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Stat us: CLOSED

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care to <3 us?


Hello there awesome human being who have decided to take a look to this thread! emotion_c8
and Yes you read that right, this shop have CHEAP prices (or maybe not) but can still get a deliciously good quality of art emotion_bigheart
We're actually a group of friends who decided to open because basically, we're poor we want to share the looooveeee, if you know what I mean emotion_dowant


Rules! (very simple to follow)
1. Please Respect all the people in here emotion_kirakira and follow gaia's ToS (we don't want to add a name to our blacklist)
2. Do NOT steal any artwork created by us! no matter what crap we gave you, don't attempt steal it. emotion_donotwant
3. Please be patient. We don't draw 24/7.
4. No REFUNDING after the deal was made, we may have already started on it already emotion_0A0
5. Please don't edit the art, Inform us first if you do.
6. Have fun and chat if you want to! emotion_hug


• ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓔⓢⓣ!•

For the first one to post in pg. 20 will get a freebie! but don't bump 5 or more times, please stay and chat! we love friendly people emotion_bigheart
since i'm the first one who posted on pg. 20 we'll just move it to PG.50!


POLL reviews!
•How/What do you call your parents? Mommy and Daddy
•TIME FOR A MOVIE MARATHON! what series will you pick? Pirates of the Caribbean

•Favorite "-dere"?Potatodere
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How trading works:
1st. you fill out the form and wait for a respond
2nd. if we say yes, send the trade (please don't cancel out the trade if your work is in progress or on the list!)
3rd. we will send you the sample art, if we have an agreement then,
4th. Let's accept the trade fully. if not, we can still make some minor changes but please accept our hardwork.


We already generalize our do's and dont's to make it easier for you emotion_c8

•Girls = Boys
•Avis = Ocs
•Groups (only in chibi, headshot and halfbody though! emotion_awesome )
•Female x Male
•Female x Female
•Male x Male (all except Madi potato emotion_8c )
•little blood
•Simple Animation(blinking, adding stars/hearts/etc.) emotion_bigheart
•We also do ART TRADE! please offer your art and ask smile

•Gore/ TOO MUCH BLOOD (ALL except diepicmeguxxshichihenge watta name right?)
•Cluttered (we need to understand what we're drawing)

let's meet the artist shall we? THEN SCROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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•enghel02• [x_x]

Okay well, i'm first so.. i'm just going to keep this brief and short <--- emotion_dowant
>>I'm a girl
>>love to play games! (square enix, atlus, naughty dogs, etc.)
>>loves anime (one piece! hunter x hunter! kuroko no basket! WOOOHOOO)
>>loves to draw of course!
>>loves humor emotion_dowant

Here's my Sample drawings!
Chibi Colored with Animation
•Waist Shot:
Waist Shot Colored
Waistshot sketch
•Bust Shot:
Bust-shot sketch!

Sorry for my lack of samples! more samples beloooooooooooooooooooooow the customers!
As for pricing well, it's negotiable! biggrin it's cheap anyway..
Sketch : 5k
Lineart/Flat Color : 30k
•Waistshot Anime
Sketch : 5k
Lineart/Flat Color : 15k
•Bust shot Anime
Sketch : 5k lol i dunno
Lineart/Flat Color : 10k

couples? 10% discount emotion_dowant

Animation (Blinking, adding stars/hearts/etc.) : +5k

they actually take a day or two to finish so please be patient sad

Name : insert name here...you don't say?
Character : Avi or Oc?
Style : (chibi, Waistshot, bustshot)
Reference Pic : (tektek or picture)
Animation : (blink animation? appearing symbols?)
Personality : (Cold?Cheerful?Weird?)
Background : (transparent?, simple?, color?, please tell.:D)
Others : (you can suggest poses but I dunno if I can really follow it LOL, any more info?)
Price : (The total ^^, OR you can negotiate with me :D)
tips : (:kirakira: lgdkgl;dkfg)

Le customers!

