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Chibi (b/w or minimal shading) 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 20 ]
Regular bust (sketchy coloured) 0.50909090909091 50.9% [ 28 ]
Regular waist-fullbody (b/w) 0.12727272727273 12.7% [ 7 ]
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o-oh my ;w;
it's so beautiful! thank you very much ma'am! <3 <3 <3
Reference: here? I can give you the tektek if you need it! c:
Eye/hair colours: buttery blonde hair, light blue/green eyes.
Details: sweet, shy, not too happy, though.
Reference: Unnamed♂
Eye/hair colours: Dark brown hair and dark pink eyes.
Details: Other than his feet he's technically kemonomimi. So I hope he's okay. ; v ;
(idk if you're just doing busts.. If you happened to include feet.. Human feet would be perfectly fine. lol. orz)
consider my avatar?

cute ; u ;
Reference: bloop
Eye/hair colours: black / creme + red + golden + blue
Details: c:
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Wow. I've paid like 200k for the same order of art and yours is still better. And since you set it at 25 g, I assume you wouldn't care for more gold (if not just say so). Thanks so much, excellent piece.

Would you mind if I uploaded this to DA/Tumblr under the series tags so that other fans can see it? Of course I'll be giving you credit in whatever instance. I usually prefer if the artist uploads it themself (I'd specify how the tagging would work and which groups to submit it to and whatnot but it seems to be a lot of trouble for people). I ask this for all art I get for a series.
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Hello there c:

Original Reference: The girls in the circle (priority & click here!)

User Image User Image User Image User Image
Click images for full picture.

Hair/Eye colors: Feel free to ask me. 'Cause I think it's not that hard to notice ^^;;

Short Bio. of OCs in the circle.
Number 2:
is just a silly young girl // sometimes accused of being mentally retarded.
Always playful and acts much like a cat
Number 3:
is Genderless & a failed science experiment // never without its red bow (weapon)
Silent & Watchful & Hardly Smiles & Protective
Always ready to attack
Number 4:
is a wandering angel // looking for a purpose
Sometimes has sudden flashbacks of her bloody past
Very sincere & wise & loves to have company

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Maybe her? x
Eye/hair color: Her hair is orange or orange yellow emotion_kirakira and eyes are blue
Details: calm, serene, and has a dreamy aura around her. Sometimes has a dove sitting on her hand
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You're most welcome :3


Wow I'm flattered haha thank you!

Feel free to share it on tumblr and credit it to my DA (I've uploaded it onto DA already.)
What series is it from? I'm curious. *u*
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It's from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni and the character is Furudo Erika! It's my all-time favorite series (or thing) ever. I've been obsessed for...years? Haha. Anyway, I know it might be a bit troublesome, but would you consider tagging and submitting the picture to a couple of groups on DA? Just so people can see it (and like me appreciate it). I always want to add more art to this fandom.

Could you edit in tags for "Furudo Erika" "Umineko no Naku Koro ni"? And as for groups, and if you feel like it (that goes for doing anything with the art since it's your piece), could you submit it to either or both of these? http://uminekofans.deviantart.com/ http://uminekononakukoroni.deviantart.com/

They have a rather active feed and it seems to be the best way to share the art.

Also, would you care for a tip? Seriously.
Reference: chara sheet
Eye/hair colours: hair colour: light salmon pink; eye colour: lime green
Details: has freckles, shy, always has ghosts around!


Reference: xx xx xx
Eye/hair colours: hair: orange; eye: yellow-green
Details: has eyes that slant up and red markings around them, freckles. trickster personality~
also hes a boy if you cant tell lol
Ref: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
o uo...

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