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So I have been given a few short minutes by the Homework Gods to update you before I'm pulled back into the depths of my projects: Nooooo the pain.....

I'm SO sorry my friends, please forgive me!!1 gonk I hate how this is what I always hear from other people, but I guess I'm on the same page as them now... haha. Life sorta just caught up with me and I had to deal with a lot of things over the past month and a half.

As far as spare time goes, I still don't really know when/if I'll have it. My first 3-month term is over after this week, I get 7 days off then it's back into another 3-month term, and I'll have more classes than I did this one xD I will try my darndest to get a few things drawn up during my break, but I'll be flying back home to visit my family and friends for that time. We'll see, though wink

Almost every day, I think about my poor Gaia Commissioners, and I'd love to start on them guys and I promise I'll get around to them please have faith in me heart

TL;DR: School and s**t happened but I will do my best and will continue to update this thread 4laugh Really guys, thank you so much for understanding!

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