•Panic x Panda (pg.3)- trade sent! -finally coloring~ LOL-
•X-AvoKittyKat-X (pg.3)- trade sent! -not yet working-
•Chu Fox Chu - trade sent! (pg.4) -not yet working-
•Miss Tyque (pg.7)-trade sent! -not yet working-
•Invisible Silver_Wings (pg.7) -trade sent! -not yet working-
x sarahlyon x -trade sent! -not yet working-
X-Haduri -trade sent! -not yet working-
MonCupcake -trade sent -not yet working-
mythological irony -trade sent- -not yet working-
Bulbawhore -trade sent -not yet working-
L i q u o x -trade sent -not yet working-

soory guys but due to my situation, I can
t continue working on your requests sad i'm so sorry but please cancel your trade with me and SORRY AGAAAAAAAAAIN

Pick ups
Captain Rammstein

current earnings
Madi Potato Here heart

Status: Quite bored, accepting requests! dramallama

Well biggrin I'm a Potato lover, if that wasn't obvious enough.
I'm quite lazy and I tend to procrastinate, but I want to do something productive this summer so help me out by giving me requests biggrin
I'm also a girl, a 9gagger, a dreamer, and I like to do almost everything except getting my lazy butt to work (like chores or exercise or doing anything really, really, uhh, physically challenging XD)
And no, I'm not fat. I have my baby jiggly-s, but not fat cool

So yeah, here's the samples.

This is le Bust shot with animation.
This is le Chibi.
This is le Fan Art Sketch.
This is le Sample of Whole Body Sketch (exclude the color).
This is le Intense Doodle (Major Type).

ALL are quite lamely drawn and colored. And not scanned (except for the doodle) . Though, of course, sketch requests will be scanned biggrin

Well, I price differently. This is how I roll. I'll give out the MAXIMUM prices that I could give, depending on how much time, effort, and details I would have to exert on your art request. biggrin So yeah, it's either you pay me the price itself, or I would tell you to sell it to me in a lower amount. Fair enough? wink I know you like the idea dramallama

Sketch: 5k
Lineart and/or Flat Color: 20k
Serious Color: 50k

>>Waist Shot
Sketch: 5k
Lineart and/or Flat Color:25k
Serious Color: 70k

>>Bust Shot
Sketch: 5k
Lineart and/or Flat Color:20k
Serious Color: 60k

>>Full Body (NOT RECOMMENDED due to lack of skills sad just choose chibi instead if you like..)
Sketch: 7k
Lineart and/or Flat Color: 30k
Serious Color: 85k

Sketch: 5k
Lineart and/or Flat Color: 15k
Serious Color: 25k

>>Intense Doodles
-Minor type
Black and White: 25k
Colored: 50k

-Major type
Black and White:100k
Colored: 180k

Now for the extras:
+Background = 10% of the desired art's price
You purchased a 15,000 worth of art from me. 5% of it is 750. Therefore, you pay me extra 750 gold for a background of your choice biggrin

+Another Person = Again, the price will depend with how much the art is worth, but will not exceed the listed price above. With a twist! There would be a 10% discount offer at every added person biggrin
You purchased a couple art which the first avi is worth 10,000 while the second avi is worh 12,000. The 10% of the 12,000 is 1,200. Which means you would only have to pay it with 10800 gold. With a total of 20,800 gold instead of 22k gold. Save somehow! wink

+Pets = 3000 gold
(There would be no Pet +Avi combo! Only Avi +pet, okay? rofl ) *Pet type will depend on the AVIs type. **AVIs can be replaced with OCs.

+Other details = 1000 gold each
Example: Blood, More Curves, Name whatever (I'll tell you whether I'll accept it or not)
If you want the art to have blood on the neck, you want them to go a bit sexier than usual (but no seductive poses or nudity!) and you want them to, let's say, have a plushie, that's already 3000 gold.

+Simple Animation = 5000 gold each
Example: Wink, Frown to smile, Name Whatever (I'll tell you whether I'll accept it or not)

And for other requests:
Name arts, Headers, other MINOR stuff you would like me to do.. (Except for uhh, backgrounds for your profiles! Too lazy for that) just tell me. We can negotiate about that wink

So that's pretty much it. smile So yeah, let's meet you guys! biggrin

[quote="Madi Potato"]FORM.
Character : AVI / OC
Style : Chibi, Waist Shot, Bust Shot
Type: Sketch, Lineart, Flat Color, Serious Color
Reference Pic : Tektek / Picture
Extras: animations, backgrounds, details, another person, pet, none
Personality : Hyper, Sad, Pokerface
Pose: Sit, Stand, Pose, Whatever (I'll tell you whether I can do it or not T_T )
Preferred Price: INSERT PRICE HERE (This is just to know on how much do you expect your art request to be, and I will have an idea on how much you want to offer me. But the price may vary with the degree, okay? xD
tips : Yeah, I know I should start with being NOT lazy :)) But you can suggest more. I'm open for those.
My demand: BEFRIEND ME! :)) I won't bite ;)[/quote][/coNOTE: Once you ask me for an art request and we have talked about it, THERE'S NO GOING BACK. BTW I have decided to judge the art basing from the reference picture :)) so you can pay whenever you feel like ;)

Strongly Recommended: Chibi, Bust Shot, Waist shot, Sketches!


