

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Dapper Gekko

Yeah. XD;;
I'm all fandom happy right now though because they're turning Tales of Abyss into an anime, too. > w <

Good luck with that! I remember last year when I quested for them they were only about 120k =__=
Thanks. :'D
I know, right? Freaking inflation. ; ___ ;
I don't remember how much they were when I first wanted them, but back then I didn't know how to make gold. xD;;
At all.
LOL me neither.. I never really knew how to until I rejoined.. yesterday. Your shop seems pretty well off though : D

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