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What do you think of my art?

Love it, I'm ordering! :D 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
It's cute, I think I'll order :3 0.2 20.0% [ 3 ]
Meh, it's alright. 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
Notmy style, I don't think I will order... :( 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 5 ]
Ugly and overpriced >:( 0.2 20.0% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 15 ]
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Bump bump bump 3nodding
Rate this thread up if you like my art!
And please order blaugh

First post on pages 10, 100, 1000, etc. get a 50% discount on their order 3nodding heart
Terms are that you must have posted at least three times.

Order now ~ !
A lot of people are downvoting... sad
Post your feedback here, people!
*sits down*

I'm going shopping this afternoon :3nod
I'm gonna have a look in a city nearby if I can find some cheap copic markers.
If not, I will order them online this afternoon. blaugh
Bumpy bump.
Yay, ordered my new markers!
Including some nice new colours 3nodding

Now to wait for the supplier to accept my order, send me the bill and then we'll see when I get them in the mail blaugh
Bump ninja
Good afternoon everyone 3nodding
Another nice day here in the Netherlands. The snow finally melted and now we even got some sunshine blaugh

Still waiting for the supplier to accept my order.

Still open for line art and digital art. Will take 2 days to complete though, because I don't have my stuff with me right now :3
Order some art from meee!
Thinking about making a live stream account... 3nodding
I'm back home and still taking orders blaugh
I think my order for the markers will be confirmed tomorrow and sent, so I think I'll be getting them in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday 3nodding
I just saw that somebody voted my art ugly and overpriced in the poll. If you could please feedback your opinion in a post here or even a pm, I'll try to do something about it. Is my drawing style bad or my coloring or shading?
I'd really like to know what's wrong 3nodding
Bump pirate

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