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Sorry I'll be closing down the shop due to busy gave development for my game SPROUT!
go ahead and check it out biggrin

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Hi! We are Sa Node, AuraJitsu,and Kira Da Wolf
Our art super cheap so that an Every-Day-Gaian
can come over and get some nice art for a low price.
(will trade art for collectibles/letters!!!)
---AuraJitsu, Kira Da Wolf & Sa Node

Shop: OPEN
AuraJitsu :OPEN
Sa Node : CLOSED

Kira Da Wolf: OPEN
BRIBES (applies to all artists) : OPEN
*bribes can be letters and collectibles*
FIRST ON PG 1400 GETS FREE ART from AuraJitsu!!-Waist Up Color

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10-25-09- Halloween Costume Contest!
June 19,2009 New Artist = Kira Da Wolf!
5-23-09 New Layout by Osmet!!!
ANNIVERSARY May 19, 2009!!!
Almost a year ago this shop opened for the first time to the Every Day Gaian!
2/22/09-New Whoop-a** Layout!
1/17/09- New Artist!! Manga_Neko!
1/05/09-awarded the CAG Approval Stamp!
12/24-25/08-Christmas Event
12/02/08- Even Better Layout!
10/15/08-Halloween Contests!
10/21/08-New Forum Layout

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1.Intro, Announcements & Index
2.Rules/How to Order
4.Sa Node
6.Kira Da Wolf
7.Kira's Bribe Sets
9. Affiliates

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Please follow Gaia's T.O.S---No Stretching Pages/Quoting Front Page Posts---No Flaming
No Cussing- keep the peace please---No Advertising ---Do not Harass Anyone
if ordering art
Please follow the order procedure---Please be patient---Don't PM the artist---Chatting and Bumping is allowed
White List:
SAmaryllis || amara alya heart || hpanna47 heart
Lorrenia Feryal || Leo Lullaby heart || Black Spyder heart
Tsukikoren || Kira the wolf252 || heart Sakura_Izumi heart
S2OmegaS2 || Kimba Ali || CrazyDude78

Black List:
*no one: let's keep it this way!*

User Image

*this reminds us whom we have to draw,include page number so we wont lose it*

Process of Order
FOR ALL of US to reiterate:
a. Figure out what you want
b. Post your order
c. Send the artist the trade with the Total and Page number
d. Wait for my response of approval on your order
e. I will PM you the art
f. You will complete the trade once you receive the art

(If you want a WIP you may request one because I will not show you how it would come out until it is finished)

I will not do: extremely cluttered avis, anthropomorphic OCs, extravagant backgrounds,
and Fan Art. Please donate me your bugs and yellow and black inks!


*for a photobucket slideshow click on img below*

User Image

Headshot line art-||x||--400g
Headshot Color-||x||||x||--600g

Bust Up (line art)--1.5k
Bust Up Color--||x||--2k

Waist Up (line art)--3k

Waist Up Color-||x||||x||||x||--5k

Single Fullbody Color--||x|| ||x|| ||x||||x||||x||||x||--8k

Couple Waist Up--||x|| ||x||

Couple Fullbody Color--||x|| ||x|| ||x||--13K
*for couples! please state the relationship!!!*

Flob--||x|| ||x||--5k

Please be very Patient
Wait Expectancy: 1-2 weeks!

1.Random Donation Fairy 1
2.Lady Indrani



[size=18][color=orange][b]*HEY AURA!*[/b][/color][/size]
Name:[Receiver's or Your]
Type of Art:[state your style preference!]
User Image]

Sa Node
*Click Picture To Go To Sa Node's Photobucket To View Recent Works*

Will : OCs, AVI,PG-13 yaoi light yuri (doubting something? Just post your question! )

Won't : full anthro,mecha, porn,cluttered avis,distorted faces?,no more fullbodies! D:

Sa Node's Work:

3kBust Up -
User ImageUser Image
2.5kFace Shot -
User ImageUser Image
User Image User Image
6kFreedom! -
User Image User Image


[size=18][color=#6699FF][b]*Sa Node!*[/b][/color][/size]
[color=indigo][size=9][Receiver's or Your]
Name Please:
What Kind of Art?:
~Please Remember to Have Pg.Number on Trade~[/size][/color]

SLOT:CLOSED (there's too many of you! gonk )
User ImageUser Image

Will Do:Light Yaoi/Yuri Couples/Multi people Animals OC's
Will Not Do:Extremely cluttered avis, machines

Kira Da Wolf's Work:

Regular Chibi (Color=5k-B&W=2.5k)
User Image
User Image
Chibi Couple (B&W=5k Color=7k) [only if there are 2 people if more than 2 its 1k per person]
User Image
Lazy Chibi (Color=3.5k-B&W=1.5k)
User Image

Fullbody (B&W=4k Color=6k)
User Image
Head shot (Color=1k b&W=500g)
User Image

Order Form
[size=18][color=darkblue][b]Kikun Over Here!![/b][/color][/size]
[color=blue][size=12]your name or the receiver's:
What type of Art?:
Questions or comments;[/size][/color]

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OUR Banners:
User Image

(By the wonderful Marionettes! <3)

User Image

User Image

User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image

*Please PM Sa Node if you wish to be added to this list*

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User Image
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User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User ImageUser Image
We would like to Thank:

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We're backed up by the mafia 8D
Okay, here we go!

Username: SofiaLucci
Requesting from: AuraJitsu
Requesting: One colored waist-up of this avatar.
Total: 700g + tip = 1k

And the other:

Username: SofiaLucci
Requesting from: Osmet
Requesting: One B/W waist-up of this avatar.
Total: 500g + tip = 1k
Pocket Pervert, Couple Art, colored.

Price: 3k total Art from who ever it was that was the sample.

THese two avis if you can.

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User Image

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