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Request : Temporary Close unless I told you I want your art XD
Art Trade : Closed / Absolute hiatus
Thread : Always open


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25/01/2007 : Finally updates for the new year! Reviving Vega thus recompling their story. This take effect alot on their story. So, stay tuned. >3
10/10/2006 : Opened Doll Auction and birthday thread x3
31/10/2006 : Happy halloween! Planning on auc tomorrow + birthday event thread. Hope to see everyone there <3
06/10/2006 : Blaze birthday event pg. 412
01/10/2006 : Looking for halloween art <3
21/09/2006 : Finish revamping Blaze (the lolita) diary. It's more related to the main story now


Feeds and play with my babies :

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<Table of Content>
(the main content of this thread)

(present from minjiminji)
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Table of Content
Special Commish
Rules & Forms
Art Sportlight
My Characters
Art Trade / Commision Status & Wishlist
Art Gifts / Freebies Received

*Inspired by [The Fool]'s for the char comments ideas.
(this is for special commishion spot. something different, OOC, cosplays or etc. Prev Specials at here )

Currently looking for a set of my OC in sleepover chibi style :
Nothing too complicated. just simple, cosy like and small looking will do. Like super chibi or something x3 with that, I am not looking for any expensive details chibi cuz my fund is low ;_; </3

1. Chibi Ken
- no hats, tie his hair and add fox ears
- in red/black pj
- pillow (maybe bats pattern?) or plushie of your choice

2. Chibi Blaze
- in dark blue pj
- add mouse ears
- pillow (maybe with cheese pattern?) or plushie of your choice

(sleeping couple chibi of Ken+Blaze would be perfect too)

3. Chibi Reizo + Haeru
- Found

4. Chibi Yurui
- with bunny ears
- in pink pj / sleeping dress
- bolster or plushie of your choice

6. Chibi Natsu
- with kitty ears
- in cream pj
- with a big bear plushie

7. Chibi Vega
- with demon horns
- in black/white/silver pj
- with sheep plushie
- i'll make the goatie + scar optional for chibi

(sleeping couple chibi of Natsu + Vega would be perfect too)

Art Collected :

[x] Chibi Reizo + Haeru by ryou_nakasone
[x] Chibi Ken + Blaze by Caolite
[x] Chibi Yurui by Aeternia
[x] Chibi Vega by Aeternia
[x] Chibi Natsu by Aeternia


Commishing :

saOri : sleeping vega and natsu

<Rules & Forms>
(what you are allowed and not allowed to do and forms to fills in)

Please take note of this when you are here :

1. Be polite. Dont be RUDE. I am easily hurt. D:
2. Be happy and chat here is always welcome
3. Brush your teeth before talk with us
4. Fill in the form and post / pm if you are too shy~~
5. I take time to reply at times -picky- XD

This is the form you need to fill in :
(please check status on first post before applying)

[b]Who you prefer to draw:[/b]
[b]Single or double:[/b]

Scene I would LOVE to see :
(looking for these type of scene if ever possible)

1. Anything of Ken + Bana + Reizo - Ro Fanarts
2. Blaze helping Reizo doing homework
3. Sleeping Ken + Blaze with Reizo (animal form) in Blaze hug.
4. Reizo + Haeru sitting at the school's rooftop, sharing mp3 player or eating their lunch together. (maybe reizo will steal some of Haeru's food XD)
5. Yurui congratulates Haeru for his excellence in study and kisses his forehead
6. Ken feeding blaze his meal when he is sick.
7. Sleeping Natsu holding Vega's necklace. Maybe he just cried remembering Vega to sleep.
8. Yurui giving Haeru his lunchbox.
9. Ken helping Blaze planting flowers with little reizo (animal/human form) digging something nearby.
10. Ken + Blaze going for a fun fair with little reizo (human form) holding a balloon and ice cream.

..more to come

I DONT really wanna see :
1. NAKIE pictures - I prefer them wearing clothes please
2. YAOI arts - only shonen ai please, unless I asked you cuz of my personal reason

Style and type of art I prefered :
- anime style
- semi-realistic / cell-shade / soft-color / rough cg / traditional
- couple / group art (single art not prefered, unless I really likes your art)
- waistup and beyond (headshots not preferred unless I really likes you art)
- situational and creative pose
- more to come xD~

Style and type of art I dont really like :
- too realistic art
- big lips / big cheek / big boobs

<Art Spotlight>
(Recent art that I really adore. 2nd part at pg.2)

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Art by Ray Kitsune.
Is an Gift Art. Was watching ray ray pchat suddenly she draw me my natsu!! OMG no wonder he looks so familiar at the first stroke , but but I never thought it would really be my natsu!! Ray sooo sooo kind, and yie loves this to piece. natsu look so pretty *o* <33


User Image
Art by Merippa`.
Is a freebie. OMG SO CUTE. You see how shiny and soft the hair looks? I really love this freebie so much. it looks so so nice. I love shion all shiny shiny and pretty ful color <333


User Image

Art by Saimai.
Is an Art Trade. Another art trade with mai. omg i really love love love love!!! shiro is my new char, and i really in the obsession of finding art of him. this is his new cloth, and mai is the first person who draw him in it. and lookie how cute the hamster too!!! *chuus mai*


User Image

Art by Light.
Is a Menewsha Commish. My OC Natsu. Light draw him sooo sooo beautiful and sexy! Yie really troubles her with her roses. Gomene light light,but light really did a great job for the whole pictures too. Yie luffs everything <333 than you!