Captain Rammstein -[url=http://iiblushcherry.deviantart.com/art/Mr-and-Ms-Bear-298334600?q=gallery:iiblushcherry&qo=0]complete[/url]-
X-AvoKittyKat-X -[url=http://iiblushcherry.deviantart.com/#/d4xq1z1]complete[/url]-[/align]
I'll make this short... as possible rofl
Call me.... Andi
pretty lame huh
I'll start of with some basic infos:
- im lazy
- wanna be productive this summer
- im weird
- iam young xd xd xd
-I absolutely enjoy coloring digiart

gaia_angelleft SAMPLES gaia_angelright
(andieesaywoot~username in deviantart)
For more samples see below. ("Tada! finished art" wink
waistshot: waistshot

gaia_angelleft PRICES: gaia_angelright
(just the minimum price I could recommend)
for group: ( i only do chibis) additional 15k per person ;*
for animation (blink or sparkle): additional 5-10k sweatdrop

Name: ~~~( i will write a name at the side if you would want me to)
Reference pic:~~ (tektek)
Type: ~~(waist shot, headshot, fullbody or chibi , with or without animation etc)
Others: ~~ describe the outcome you are expecting to see BUT i don't guarantee that I'll make it extremely accurate with the one you've described)
price:( orig price + ( if you would like to add some gold XD))

(finished art)

1.Captain Rammstein
2.Indeciisiive Wolkova
3.Princess Akako
4.Princess Akako chibi
6.Delicate Rose Bud
7.Lady Sosay
9.L i q u o x
Waiting list:

User Image

Greeting ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce myself, My name is diEpicMeguxXShichiHenge. A pleasure to meet you. *rises wine glass*

I am a young individual who often uses words of high intricacy and difficult to understand terminology in order to nullify the deficiency of knowledge in an inscribed description. It is also a way to conceal the absence of creativity that I seem to be nonexistent with me. *drinks from wine glass* Unfortunately, I am neither an interesting nor the most social type of being. Others often think of me as a person with no life, and I must confess that they are without doubt, precise. So this perhaps concludes my introduction, good sirs and madams. Allow me to feed upon this fine beverage to tranquil myself from the apprehension of bestowing upon you my labor...


Waist Shot: Ratatata
Full Body:
Chibi: -Blank-

Prices (at minimum)

Waist: 20K
Full Body: 50k
Chibi: 15k
Group: Full body, 100k (2-3 people)

Usually takes 2 or three days for full body and waist shot. Three to four days for group.

Name: (Your name here)... I can put any text you want on it upon request
Reference Pic: (Same options as the others above me)
Type: (waist shot, headshot, fullbody or chibi)
Others: if you want poses or other stuff to add. (additional blood or rainbows or backgrounds)
price: can be negotiated
Note: You can add tips... if you want... I'm not forcing you to. :|

User Image

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yo guys! we have a newcomer artist who will be selling her art biggrin please welcome X_KAMIRU_X
anyway... this is her post but due to reasons, she weren't able to post on the first page lol.. by the way, she's one of our traditional artist AND SHE MIGHT MAKE YOU A FANSIGN ;D HOW ABOUT THAT? emotion_dowant LOL she's in this page/post


here enghel my blablabla nesss (nvm) I'm part of this shop ..
short intro about me .... My real name is CAMILLE u can call me what ever u like but not insulting smile ))) ... I LOVE GINTAMA ..!!!!!!!!! and I'm a Cosplayer ..... smile ))

If you want, I can fansign your art and of course, i'll be also giving the art itself! is it hard to understand? xD just...I can also do fansigns smile ) my picture is on my profile o3o;;

so my samples:
1st one: (luxus_wild)

2nd one: (long name u can just find it on the drawing rozen maiden..)

3rd one: (it's my old avatar)

and the not gaia avatar random anime I made : here smile ))

i can also draw whole body as u see it is all scanned and I'm still a noob at coloring so nothing lol so lets talk about the prices :::
not colored: 10k smile )
with color
headshot: 15k
half body(like the samples): 30k
whole body(no sample yet): 45k
grouped like 2 - 6 (or any like the last sample w/ color now): 90k
chibi(no sample maybe next time lol): 20k
fansign: any 3nodding

Name: (Your name here) ... i can put it in the drawing just tell me what style and color u want
Reference Pic: (tektek or picture :))))
Type:(not colored ,headshot,half body,whole body,chibi)
Others:you can suggest poses much better :)))
Price: it's negotiated ^^
Tips for me: ok ok tell me if there are I accept:DDDD [/quote]

customer list:
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