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store closed
was abandoned by my fellow artists w/ no warning
sorry for inconvenience
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                  • • • about Listen to The Stereo
                        Welcome and Hello!
                        You might have seen me around the Freebie Forums drawing random chibis here and there. Though I come on and off of Gaia at random times, I will check on your guys' orders time to time to see If I have any. uvu
                        Note : My art style had a small sketchy style to it. If you want your art to have more cleaner lines, please state in your orfer form. I will do my best to do so.

                  • • • How to Order :
                        ☓ Please quote this post when ordering. Make sure to erase all of the text before posting.
                        [ Those who do not quote this or PM their order will be ignored )
                        I might look over this rule if I like your offer.
                        ☓ I will choose to accept you or not. [ Please note that I cannot draw everything )
                        ☓ Send the trade and accept your part of the trade immediatly after acception of the order.
                        ☓ Once I have finished with your artwork I will accept my half of the trade and send it to you.

                  • • • Samples :
                        Style 1 - 5ooogg each [ + 2ooogg each additional person )
                        Style 2 - 2ooogg each [ + 1ooogg each additional person )
                        Please pick one color for this style

                  Order Form :
                  [align=center][IMG]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee111/Popsy_/Group shop images/listentothestereo.jpg[/IMG][size=11]
                  ʕ 。• ㉨ •。 ʔ
                  I WANT TO ORDER!!
                  Username :
                  Ref(s) :
                  Style :
                  Pose : [optional)
                  Other/Specifics :
                  Total Offer :

                  Slots :
                  o1. milky kissu
                  o2. Crystallized Jello
                  o3. laufeysons

                  Waiting list :
                  o1. Countless Chaos
                  o2. Bridge in Nairobi

                  all graphics & coding (C) inaniloquent
                  art featured in this post (C)listen to the stereo

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                  • • • about ebeiru

                        hello! my name is mei. u//v//u i've finally decided to do a joint art shop with these two lovely ladies! u v u i'm not a big fan into telling you what to price my art, so i hope you guys can offer! think of it as a little bribe, haha..

                  • • • i wont do

                        clutter ; nude ; full anthro/furry ; couples/groups

                  • • • how to order

                        How to order :

                        o1. please quote me, if you're going to order. it's faster and easier for me. u vu)/
                        o2. all i really need is a reference picture if it's an avatar, and a link to your OC's personality/traits page.
                        o3. i will be the one to send in the trade!!
                        o4. important : please be patient!

                  • • • order form
                  [IMG]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee111/Popsy_/Group shop images/ebeiru.jpg[/IMG]
                  ✿ username: [your gaia username]
                  ✿ style: CHIBI [don't edit this!]
                  ✿ reference [u]links[/u]: [i will not accept "my current." i need an actual reference!]
                  ✿ additional information: [absolute must haves ; change in color - etc]
                  ✿ your offer:

                  • • • sample : new -> old

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                    • • • slots

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