User Image

Art by Saimai.
Is a Gift. Mai is tooo kind!! ToT Drawing me natsu when I was all down and sad since I didnt get to commish someone of natsu and wanting to see him wear this cloth sooo much. Mai too sweet, and this drawing really means alot to me! Thanks alot mai!!! Yie luffs you! The drawing so beautiful!! <33


User Image

Art by Akima Kun.
Is a Gaia Commish. I havent commish anyone at gaia for sooo long now! And this is my first art after awhile. I really really happy with this picture cuz it's sooo very cute! Luffs both of them so much. Akima so talented and fast <33


User Image

Art by Saimai.
Is an Art Trade. They are both looks soooo cute and and sweet! Mai yie luffs so much. natsu looks so pretty and vega looks so kakkoi. I loves mai alot sooo much and really really happy with this art trade. i never expected to be able to art trade with you one day. Mai is too kind. Thank you <3333


( Do not take or use any of the art here as if you own it )
(my first original character)


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Name : Blaze (real name unknown)
Age : around 18 years old
Eyes : blue
Skin : fair (not tanned, not tanned at all >"<;;; )
Hair : golden blonde
Height : 172cm
Weight : 54kg (thin and slender)
Race : human (once a pirate)
Skills : sword play and a talented pianist
Current Resident : Ishimaru Island
Likes : reizo, cute, shiny things, sea, cooking & sleeping
Dislikes : spider! gah! x.x
Chinese Zodiac : Rat
Main Clothing:
[x] Raw Reference
[x] Good detailed reference
[x] Symbol on collar reference
[x] Chest Pattern
Alternative Clothing: simple & comfy
Fav.Color: blue, white and soft colors
Is an uke in relationship ( a bit girlish is fine )

Other References:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

His little buddy:
[x] Reizo in his pet form

Caring, loving, patience, optimistic, dense, sleepyhead, friendly, strong will and secretive.

He was a pirate swordman and also a head chef on his ship long before the ship got attacked and involved with a huge storm tragedy. He was stranded in an island where he met Ken. He lost almost all of his memory except the fact that he got a twin sister who was also the ship navigator.

Blaze is a sweet and gentle person. Has a strong passion on cooking thus helping the mansion owner with her bakery. He is not really healthy and Ken still looking for his cure. He tries his best to be strong again and practices his sword skill often. Blaze is easily attracted towards girls and always got the attention from them anywhere he went to. People might think him as a playboy cuz of having too many girls that close to him, but to the fact, he is actually just being nice to everyone. He never meant to hurt anyone at the first place. He only seriously loving one person, though he himself didnt notice that yet...

To Ken : Always has things he feels wanna argue with Ken, but he dont have enough courage to bring it out. He really care about him, but he always try to avoid his own feelings on that too. He thinks Ken is just playing love games, but he knew he didnt want to lose Ken. Somehow he hates it when any girls get close to Ken by any chances, trying to steal away that girl from Ken. It's not that he actually want that girl for himself, he just dont want Ken to have any attention towards other then him. Stubborn.

To Reizo : He loves this creature. It saved his life by sticking with him all the time and he is the one that calls for help when he was stranded first time at the island. He always sleeps with him when he was still an animal form. Treats him like a little brother when he is in human form.

To Haeru : Likes this boy. Cuz Haeru always come over to study and play with Reizo, he feels Haeru just like the part of the family somehow.

To Yurui : Quite close to her. Feels like knowing her somehow before. She is fun but seems dangerous at times.

+ Other Character Comments +

User Image
Ken - I am mesmerized at the first time I saw him. I wonder how could someone be this perfect. He got talent, he got attitude, he got taste, he got everything. All that he dont have is just the memory of his past. I never even thought that I could love someone this much. I know I am selfish, but why cant he just be mine alone...

User Image
Reizo - I love Blaze niichan! Blaze niichan is a very nice person now! He was different before... He was cruel and people was afraid of him. Each time he smiled, it means doomed to the others before.. But now, when he smiles, he looks so happy and kind. I wont tell him his past. I want him to stay as the current. I love Blaze niichan~ Arigatou for raising me like family...

User Image
Haeru - He is very very nice person. Always cook us a lot of food if I come over to study with Reizo. He always smiles. No wonder Reizo loves him so much. I wish I have a brother like him too...

User Image
Yurui - Why someone can be so carefree? I cant even believe that he really is good at cooking. He always says that I am familiar to him. But he cant even remember who she was. I feel sorry for him. But I wonder, is it the best for him to get back his memory or stay as who he is now. Eventhough he always shout when I say he is a gay, but, the way he look and treat that Ken, I know he actually loves that guy so much...

