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Comic Book.
An art store and request thread

I need a place to sell my art, and buy some too 8'D
That's basicly it.
And the name?
I like to read comicbooks xD



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Cluttered avvys
90% black avatars =___=;; (bribe me. I dare you.)
Furry (ears + tail is okay)


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[x] [x]

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Collab w/ +dustbunni+
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Flat CG'd
Waist-up/ 8k
Fullbody/ 15k

Shade CG'd
Waist-up/ 10k-12k
Fullbody/ 25k-30k

Collab w/ +dustbunni+
Bribe. Bunni has expensive tastes, and is usually busy *cough*lazy*cough* >>;
The cuter/fluffier/pinker/sparklier your avvy, the more of a chance Bunni will accept.

All prices are negotiable.


[b]3 Samples:[/b]


Waiting List



Innocent Trickster

Up high on a mountaintop, where travelers don't dare to climb, there lives a small but thriving village known only to select groups of people internationally. The two schools there - Tenkuu Magic Academy and Senzai Institute - are the best around. The top student in each school, ironically, are brothers. Even more, they're twins. They, along with thier best friend, live in harmony on the school grounds. Or at least, they do. The school staffs don't seem to agree.

Main Cast

Name..Synni Liien
Family..He's the younger twin by two minutes, thus making him the youngest child out of three. He also has an older sister who's twenty years old.
Likes..Anything sweet or edible (or both), his brother, being near his brother, annoying his brother, pulling pranks
Dislikes..Bitter food, not being near his brother, blood, the dark
Ethnicity..Some sort of Asian, possibly Korean
Info..Syn is your local cute guy, attending Senzai Institute. He acts much younger than his age and often complains about being hungry - usually to Silv, his brother. He absolutely adores Silv, and would probably marry him if he could. He also totally semes over his brother >D Some people take Syn's love for his brother to be incestious, but it's not. He just loves him. A lot. He actually has is eye on the cute student teacher for his chemistry class. Syn is oftentimes found in the Tekuu Academy gardens, napping on the lowest branch of the cherry tree.
Appearance..He's got lightly tanned skin, chocolately brown eyes framed with thin-rimmed glasses (sometimes wears contacts, for those who hate spectacles) and his bangs are often held up by two or three hairpins, although his bangs still get in his face. He's most often seen with either a cheery expression on his face, or one of a maniacal genius. He usually wears a grey sleeveless zip-up that stops right before his stomache, over fishnet. He wears light brown capris stuffed into his knee-high 2-inch platform boots, and always has his "H!T" belt on; they're his favourite band.
References..[Perfect ref, wings optional] [Syuzuki] [+Dustbunnii+] [Suki_Daiyo4] [Rhuu] [Dragonflie] [Reiben Prince] [Kuro Akira] [Synister] [Cirenes][Pandora]

Name..Silver Liien
Family..He's the older twin by two minutes, so he's the middle child. He has a 20 year old sister.
Likes..Reading, writing, sketching, painting, his best friend Thirteen (not romantically), and his brother above all (but he'd never tell him that.)
Dislikes..Any of his brother's potential boyfriends, anyone who goes near his brother, anyone who hurts his brother (and Thirteen, too) other than himself.
Ethnicity..Some sort of Asian, possibly Korean
Info..Silv attends Tenkuu Magic Academy. Silv is, when one first meets him, a sarcastic, cocky b*****d. But he cares on the inside, really. He's relatively anti-social except for, of course, his brother Syn and his best friend Thirteen. He's a school genius and the star of the track team. He's often found relaxing on a branch of the tree on the school gardens or refusing to drink one of Thirteen's potions.
Appearance..Pale to lightly tanned skin because even though he spends half of his time outside, he spends it under the shade of a tree. Chocolate brown eyes, sometimes wearing glasses, other times wearing contacts. Usually found scowling or with a blank expression. He's often wearing his black-and-white dress shirt and grey shorts, with knee-high socks (and somehow doesn't look nerdy) and grey sneakers.
References..[Perfect ref, wings optional] [Nikahlel] [+Dustbunii+] [Ixxstar] [Dragonflie] [Noa] [Cirenes] [Kuro Akira] [Woefulinfinity][anni-poo]

Couple References..[Oh!1945/Anarahk] [Kisu_Kaite/Hinoseme] [Porcelain] [175R] [Fwosh] [Static Fizzy][Lucky][Our][Buu-Dai] [Queen-Frog] [gokunobaka]

NOTE: The back of Syn's hair flips outward at the ends and is a titch longer than Silv's x3 Both twins always wear a black choker with a silver coin on it, and silver armplates (but Silv's are covered by his shirt) Their glasses are optional (contacts 8'D)

