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TAROUCHOO -- open || VISUITION-- bribe slot open

Welcome to Envision, a bribe art shop.

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09.22.11 - Thread Created
10.04.11 - Shop opened!

Oh my what's this?! A freebie? No, tis not art, but how bout' some Red Velvet Molten lava cake!
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courtesy of Tarou :]
Please Post if you took the freebie!
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▍--- Do not steal, edit, or alter any of the banners and artworks.
▍--- Respect everything.
▍--- When sending a payment in a trade, please label it with your page number.
▍--- Please check our FAQ before asking any questions.
▍--- The secret word is imagination.
▍--- Please send trades within 24 hours of order acceptance.
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Hallowed Raider

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Hello! Feel free to call me Visu. Click on the thumbnails above to see samples!

Style -- Prices :: minimum bribe
xxxxxxxx▌--style -- lineart || flat color || full color
xxxxxxxx▌--experimental/grab bag -- 25k flat price
xxxxxxxx▌--monochrome headshot-- 40,000*
xxxxxxxx▌--chibi -- 30,000 || 35,000 || 50,000
xxxxxxxx▌--headshot -- 20,000 || 30,000 || 60,000
xxxxxxxx▌--bust -- 40,000 || 50,000 || 100,000
xxxxxxxx▌--waist -- 100,000 || 150,000 || 500,000
xxxxxxxx▌--fullbody -- 1,000,000 || 1,050,000 || 2,000,000
**The more you pay, the more priority**
Monochrome headshots require you to list 2 or more colors.
Experimental/Grab bag is as it says. Flat price. c:

Draw a waist+chibi for Sayo

Slots ♥=Sketch ♥♥=Line ♥♥♥=Flat [AT]=Art Trade
xxxxxxxx▌--i. :: Bunny || grab bag
xxxxxxxx▌--ii. :: closed
xxxxxxxx▌--iii. :: closed
[ -- Super Bribe -- ] offer double, one slot only.
xxxxxxxx▌--i. :: open
[ -- Wait List -- ] Only for those willing to wait 1week+
xxxxxxxx▌--i. :: closed

Place orders here

Payments may be with pure or with items that are in this thread.

Questions? Refer to the FAQ!
Leave some feedback for me!

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Hey! Wassup! XD Call me Tarou! Pleased to meet your person! Come here often? ;D Click the Thumbnail's above to see my samples! (They will be updated once I make better art OTL)

Style ⊱ ⊱ Prices :: Minimum Bribe
xxxxx║⊱ ⊱ Style ⊱⊱ Lineart ⊱⊰ flat color ⊱⊰ full color
xxxxx║⊱ ⊱ Chibi ⊱⊱ 25,ooo ⊱⊰ 3o,ooo ⊱⊰ 4o,ooo
xxxxx║⊱ ⊱ Headshot ⊱⊱ 18,ooo⊱⊰ 23,ooo ⊱⊰ 3o,ooo
xxxxx║⊱ ⊱ Bust ⊱⊱ 22,ooo ⊱⊰ 28,ooo ⊱⊰ 35,ooo
xxxxx║⊱ ⊱ Waist-up ⊱⊱ 25,ooo ⊱⊰ 3o,ooo ⊱⊰ 4o,ooo
**The more you pay Higher the priority**
**Double pricing for couples**

xxxxx║⊱⊱I. :: - C h i q u e A m o r ⊱⊱ Pg 4 ⊱⊰ Chibi Full Color ⊱⊰ 50k+tip ⊱⊰
xxxxx║⊱⊱II. :: Immortal-Loving ⊱⊱ Pg 3⊱⊰ Waist up full color ⊱⊰ 40k ⊱⊰
xxxxx║⊱⊱III. :: Username ⊱⊱ Pg Number ⊱⊰ Style ⊱⊰ Price ⊱⊰

**Please refer to this thread!**

Please pay me with pure or Items from this thread: (thread coming soon! OTL)


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