+ Extra Characters in Background story +

User Image

Name : Chloe
Relationship : Blaze's twin sister
Current Resident : Unknown
Cloth style : bikini style or small tube/top, short jeans
Skill : Axe user and skillful navigator
References : [Main] [x] [x] [x] [x]

User Image

Name : Suzaku Juinichi
Also called : The pheonix
Relationship : Blaze's 2nd man in command
Current Resident : Unknown
Skill : Fire manipulator
References : [Main] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

(my second original character)


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name : Kenichi Akagami
Age : looks around 24++
Eyes : sharp + crimson red
Skin : very fair - almost pale- , japanese fair kinda skin~
Hair color : black with red streaks
Hair style : straight with a little bit wavy at the lower part or tied
Height : 190cm
Weight : 78kg [ he is not bulky, just nice ]
Race : half blood vampire
Skills : sharp shooter (a gunner) , a doctor & he can play guitar
Current Resident : Ishimaru Island
Likes : guns, peaceful night and a certain someone...
Dislikes : sweets, noise and animals, esp. Reizo ^^;;
Chinese Zodiac : Ox
Main Clothing : Long Stylish Coat with belt across body to shoulder, and belt that holding guns bullets + guns around his pants. Hats are optional.
Alternative Clothing: something stylish, smexy, he didnt wear too much cloth layer, and mostly unbuttoned/halfly buttoned shirt or sleeveless.
Fav.Color: black and red
Is a seme in relationship

[x] Hair Style
[x] Hair Color
[x] Hat - Optional. Dont draw if not confidence cuz it might ruin your art...
[x] Skin
[x] [x] Clothing

Perfect Couple Art with Blaze
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Other Art of Ken

Stubborn, always think he right, serious, short-tempered, possessive, workaholic, loyal and knowledgable.

Before living in the mansion, he was from a noble vampire family. His family was blamed by human after a massive killing of human in nearby village. He was saved by Genova great grandmother and he's the only one who survived. After the event, he dedicate his life to serve the family of the person who saved him for all his life.

Ken is a very strong reliable and highly respectable person. Always calm when making decision, very confidence on himself, but could be short tempered at times. He got eyes as sharp as the wolf. He might disappear every once in awhile especially during the red moon for the cursed he got in his blood and only the owner of the mansion and the daughter knew about it. He is the Cheif Guard in the mansion and also a private doctor at there. Hardly smile, hardly laugh. He is very serious most of the time.

To Blaze : He loves him so much. Will do anything for him even risking his life. Very much overprotected towards Blaze and always become short-tempered on anything regarding him. He knew it's hard for him to get to Blaze's heart for the fact that he is too rough over him (and the fact that Blaze is very playboy and hard to resist women), but he knew he could always by Blaze side, protecting and loving.

To Reizo : He always fight with him ever since he was still a pet until he can change into his human form. They are sole rival. But deep inside, still he care about that creature.

To Haeru : Not really close. Just knew him as Reizo's best friend.

To Yurui : Knew her by accidence. Amazed by her ability.

+ Other Character Comments +

User Image
Blaze - I dunno how many times I told him that I am not a gay! He keeps making that face as if he knows everything about me and I know nothing about my own feelings. I have Pleione ( I guess ) , why cant that be enough that my interest falls towards girls? But, I do agree that he is reliable, strong, kind...he could do things for you even before you even ask him to..hardworking... and..and..*disappearing voice*..But but, He is short-tempered at times though, making it hard to understand him! He should open his eyes more and notice how others feels! ...

User Image
Reizo - Ken niichan kowaii desu!! But he is very responsible and loves Blaze niichan sooo much! -giggles- He always kicks me if I clings too much to Blaze niichan though -pout- But I know, he is not as bad as people might think he is when first met though. Know him longer, he is actually really kind -smiles-

User Image
Haeru - He is too observant for my likings o.O;; I cant even stand to look him to the eyes. They are sharp as if they are reading you like and x-ray vision. He seems nice when Blaze is around though. I wonder what is their actual relationship is.. -thinks hard-

User Image
Yurui - Wow! He is sooo cool!!! He is too serious he needs to learn to laugh and do jokes though -laugh- On the other hand, I really respect him. He really knows alot about everything. -whisper- I heard he lives more then we could guess. I wonder how true it is -end whisper-

(my third original char - created to be based from my most beloved breedable pet)


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Kazuha Yukio aka. Reizo
Age : around 10 years old
Eyes : gold at his left, brown at his right
Skin : fair
Hair : His hair color is orangey yellow color with red at tips. He got small hair-tail (about chest length) at the back of his hair that he made into very small braid.
Height : 147cm
Weight : 35kg
Race : half human
Skills : self-transform & agility
Current Resident : Ishimaru Island
Craved Over : bees items
Likes : bees, candies, ice cream and soft toys
Dislikes : vegetable and big scary human/animal
Chinese Zodiac : Rabbit
Original Form: here
Clothings styles: cute, short pants and sometimes a little bit girlish and have bees pictures on it. Wear a silver necklace with this pendant
Fav.Color: orange, brown, yellow and red

[x] Main ref. with locket (given by ken) & wings
[x] Made him a doll with wings
[x] Hooded bee cloth
[x] Non-hooded bee cloth
(you can come up with your very own version of bee cloth too ne^^)

Other Arts of Reizo

Cheerful, clingy, lively, cute, naive, extremely friendly, optimistic, sharp and childish.

For a little bit of history of Reizo and Blaze started out by Blaze interest with everything that shines. As simple minded as Blaze, when he first saw the egg, he keeps it under his protection as all other treasure he found, never once thinking that the egg will hatch one day, it just that, he keeps it in a warmer place inside his closet with in his mind, the egg is something so precious, afraid to be stolen cuz it's the most unique treasure he ever found. When it's the time for the egg to hatch, Blaze who was staring at it, adoring it shines and beauty shocked and panic. But for Blaze to be the first person little Reizo saw, he directly feels attached to Blaze, just like a family and been following him ever since....