Name..Thirteen Oni (real name unknown)
Age..18 (started school late)
Family..Unknown, is supported by a wealthy Russian aristocrat.
Likes..Helping Syn annoy Silv, sweets, hanging around with Silv, chemistry class, making and testing potions (mostly on Silv), his mallet.
Dislikes..Reading, writing, most classmates/people, socializing, being alone.
Ethnicity..Appears Philipino
Info..It is unknown wether Thirteen has any living relatives or not, as he was found as a mute 10-year-old on the street one day. Luckily, the man who found him was not only kind, but very rich. Thus, Thirteen was sent to the best schools around the world, and when it was found out that he had some magic ability, his sponsor sent him to Tenkuu, where he met Silv, and thus, Syn. Thirteen is usually seen practicing his magic at the back of the school, or sitting at the base of the tree in the school gardens, chatting with Silv, who is often above him on a branch. What only Silv knows is that Thirteen is dating the almost mute freshman who lives on the Senzai campus. Because he doesn't want to live with knowing that the kind man he met is paying for his expensive school tuition, Thirteen, with the help of his potions, changes his gender a couple times each week so that he can work without getting caught, as it's against school rules to have a job. And even after 9 years, Thirteen still doesn't know the name of his kind sponsor.
Appearance..Thirteen has tan skin, brown eyes, black-rimmed glasses (ONLY WHEN IN FEMALE FORM) and dark reddish-black hair due to too many girls dying his hair pink (before then it was more of an inky dark, dark blue). He's usually in his spellcaster outfit.
References..[Male ref, wings optional] [[(-Onis-)]] [Torence DImire/lil_nekochild] [Lucki] [Oh!1945/Anarahk] [Sakimi.Chan(2)] [Merridoll(2)] [Artist forgotten, I'm sorry!]

NOTE: Remember, Thirteen only wears glasses when he's in female form. Also, his spellcaster cloak is optional.

What I'd Like

Silv and Thirteen just hanging out together
Silv, Syn, and Thirteen relaxing by the cherry tree

Supporting Characters

Name..Nekra Liien
Family..She's the oldest and only girl of her small family and has two younger twin brothers.
Likes..Anything mechanical or technical that she can take apart with a wrench or screwdriver, her brothers, a few close friends
Dislikes..Pretty much everything and everyone else
Ethnicity..Some sort of Asian, possibly Korean
Info..Nekra's very reserved and a bit intimidating to anyone she doesn't consider a friend (which is a very large majority of the population) but otherwise is quite caring - although a bit violent. Nekra's a prodigy, already successfully managing a huge electronics company and works most of the time which is why she travels to various countries of the world. Her humurous side is usually only seen on the rare occassion that she has time to see her beloved brothers - often ending up with her beating them for getting in trouble so much.
Appearance..Nekra has a curvy body, very pale skin, sharp, alluring eyes and long legs. Basically, she could pass as a super-model any time. She's very fit. She has ankle-length black hair that's dyed a bold blue all along the front and held back with two hairpins, the rest is naturally an inky-blue to black shade and is more often than not tied up into a high ponytail. She's often wearing tinted visors and small, figure-accenting clothing. Her common outfit is a white blood-stained belly-top, a green skirt with two long, back-to-front ribbons, pink-and-white mid-calf boots, and three layers of gloves; a long orange one, her gold armplate, and fingerless black ones.
References..[Perfect body ref, knees-up]

Name..Apple Kozlov
Family..A kind father who's currently living in Germany
Likes..Nail art, drawing, silence, fuji apples
Dislikes..Noise, people, bananas
Ethnicity..Half German, half Chinese
Info..Apple attends Tenkuu Academy. She is very quiet, and barely ever talks let alone to anyone. She's very intelligent and has skipped a grade - she's a highschool freshman when she should still be in middle school - and it's quite possible that she may skip another due to her outstanding marks. She goes to the same school as Syn, although she does not know of him, nor his brother. It is rumoured around the school that Apple is dating the ever charming Thirteen Oni from Tenkuu Academy across the campus, however no one has yet dared to ask her about it.
Appearance..Apple has a young, cute face but she rarely smiles. Her eyes are a dull black, unlike the striking black of her hair, which is so long that it reaches even past he ankles and almost dragging on the floor. Almost. She has long bangs that cover her large forehead and always wears a white ribbon in her hair. No matter what colour or style it is, and no matter what the weather may be, Apple always wears a tank top, mid-thigh-length skirt, and boots or leg warmers or socks that cover up to her knee.

Name..Matt Kozlov
Family..Apple Kozlov, and a father currently residing in Germany
Likes..Syn, chemical explosions, red, language arts, reptiles
Dislikes..Pink, furry critters, lipgloss
Info..Max was adopted when he was 7-years-old from a small orphanage in London. Three years later, his little sister was born, and his mother died after childbirth. He then took it upon himself to take care of Apple. When he learned that she would be sent to Senzai when she was of age, Matt work especially hard to become a teacher there. His work paid off, a decade later he became a student teacher for the chemistry department, the same year Apple enrolled. Things were going well until he saw Synni Liien, and fell head over heels in love. Unfortunately, he's too shy to aproach him, and is too blind to notice that Syn seems to like him as well. Apples knows though, she always does.
Appearance..Max was originally a blue-eyed blonde, but then dyed his hair a bloody red. His hair is normal length, but has a clump of longer hair (about an inch past his shoulder) that he ties in a thick braid. Max always wears inverted contact lenses, making his pupil white, his eye colour pink, and the rest of his eye black. He only takes off his contacts when sleeping or taking a shower. He loves his mid-calf green converse-like shoes. He's usually wearing a black t-shirt over a blue-and-white striped long-sleeve shirt. The t-shirt has a red heart with an "X" through it over his left chest. He wears baggy white pants with a brown belt.

What I'd like

Nekra beating up her brothers
A couple shot of Max and Syn
Max and Apple sitting on the school steps, eating lunch
Thirteen and Apple, just sitting together

Seisei - 100k
Lavenderspice - 9k
Neku - 100k

Art Trade

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Thank you for paying attention to the "Don't post please" title =___=;;

Ah well, I'm open anyway >>;
if your looking for art please check us out
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heart Nice!:3
I would want to do an art trade...but your art is wayyy out of my league...TToTT

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