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Have a wonderful thanks giving also.
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Ahhh I got tired of talking to people and didn't reply for a long time orz My bad. Sometimes most of the time social interactions wear me out, even online ones. xD But semester is almost done, godbless. And then we move to next semester, in which I am infinitely more screwed whooooo lessdooiiiit. Also there's crazy administrative shenanigans going on in my school and I'm leading this student protest against it and huffpuff what do I get myself into.

And I did get to see James Bond over Thanksgiving Break. It was a charming film. Really gorgeous cinematography and choreography, oh man. They pick the best locations for fight scenes. @_@ Clever choice of villain too, not the normal sort.

Still haven't done my req, no. I was going to do that right now but then I got tired again and decided to reply to your post. I'm so ******** lazy. How do I keep breathing.

And yes, intelligent sadists/deviants are much more interesting to me than purely deranged ones. I get requests on this site on occasion to write about this character who's So CrAzY OMG luk at my SUPER TABOO psychopathcannibalkiller he LoVeS bLoOd and no, shut the ******** up. >_> (1, cannibals are one of the few things in life that actually disturb me, and 2, NO STFU.) Deranged characters aren't fun to write about for the same reason I don't find deranged people fun to read about --- they have no real depth. Craziness is the bottom of the hole. xD But intelligent people who go haywire, holy moly. That's why I bought this book of whom my favourite was Panzram. It was fascinating reading the stuff he sent to the prison guard; he would do these chapter-long ruminations on what's wrong with the penal system and how it further degrades and corrupts men and forces them into a life of crime even when released.

Smart guy.
Terrible, horrible man.

Beaton. <3
She's Canadian, so I feel a blood tie and sometimes I know enough about Canadian politics/history to get her jokes. (Not always orz) She was just at a big convention in England where Yoko is, but Yoko couldn't find her. ;___;

I don't know that I've ever actually read one of Moriarty's original stories. I think not. I've only seen him in various movie adaptations, so I can't judge his character whatsoever. xP He seems....villainous.......???

Ah, speaking of people and character and immorality tho. xD We're doing a simulated negotiation talk thing in my political science class this last week of school and I have the role of a complete jackass who is polar to my own worldview/opinions. I haven't decided whether to man up and argue his side full gusto or if I want to quietly subvert my own arguments by not giving it my whole dedication. Choices, choices.

But Osaka-Scone sounds even cuter. @___@
(Also I'm tutoring this dude in Japanese and I want to straightfacedly convince him to call me senpai hahhaahha oh god. He doesn't watch any anime/read manga, so he won't understand why I'm asking. So tempted.)

No way, dude, that's completely fair. You don't want to be racially profiled. You shouldn't have to be. That makes great sense and it's fortunate that you can avoid it by not taking a class. I think Asian-Americans are in a funny place in the US consciousness... Because younger people are like ANIMUZZZ/Japan is our cool friend!/China is really smart and rich!/whatever and they do glorify some people of Asian descent (though not Cambodians and so forth, generally). I saw on a joint shop somewhere on Gaia the tag for an artist was Asian: +500 cool points!, and I was like .... f** u guis r dum. ._. /moving on
But yeah, so there's that weird pressure from young people, but then there's still the older generation who remembers Vietnam and Korea and sees China as threatening, etc. Over one summer, I worked at a store down the road from a Korean-dominated plaza. (H-MART MMMM <3) Previously, the area had been deadish but in the last several years had been revived by an influx of Korean restaurants, stores, etc. So I thought that was cool, again h-maaart, but the older workers at my store were furious about 'those Asians bringing in their dirty children, always loud and rude, blahblah' are you shitting me
are you
shitting me
Because never once did I see any loud Asian of any descent in our store. >_> Clearly it arose from their fear that so many Koreans were now living and working down the road from where they had grown up their whole lives. LONG STORY SHORT people r dumb and racism can crop up in positive as well as negative pressure. Don't feel bad about stopping Japanese. <3

But back to my cute prof, yes.
Did I tell you about the surprise party we threw him?
Also this week with him has been hilarious. xD On Tuesday, we turned in a huge research paper and he was like 'so you guys worked hard no class, okay? =D' and we canceled class hahah wtf phil. And then on Thurs, he was sick and it was like when you watch the news, and someone asks a question, then there's a five second pause before the reporter 'on the scene' answers. Every time we asked something, he s t a r e d s q u i n t e d and then slowly began to answer hahaha he was so sleepy-brained. Poor Phil.

Aaaaaaaaaand I don't remember what else we were talking about!