Reizo can transform into pet and human as he wish that sometimes brings trouble to Ken and Blaze. He is extremely friendly that he can simply clings and hugs anyone he meet, just after knowing their first name! His little pocket is always fulls with candies and lollipops. Reizo hardly found in a sad state. He cries when people hurts him, but he always forgotten about the hurt just a few moment after. He is very popular in his school but at times he got into trouble with bullies because of his naive-ness. His favourite hanging place during rest hour is on the rooftop with Haeru, cuz he find Haeru as a very calming person and he feels safe just by being around him.

To Blaze : He really loves Blaze, really respect, will do everything Blaze ask him to do no matter what it is and never have any objections. Has been his loving pet ever since he is still in animal form. They are totally cannot be separated.

To Ken : Soul rival at the maximum level. He always try to go against Ken each and every time. They fight alot like cat and mouse, totally cannot sit nicely side to side.

To Haeru : His best friend. Want to be with Haeru all the time when at school cuz he thinks Haeru is very calm like unspoiled nature. Wants to grow and be as good as Haeru at class. They always practise their fighting skills together.

To Yurui : Loves to clings at her if meeting her by the street with Haeru or going to Haeru's house. Thinks that Yurui is a great lady.

+ Other Character Comments +

User Image
Blaze - He is too cute!!!! -glomp- I love him as he was. I love him as he is. He has been with me since long before I could even remember till now. He knows everything about my past, but, however I asked him about it, he would never wanna tell me... He said, he loves me, the current me... He said, why cant it be enough just to be happy with the current life... I dont really have the answer. But ne... I just hope I treated him nicely back then too...

User Image
Ken - Where the heck this creature came from?!!! Having him as a pet is already pain in the a**, now he magically, out of nowhere turns into human?!!! Why must that Blaze pick up something like this? Okay okay... I know he knows Blaze sooo much longer then I do , but that didnt give him the license to try to keep Blaze for himself longer then me too! >.> Oh well... I agree he is cute... But, he should learn that not everyone is nice and human are not trees! -starts to mumble to himself-

User Image
Haeru - I wanna thank him for being my friend... He changed my life by lots, without me noticing it... At first, I thought he was just a nuisance. He never get away from me however I tried to distance myself from him. But just one thing that I couldnt stand. It is when people bullying him...It reminds me of my weak self. I wanna protect him. I wanna us to grow together. Stay with me as my rival. Stay with me as a friend. And become stronger. Little by little...

User Image
Yurui - So so kawaiiiiii!!!! My bro really good at picking up friend aint he -laugh- He is too cute! I cant even bear to bully him! I loves giving him ice cream and sweets cuz he will smiles sooo happily after that. He really is too cute to begin with! >o<

(4th OC - April 21st 2006 - Same story but origin from different island)


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Yukizaki Haeru
Age : around 13 years old
Eyes : sapphire blue
Skin : blushy white (he blush alot cuz his body is very cold)
Hair : Light blue with white highlights or white with light blue highlights, short-haircut
Height : 157cm
Weight : 42kg
Race : human
Skills : ice/snow magic , he learned archery -> bow sample
Current Resident : East of Eden Island
Crazed Over : dolphin items
Likes : sleeping on rooftop, listening to music and sports
Dislikes : annoying people who tries to bully reizo, hot weather, people who talks too much
Chinese Zodiac : Horse
Tattoo : barcode tattoo under his left eye, he cover it with handyplus/bandaid at times
Clothings styles: stylish street boy styles, always with his mp3 player, wear a short necklace , headband, in shades of blue + white
He must have: mp3 player, necklace, headband and bandaid / barcode
Fav.Color: white, silver and light blue

[x] Main Reference
[x] Hair Style
[x] Barcode
[x] Necklace

Other Arts Of Haeru

Cold, attractive, stubborn, quiet, calm, unfriendly, genius, didnt like to involve in other people's business. He is actually quite a gentle person if anyone would ever really can get close to him. (He knows how to smile so it's okay to let him smile once in awhile ^^)

*Imagine Susumu (peacemaker), Yuki (fruit basket) , Killua (Hunter x Hunter) and Hitsugaya (Bleach). He is somewhat like that, but not exactly similar - just a generalization. x3

He is Reizo school mate. A senior by age, but he is still at the same class for a certain personal reason. His mom died when delivering him. Couldnt take the fact, his father turns crazy and didnt want to take him as a child thus leaving him with his sister to grow. He came to him with intention to kill every once in awhile up until Yurui found out about it and he get caught and sent to mental hospital. Haeru is a real hard worker. He is doing lots of job to survive especially the one that deal with computer cuz he is a genius and no one knows his real age on the net.

Haeru always act rather then talk. He didnt care about things around him and people sees him as a selfish brats. His favourite sleeping spot is the rooftop where he sleeps each time he get bored of the class. He dont like crowd and have a very hard time to express his true feelings about anything that happens. Yes he turns on his mp3 player at the loudest so he dont hear anything around him most of the time.

