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Your broccoli is smoking.

What? 0.11177033492823 11.2% [ 584 ]
Wat. . _. 0.11598086124402 11.6% [ 606 ]
Wut. O _O 0.19923444976077 19.9% [ 1041 ]
Wot? O: 0.10832535885167 10.8% [ 566 ]
Wet. :D 0.23617224880383 23.6% [ 1234 ]
Wit...ty poll, Kei. ;D 0.22851674641148 22.9% [ 1194 ]
Total Votes:[ 5225 ]
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☠ BYE ☠

    shop: CLOSED pretty much closed idk im sorry

    uh. hi?? pretty much this place is dead, I don't go on gaia anymore.
    it's been good gaia, but this thread is literally almost 6 (6 what the ********) years old??
    IT'S TIME 2 GO...bai

    feel free to follow me in other places like tumblr n twitter
    or even ig

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☠ s l o t s

          SLOTS; full

          Chibi Order
          Username: pyrogoth
          Reference: here!
          Information: actiony? there are two of them but they don't have to interact or be coupley OUO
          Offer: 600k

          Kawaii Onyx
          Username: kawaii onyx
          Reference: the stupid pig [x] [x] heres another ref with a pig clip on the side of the head [x]
          Information: annoying and always has either a pig pet or pig plushie with her. i like this plushie. artistic freedom.
          Offer: 300k

          Chibi Order♥
          Username: Taao
          Reference: User Image
          Information: Perhaps can you draw her making a heart > u <
          Offer: 400k
          i also have more refs if u need >u </size]

          Frozen Orders
          orders where the customer went inactive but are still welcome to renew them!!
          Chromatic Bird
          Chibi Order
          Username:Chromatic Bird
          Reference:User Image
          Information: Full gallery, please make sure to keep his outfit accurate
          Offer: 60k

          Chibi Order♥
          Username: Darkaznstargoddess
          Reference: User Image
          Information: -Hair is actually black, but enjoys taking in purple pigments. smile
          - Artistic freedom on pose/expression! Go for it.. World domination..Scheme.Fake Angel.. Whatever your imagination desires! Surprise me! heart
          Offer: 1.2mil

          RLC slots;
          talk to me here

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☠ c h i b i

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

rip giant chibi wall

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