Random gif for your enjoyment.
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Have a wonderful thanks giving also.

thank you!! :^) sorry i haven't done yours yet, i'll be getting to it

nah it's cool, i feel you. i kind of stayed away from gaia anyhow so it all worked out haha
though dude your life's a storm right now hahaha christ gl with the admin thing, never heard a good thing about school admins in my life sdkgj so i am not surprised but ah yes!! end of the sem is scary for me cause that means switching some classes and ahh i dunno, scary scary

hoohoo i might see it then!! i'm generally not into movies unless they're comedy movies, jackie chan movies, or cartoons haha..ha...

i ask myself the same question sometimes my god
the other day my brother was super quiet while i was talking to him so i was like dude..are you..ok....and he's like "do you ever feel too lazy to talk" and i was like POOOING u hit the nail on the head i have
soooo lazy g ooooooooood

but do it!! DO IT!!!

ahaha yeah i think a lot of it is just a general lack of understanding what craziness is and isn't?? or just general human psychology in general i just most "deranged" or "disturbed" ocs make me kinda wince in how cliche they are and they're not even cleverly cliched they're just terrible gah
though wow dang what a guy. threatening to kill the people who were trying to make sure he wasn't killed DANG he just had huge huge balls omg
personally i don't like reading about serial killers or mass murderers/rapists or sadists/"deviants" that do nothing but hurt others regardless of intelligence only because i find it disturbing/upsetting in a way that does nothing for me and i'd rather read about people who weren't raping little boys and then beating them to death with a rock hahgda i dunno i just don't find it something interesting personally but it's always kind of shocking to read this stuff, d a n g
though that is interesting :^O i mean of all people to become friendly with, the prison guard, the guy working for the system he's criticizing haha

oh GOSH beaton!! i'm sorry for yoko though i imagine she's fascinating as a person, her comics might be funny and witty but sometimes they're awfully deep and i dunno i'd love to at least see her once dannggggg
i'm kinda jealous ahaha canadians seem so chill

pbbt neither have i?? eyah
but ah dude that's tough, between a rock and a hard place :^| personally i'd probably half a** it haha i can't, even in jest, really say something that's that contrary to my beliefs it just doesn't sit right with me ghhh

LIT NOoooo
though oh my god do it DO IT!! i wish i could get an underclassman girl to call me "onii-chan" or something m YGOD I DON'T THINK ANYONE UNDERSTANDS..HOW BADLY...I'D WANT THAT...............it's really creepy in a way but gosh i dunno it's just a super cute thing i think, for a girl to call her older brother that g ah!!!

gosh i'm glad it made sense despite the kind of all over the place ramble;;
but YES!! THANK YOU THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT it's just a really weird place to be. and yeah god i don't really get the whole AzN pRiDe thing?? maybe i'm just not particularly prideful but it's a weird thing i dunno and i guess it ties back to the glorification thing go d

though jc that's..are you serious??? that's really terrible i mean..it's really rad they brought the place back though?? christ it's like this article i read recently in the papers it was about this mosque that was being planned and some people in the neighborhood complaining and saying that this was wrong etc and they'll move away if that happens and i was just like are you FOR REAL OH MY GOD
oh my god
thank you for understanding though, god..i dunno i feel like maybe i'm being kind of a baby about it but i really just don't think i'm ready. on the other side of the coin i'm trying to self-teach myself and that's going about as well as expected so i guess i'll have to grow up sooner or later if i want to learn dsklgj

NO!! you didn't omg tell me tell me tell me
though gosh!! GOSH!! what a cutie omg poor guy though, it must suck teaching while being sick /m

and monkeys
little monkeys noooooooo
have you seen the rhesus monkey experiment video?? gosh it is PAINFUL and now you need to watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsA5Sec6dAI
there's more and there's a scene where he scares the s**t out of one of them goodoodgjla
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is this okay?? :^O
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blistering barnacles

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is this okay?? :^O

yes indeedy it is that you very much~
how much was that?
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wah i'm glad!!! it's 200k :^)
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And my laziness strikes again, ah lawdy. Most of my craziness should end tomorrow. That's when the admin thing wraps up (ideally) unless the president grabs me by the hair and throws me in the stocks for being a rabble-rouser. But yeah, I find all changes -- end of semester; start of semester; etc. -- alarming. I prefer things to coast along as they are, except when everything sucks, of course. But after tomorrow, I'm hoping to get writing and things done ahhhh.