To Blaze : He thinks Blaze is a very cool guy who can cook some great food and talented in lots of skills. He respected him very much and thinks Blaze like an older brother.

To Ken : Not really close. Hardly talk to each other.

To Reizo : Very close. He wants to protect Reizo from all the bad people at their school cuz he thinks Reizo reminded him to his normal weak self (to note : reizo is not all that weak, it's just haeru way of thinking, cuz reizo is covering is real identity). He likes Reizo being around him cuz he thinks Reizo is very fun person.

To Yurui : Only family he got, and he feels blessed with her being around and protecting. Got bullied all the time, but he knows she just playing. He wants to be strong and protect her one day, when she grow old and grey... She is his everything!

+ Other Character Comments +

User Image
Blaze - He is a very shy boy. Total contrast with reizo. He speaks so slow I can barely hear them but he does shout once in awhile though. I think most of the time, it's becuz of Reizo -giggles- He looks so lonely that at times, I feels like I wanna cheer him, but I dont even know what will make him happy... I hope he would find happiness. He seems like a very good person...

User Image
Ken - This boy has an attitude problem. He always has that distant look on his face. He always too quiet and too stubborn. Those pretty face totally didnt match his attitude. -.-;; I wonder how that creature can stand being his friend...

User Image
Reizo - Haeru is kind! He is quiet but he really is genious! We always study together, but I know I would never win over him in studies at all -.- But I am glad that we are friends. I wanna make him smiles and laugh cuz when he does, he looks so calm and pretty! He shouldnt lock himself from the world. I think, everyone's actually looks up on him. Hm.... maybe I should make him see that not everyone in this world is bad... yosh! reizo ganbatte ne! -smiles-

User Image
Yurui - My little brother!!! -insert glomp until cannot breath at here- He is MY cute little bro! -evil smile- But he is getting taller by days. I kinda miss the small ones.. -gloom- Demo! He still looks cute when he pout and complains! -laugh- I wonder why dad do all those things to him before, blamed him for mom's death, even tries to kill him! He knows nothing about it! He is not even guilty! And that stupid Haeru, dont even know how to complain about it to me until I found the truth by my own eyes! -sigh- But I bet he gonna look as pretty as mom when he grows up... Not that I say he is a girl... Just that...those eyes... they reminds me of mom's... so tender... and calm... I bet mom would definitely be proud if she could see him now...

(5th OC - May 21st 2006)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Details:

Name: Yukizaki Yurui
Age : around 21 years old
Eyes : green
Skin : fair
Hair : Light blonde
Height : 171cm
Weight : 54kg
Race : human
Skills : mind manipulation - she reads and controls others' mind using her cursed right eye (that's why she covers it)
Current Resident : East of Eden Island
Likes : lollipop and accessories
Dislikes : her father
Chinese Zodiac : snake
Tattoo : barcode tattoo at the side of her neck, she covered with her neck scarf
Clothings styles: sexy, unique, lots of bangles, earings, hair pin, neck scarf, headband with their clan symbol, and black rings on her left hand finger
She must wear: anything that cover her neck, headband that fully covered her right eyes (if she didnt wear the headband, you may draw her in cursed eyes like sample below). other accessories are free to redesigns/color.
Fav.Color: pink & black and neon colors

[x] Headband reference
[x] Her fullbody reference in doll
[x] Perfect Halfbody reference
[x] the cursed eyes
[x] another cursed eye ref.

Other Arts of Yurui

Devilishly smexy, reliable and charismatic, fashionable, protective and high level of confidence, so she wont pout or look sad cuz she always get what she want .

Yurui is the only person who has been by Haeru side for ever since he was born up until now. She raise Haeru ever since their mom died delivering Haeru. She was the pride of the family, innocent, fragile and very pretty. But ever since the incident, and after the father ran away, she become her own alter ego and pessimist and over-worried about everything concerning her brother.

A sexy biatch, loves accessories more then anything, enjoys to command others to do stuffs for her cuz she dont really like to do work that much. She loves to bully Haeru just to see his blushing face but at the same time she is a very responsible sister to Haeru. All of her friends give a lot of respect on her (but Haeru has his biggest confusion on the reason why they respected her XD), very pessimistic and moody most of the time. she built in her double personality from all the hatred she keep in her for her father actions and past history.

To Blaze : She think he is very sweet. They are somewhat close. Changing cooking ingredients at times and hangout together at times if they accidentally met on the road. She loves talking with Blaze cuz she thinks he has a lot of interesting going on him..

To Ken : They are not very close but she thinks Ken is very cool. They talk like old buddy though just not as much.

To Reizo : Feels like he is her other younger brother cuz he is very cute and clingy. She feels happy when he came to her house and always prepares him with lots of candies, cakes and lots of foods if she's around.

To Haeru : Her most precious treasure. She wont let anyone lay a single finger on him at all. Anyone who hurt him, will totally wont let lost at all. No. Not even their father >.>

+ Other Character Comments +

User Image
Blaze - Where do I see her before? The way she talk, act, dress... Feels like someone that I know from the distance past. I keep having a flashback of memories of a girl at times when I see her with Haeru. If knew someone just like her before, is she someone very important to me?

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Ken - I agree when people say she is sexy and beautiful, but why people hardly mention about her being bossy and odd! o.O;;; She seriously able to control her younger brother like a puppet huh? I wonder how she did that... I am okay with her though, as long as she didnt try to take Blaze away from me. They seems so close somehow.

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Reizo - Yurui neesan so pretty! She laugh alot and always ask Haeru to do lots of stuffs for her -giggles- . Haeru complains alot, but, he still do whatever Yurui neesan ask him to. She is a very nice person though! She makes the best ramen ever! -luffs her-

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Haeru - She is evil da! Dont look at her for too long! I wish I could just say that. But, Yurui neesan...She is my only family. She raised me like a mother. She really is bossy and loves to bully me and everyone around her... She got charm. She got charisma. No wonder she is one of the high leader in our clan. She is short-tempered and has no heart at times... But.. I really dont wanna lose her and love her very much! (dont tell her that)..

( From different Story - August 1st 2006 )

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name: Natsuhide Lucilius
Occupation : College Student (Political Science) & part time model
Age : around 19 years old (but he looks like 16)
Eyes : light brown eyes with long soft eyelashes
Skin : very fair / white
Hair : [hair style] [hair color] <--- its very light shade of blonde n have dark brown at it's inner layer
Height : 170cm
Weight : 52kg [thin and slender]
Race : human
Skills : dancing and modelling
Likes : white roses, fireflies, and attentions
Crazed over : silver jewelleries
Dislikes : stalker and loneliness
Chinese Zodiac : sheep
Clothings styles: Natsu clothing style usually something that soft colored, have lots of laces or fur at times, or something that looks very stylish and expensive or prince-y look-a-like.
Fav.Color: pastel colors and white

*if possible, wanna see light blonde or light dirty blonde as his outer hair color and not light yellow like some of the sample. sankyu*

*he loves white roses (and smells like it), so, if you could, please include it somehow?

Natsu References:
[x] Main Reference
[x] Hair color reference
[x] Perfect expression and hairstyle
[x] Perfect rendetion
[x] Childhood memories with Vega <3
[x] Lovely cloth <33
[x] Beautiful!
[x] Such lovely face *o*

[x] Clothing ideas <-- this is just inspiration to help you imagine his clothing style

* he is very pretty - very fragile and white skin - mix japan+france+italy. small frame that always been mistaken for a girl lots of times~

His dog ref:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

*His dog is a female chihuahua. Name Moichi. =)
*Pure white body, pinkish inner ear like this [x]
*You can add this cloth or any cute pinkish cloth also to it if you want.
*his dog is his loyal buddy and it would be great if you could draw him with her =3

Other arts of Natsu

Sweet and stubborn at the same time. He hardly smiles, but that doesnt mean, he never smiles. He is a very quiet but very gentle in his actions. He got the angelic looks and personality. Natsu is a very angsty and sad character though he hardly shed any tears. No one could really tell his trueself by first sight. Natsu is someone with lots of secrets and dark memories.

Couple art with Vega:
[x] By Aramaki
[x] By Saimai
[x] By Kidchan
[x] By Hippori

+ Extra Characters in Background story +

User Image

Name : Helios Vega
Eyes : Piercing yellow
Hair : Red. Shoulder length or shorter.
Relationship : Natsu's ex boyfriend & Childhood friend
Current Resident : *Lost and Found box* - (kidding. XD update soon)
Prev. job : a Yakuza
Tattoo : Tattooed on most area of his top body and on the scar of his face (not showing it)
Style : Mostly wear trench coat, suits or blazer.
References : [x] [x] [x] [x]

Egoist, hot tempered and mr-i am always right. He dont like to listen to others and he dislike to take orders. Vega got a very rebellious personality due to his past history.

<Art Trade>
(my current art trade status)

Current Art Trade aka. still in progress

1. Ray_Kitsune [ 7/7 done ] - OCs - Trixie - for 1 Halfbody CG - Ken
2. Kuro Akira [ 7/7 done ] - OCs - Trixie - for 2 Haflbody CG - Vega x Natsu
3. Mint_tea [ 1/1 done ] - OC - Trixie - for Vector Art Haeru
4. Minji [ 2/2 done ] - OC - Ipixel.org - for 2 Halfbody CG
5. Saimai [ 1/1 done ] - OC - Ipixel.org - for 1 CG Chibi of Shiro

6. Harkem [ 0/1 done ] - OC - Ipixel.org - for 1 CG Halfbody Natsu
7. Kukico [ 0/3 done ] - OC - Ipixel.org - for 2 CG Halfbody

* pending info:
1. minjiminji - [ 0/1 done ] - OCs - from shop - for ???