Speaking of. Since you make temp shops all the time anyway, I wondered if you'd want to make a joint art/writing shop with me. .__.' I was going to do it with my other artist pal but she's hella busy right now. I'd be doing semi-grab bags and mostly lulz things, not fancy pieces of work. But people in the writing shops forum are dumb, so I make joint shops to get myself out into the art shops forum. xDD Also made that req. Don't get excited. It's really boring. :[

Yeah, I think you've hit the nail on the head. People think crazy means kooky and/or violent and...........no. Go home and read some psychology books and get back to me. xD But yes, I very much dislike reading about the crimes these people commit. That's why I liked the Lustmord book: it had only tiny summaries of the crimes themselves and focused wholly on the psychology and personalities behind them, which interests me far more. I thought about setting up a sort of 1x1 mystery plot roleplay thing inspired by Panzram, though... Where my character was a murderer committed to jail and the other person was either a court psychologist or detective trying to connect him to other cases or whathaveyou. It would be fine, if I could come up with murder mysteries WHATSOEVER. I can't. sigh

(spoiler: turns out my character wasn't guilty of the initial murder huu huu intrigue everywhere xDD)

Canadians are the most chill.
[******** ya. Also that video mentions poutine, in case you don't know what that heavenly goodness is. ;____;

Hahha, I'm pretty okay with that. Whoops into white text we go~~ Yoko and I do a lot of impromptu method acting with our characters, out loud, so I've said loads and loads and loads of things as different characters that I would beat a person for saying normally. -shrug- That doesn't bother me too much because I know we're playing roles. So I think I'll just see how everyone else does their roles... If they're super serious about it, I'll go full measure. If not, we'll be chill. xD

Eheheheh. No, it is pretty cute. I'm very glad we don't have -kun and -san and whatnot in English, because I get impatient with hierarchies and manners too quickly, but at the same time, it'd be nice to know how you stand with someone... Same with tu/vous in French and the equivalent in German. There'd be that really special moment where someone said your name (or tu) without -kun and you'd be like ;___; we're close friends now omg ilu
English just can't do that.

Moral of the story: people are assholes. =D! I don't know how people can self-teach languages. I've tried like six times baha. Maybe I'm not devoted enough. To learn a language, though, I think one of the most important things is being around a native speaker....so how can you learn that on your own....desu ne..... Semi-related, I walked by a dude talking on his cell phone. At first I couldn't tell what language it was but then I heard enough to know it was Japanese but HOLY HELL I FORGOT HOW FAST THEY SPEAK NORMALLY WHY WHY DO YOU NEED TO DO THAT SLOW DOWN SUCKA WHERE DO YOUR WORDS NEED TO GO THAT QUICKLY NOWHERE holy crap. -falls over- just slow down
onegaishimasu orz

Aha, okay, so Phil told us he was being evaluated for tenure, which is a huge deal. You get paid more and you have a guaranteed job forever at the university, etc. Can't be fired. He said he'd drive his car across campus and do wheelies once he got tenure and couldn't be fired (apparently he checked our guidebook and there's only a $25 fee for driving across campus xDDD). So we were joking that we'd throw him a party whether he got tenure or not and have the cake say 'You tried' or 'Better luck next time' if he didn't get it lol. We're mean people.
But then he got it! Our class is 3-4:30 but Phil tweeted the news in the morning - he ******** loves Twitter - and one of my classmates follows him. So I heard the news around 11 and I was like dude. I'll go buy the cake. You go make a card. We will do this thing. And thus we coordinated cake, card, and stole cutlery and napkins from the caf and surprised him with a tenure party before he even told us that he got tenure. That's what's up.

********' ninja parties.

Yeeeep, I've seen that. Not in a long time, but I remember it well enough to not watch it again. xD
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don't sweat it i'm..much much lazier omfg....
but i hope you can get those done too!! :^O it's good to take time to create! and haha dude when the dust settles i'll hope for you and your troops' safety! those darned admins

aa i read through it a while ago hehe bc of your sig
but sure!! i'm not good at coding and i dunno if you'll really want me since i'm kind of all over the place w/ my activity level but i'd be in for it!

lmao exactly. that or they think it's cool or something??? like christ guys just go home
though huh!! i can't imagine it being difficult though? i can't think of a GOOD one but..ye omg shuts up

though cringes oh..gosh i think i'll..pass..........weeps i think i'm developing lactose intolerance and cheese makes me cry

ooh that seems like a good plan :^O dude i dunno why i even offer advice when you're pretty good at getting yourself out of fixes aagh

that's true haha i kind of wish we had something like that?? i honestly wouldn't mind it but it'd be kind of un-American i think haha
i've never thought of hierarchies and oodles of manners as very American!! hh
but yeah you really miss out on that kind of moment haha and you can't make the same inferences you can by the use or lack thereof of honorifics?? dang