* strike = my part of the trade and waiting theirs =3

Previous Art Trade aka. done

1. Iris.Zeible : calming monochrome of blaze serving a cup of tea for ken x3
2. -Gabriel- : cover novel mittai *v*
3. Kuro Akira : too sexy for words - light yaoi warning -
4. Jess-chan : kawaii ~~ the best crayon user ever met <3333
5. Puchimoni : history of the necklace *_*
6. Chibi_Chise : ice cream girl, you are too creative! *o*
7. Blua : pencil coloring goodness >o< <3~~
8.-Raeki- : such a strong coloring, i really love! x3
9. Chisa : Ken looks sooo sweet ne! and omg i love the background! x3
10. ANJII- yo. : Yurui from the backside~ soo pretty coloring! I really love Anjii arts and colors <3~~
11. Serene_Pandemonium : Super duper cute Ken & Blaze chibis omg!!! *_* <3~~~~
12. Jess-chan : 2nd time! *feels luffs* another cute crayon coloring from jess of ken and blaze. chibi cuteness! x3
13. Shinobi_Seppuku : Halloween Ken ! Smexxy!! x3
14. KitsuneRamen : Light Yaoi warning - Crossed. Such pretty coloring and clean lineart. *_*
15. pikimomo : always adore her art >o< reizo looks soo cute! <333
16. ryou nakasone - reizo + haeru look the cutest, feels like i can eat them! >o<
17. Only Dust - eee.... haeru looks so cute! Love dusty chibis! <3
18. aiyatsukichan - omg this couple art is extremely lovely!! <333
19. BlueSapphirez - kawaiiiiiii!!! hontouni kawaiiii!!! *collapse*
20. Aeternia - omg natsu and vega looks sooo adorable!!
21. Blua - sooo beautiful pencil sketch! Luffs blua shading *o*

<Commision Status>
(people I am commishing and waiting for art from)

Hellie (CG Couple) - Ken + Blaze
Moorina (CG Couple Chibi) - Ken + Blaze
Kuraudia (Oekaki Couple 3/4 Body) - Haeru + Reizo
[ JenKo ] (Pen Art Headshot) - Reizo
patsumii-yuki (CG Couple Halfbody) - Ken + Blaze
Melo-san (CG Chibi) - Ken + Blaze
ToriKat (CG Couple Halfbody) - Ken + Blaze
Sleinah (Sketch Fullbody) - Chloe
BlueSapphirez (CG Couple Halfbody) - Ken + Blaze
BlueSapphirez (CG Chibi Fullbody) - Blaze + Chloe
Kyoupiruchi (Experimental) - Ken + Blaze
Ushi888 (Sketch Fullbody) - Natsu
Razvan de Lioncourt (CG Fullbody) - Ken
Zue (CG Fullbody w BG) - Natsu
Aramaki (CG Halfbody) -Natsu
Yatcha (Sketch Fullbody Chibi) - Natsu
fornalina (CG Fullbody) - Natsu
Seisei (CG Fullbody Couple - coloring sketch done by her) - Ken + Blaze
RLODream ( Lineart Fullbody Chibi ) - Natsu
Kaichi_chan (CG Halfbody) - Blaze
RynnXRyld (CG Fullbody Chibi) - Reizo

(what all the colored texts means)

Not received yet
Not received yet but paid full
Not received yet but paid half
Have to pay after received art

(people whose art I really adore)

Dream of The Art :

( Havent been able to commish but seriously love their art ;_; )

Korilin ♥ Chihaya ♥ Chesire ♥ Gorachii ♥ Hainey ♥ Ippus ♥ Jaded ♥ Syku Wolf ♥ Laxis ♥ x_Kitanya_x ♥ Aramaki ♥ puddingphobia ♥ kyoupiruchi ♥ luc_iole ♥ Nyome ♥ jeyoriginal ♥

-omg even if i am closed here, you can always apply for me to commish you cuz i will be super happy to!!! -dies-

Always Loves and Adore :
(They are amazing artist that have done art for me - loves them forever always wants for more! )

Kitmun/Kidchan ♥ Norli ♥ Kuma Wind ♥ Ray Kitsune ♥ Dr. Seiji ♥ Syuzuki ♥ Psycho_Kyugurl ♥ Aeternia ♥ 4th ♥ Queen Willy ♥ bw-inc ♥ Light ♥ Shizero ♥ Prodigybombay ♥ Daniellek ♥ Phillis ♥ -Gabriel ♥ ANJII-yo. ♥ Kuraudia ♥ LadyLad ♥ Y u n a ♥ Holymiracle ♥ Jandruff ♥ Seisei ♥ Puchimoni ♥ Gonbe ♥ KitsuneRamen ♥ Kuro Akira ♥ Snuffie ♥ Patlina ♥ Dev Kimiko ♥ Lancha ♥ Whippy ♥ Ramiro ♥ Jess-chan ♥ Hyrea ♥ Vynchan ♥ RedInkDemon ♥ Shimitsu ♥ Ruw-chan ♥ Polichan ♥ Yi Xun ♥ Kawaiihannah ♥ Runic ♥ Kabidori ♥ Frostings ♥ Ilmenhin ♥ Aki7 ♥ -Raeki ♥ [ao] ♥ Iris Zeible ♥ Shinobi Seppuku ♥ Shosho ♥ Momoka ♥ Tedstill ♥ [Hyde] ♥ Pyrogoth ♥ Inamorata ♥ Synister ♥ BlueSapphirez ♥ Blua ♥ KandaNyuu ♥ Chisa ♥ Noa ♥ Kathy ♥ RynnXRyld ♥ Nightmareater ♥ serene_pandemonium ♥ oh!1945 ♥ Kappauka ♥

... you could always ask me if you wanna do art trade with me -dream- XD

... and everyone else whose name I might forgot to include but I really do love you all alot and all your arts -muacks- heart

(just a place for me to say and do whatever I want)

I loveeeeeeeeeeee to make dolls. Something like these will only be available for trade or freebie only ne~ cuz it's taking lots of my times (since I love details *_* ). This is my sample from old to new [ ---> ]

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Dont ask me how much per each, I didnt price out these stuffu, just because I didnt ^^;; If you really want them, do art trade with me according to love vs love thingy, not how much it is price. I feels more luffs by that ^^;;

Base credits goes to :

Name: KawaiiHannah (or Hannah Summers)
Contact info: kawaiihannah@gmail.com
Name and URL: PPKH / Precious Pixels KH - http://ppkh.davidsonlinegallery.com
Date of permission given : 12 June 2006


Or using this base too! :

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Different but still the same site:

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image

Base credits goes to:

Name: Duckie
Contact info: darklordofducks@gmail.com
Name and URL: Orange Crux -http://www.orange-crux.net
Date of permission given : 4th July 2006


and I got a doll shop at here. Smaller base though x3 Check it out? Clicky!


rp with kyu : here
backup reference : here

<Art Gifts / Freebies Received>
(Thanks alot for the love!!! ♥ I really appreciate mOm)

For Blaze:

[x] Pockyfille
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl
[x] -Elie-
[x] Whippy
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl
[x] KuroRan
[x] Arafel
[x] Arafel
[x] Zalvanos
[x] KuroRan
[x] Darkaznstargoddess by Nevarinn
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl
[x] Darkaznstargoddess
[x] Whippy
[x] KuroRan
[x] Whippy
[x] Willhoe
[x] Oh So Mad!
[x] Aeternia
[x] [ao]
[x] PnayRiceCake by [Hyde]
[x] [ The Fool ]
[x] Ruw-chan
[x] Missdreamer
[x] Lancha
[x] L i g h t
[x] Sagani
[x] Aramaki
[x] Tesoro
[x] [(-Onis-)]
[x] Raeki
[x] mid-night wish
[x] [ao]
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Miss_Untitled
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Boxsama
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by watercolour_blizz
[x] Serene_Pandemonium

For Ken:

[x] Kwintessence
[x] L i g h t
[x] Oh So Mad!
[x] Aeternia
[x] PnayRiceCake by [Hyde]
[x] Bw-Inc
[x] [ The Fool ]
[x] 'Merippa
[x] Shinobi_Seppuku
[x] Whippy
[x] Tirael
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by blua
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by boxsama
[x] by [ao]
[x] by sagani
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by spazzu
[x] by saimai
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by miss_untitled
[x] Queen_Willy
[x] Serene_Pandemonium

For Reizo:

[x] Kuroran
[x] Light
[x] Syuzuki
[x] Vynchan
[x] Jess-chan
[x] Ray Kitsune
[x] Remi-chan
[x] [ao]
[x] Nova Zeal
[x] Aki7
[x] Noshinima by Miyaki
[x] Sagani
[x] PnayRiceCake by Spin.spin
[x] -Raeki-
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Klazzika
[x] Aramaki
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Miss_Untitled
[x] Shinobi_Seppuku
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Remi_Chan
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Sor2y
[x] Serene_Pandemonium
[x] Zouk
[x] Syuzuki

For Haeru:

[x] [ The Fool]
[x] Sagani
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl
[x] Xanseviera
[x] Psycho_kyugurl pressie by M
[x] Sagani pressie
[x] Psycho_kyugurl pressie by Remi_chan
[x] Psycho_kyugurl pressie by Miss-Untitled
[x] Queen_Willy
[x] Serene_Pandemonium

For Yurui:

[x] Ruw-chan
[x] Daniellek
[x] Syuzuki by Kimbappu
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl
[x] Queen_Willy
[x] Sagani
[x] Blankpapers
[x] Syuzuki
[x] Hyanda by +dustbunnii+
[x] Sapphirez
[x] Minjiminji
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Boxsama
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Froad
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Miss_Untitled
[x] Darkandstargoddess
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl pressie by Vena
[x] Momo4ever pressie by Tahnee Orphanage
[x] Blua
[x] Aeternia

For Natsu:

[x] Serene_pandemonium
[x] Sapphirez
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Kuro Akira
[x] Psycho_kyugurl by Miss_Untitled
[x] ANJII-yo.
[x] 'Tesoro
[x] Saimai

For Shiro:

[x] Chroma pressie, such a surprise and very cute too! thank you!! *o*
[x] Mai spoiling yie. This is adorable ToT <333
[x] Freebie from my friend, Merippa` Aint he looks so cute! ToT
[x] Jimy-chan freebie, so kawaiii <33
[x] a freebie from chipyun. super cute *o*
[x] Art by glammy too adorable and the color is soo wonderful! *o*
[x] Pressie from joke-muse. omg this is soooo cute and look at the hammy!! *all flowery and happy* <33

For Vega:

[x] Shinobi_Seppuku

For Couple/Group:

[x] Yachi_chan
[x] Whippy
[x] Whippy
[x] Whippy
[x] Kidchan
[x] Whippy
[x] Syuzuki
[x] Eliosika
[x] Seisei
[x] Holymiracle
[x] Aeternia
[x] [ The Fool ] by Pyrogoth
[x] Whippy
[x] Whippy
[x] Psycho_Kyugurl by Boxsama
[x] Syuzuki
[x] Hippori

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( Art in banner credits goes to : Dr. Seiji, Ray Kitsune, Kidchan, -Gabriel-, Kuma Wind )

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