HAHA i guess!!!! i like to believe people are all inherently ~good~ or have the potential to be good but i dunno i'm kinda deluded so
omg i don't think you're not devoted enough, i think it really helps to be around a native speaker!!! i guess i should work on korean first in that case weheheh
though omfg yeah christ they talk really fast??? and it's like HOLY MOLY LET ME UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING
though sometimes it's easier to tell and sometimes it's not huh huh hUH!!!

dude that is the sweetest damn thing weeps tears PHIL IS ONE LUCKY GUY. christ though he deserves it WHAT A FREAKING CHARMER DKSGJGGKS

and haha yeah i don't..blame you..though honestly it was pretty interesting to me? on the other hand my brother, who's a pretty staunch anti-animal testing guy, would be all CRUEEEEEEEEEEELTY and drop the bomb
which is true that it is cruel but oh man i dunno, it's still pretty interesting regardless i guess!!
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blistering barnacles

Yeah, the protestish thing went pretty damn well. The president (of our university) was not very pleased, which is a good thing for us. xD Basically we gathered names for a petition list and then also had a meeting scheduled with her privately. She expected 1-3 people but, surprise, we brought the whole gang. I expected 15 or 20 people at best.
We had 50.
So 50 people showed up and tried to walk in to her office hahaha it was kind of ******** amazing. I had so much more faith in my classmates after this. @___@

Hmmm I think you read my old req though? the superhero one? I dunno if you read the new one but eh it's just like.... giv meeee ur gud draws in general and nothing fun. Oh hooray! Yeah, it's actually not critical that you be active. xD I really just need a cover artist (PUN gdi) to slip me into the Art Shops forum instead of the Writing Shops forum because no one cool goes there orz Except one girl and I already write stuff for her all the time haha.

MYSTERIES ARE REALLY HARD THOUGH. Because you have to have red herrings to mislead the audience but also a complex motive for the real criminal with enough clues that you could figure it out or you could miss it entirely adjngdrg too complex for meee. It helps that I never try to solve mystery/detective movies or shows while I'm watching them. I just sit there passively and clap at the end. xD yeeey u did it

All your suspicions that Canadians are fabulous, charming people. Duh. :3 Aha, I'm already lactose intolerant but I take the pain for cheese curds/poutine. They are ******** divine.

The negotiations went well! I went hardline with my position because Phil was a hilarious George Bush during the negotiations and if he was going all out and doing the accent and slow speech, then I had to go all out with my position too. I was secretary of state and my deputy-secretary was there and we tag-teamed the s**t out of people. (We also sat across the room from one another, so it was this great pincer effect. Ambush on every side.)

It'd be like --- Random Person: But blahblah pakistan blah?
Me: Yeah, but can Pakistan even do blahblah?
Deputy: (without missing a beat) Nope. They can't even handle their own blahdeblah.

Yes, I said boom out loud. xD We made a great team.

Languages are so cool eeee and think if you never learned another language and didn't even know about honorifics and s**t man you'd never even THINK of using language like that and now you have all these possibilities in your head and you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of different systems and how languages reflect the culture and values of their society adjgndf;hntd;khmzJO:UHANBakjfnga;dfg < this is my brain on linguistics. not even once. orz

But I'm damned glad America (and Canada for that reason) don't have hierarchical societies. I do poorly with excess manners. Also why I could never serve well in the military. I get exhausted with long, formal procedures and even smaller things like calling people Miss Lastname instead of Mary or Mister Lastname instead of Jack. It wastes time. :[ And unless they're an actual stranger (and even then...) I find it pretty frivolous. Hence I call all my profs' by their first names whee xD

You should work on Korean! I tried that too. ._. No. That one, I really REALLY need a native speaker around to figure out all the diphthongs because what the hell just happened to any of these words. Dear God. But the Korean alphabet is delightful. I really love that writing system.

I'm taking a class with him next semester tooo~~~ flies away in joy :3

Psychology in general can get very ******** up. xD Experiments up to, oh....the 1980s (and even some of those) were messsssssed on a level I can't begin to understand. Milgram and Zimbardo are the famous ones, but Phil told us about this other one that was traumatizing to listen to, never mind be in. Basically a prof wanted to investigate the effects of mental torture on POWs --- you know a story with that beginning can never go well. So he took his intro to psych class - HIS FRESHMEN STUDENTS OTL - and had them record their deepest dreams, fears, and hopes in a journal. He then took that journal and gave it to an ex-military dude, sent the student in a small room with this big scary dude, who proceeded to humiliate the s**t out of them and their dreams and everything they had written down. Just tear them to pieces.

So that's terrible.
Then the prof filmed that humiliation and forced the student to watch it every week and recorded their visible and physiological responses.

what is wrong with people
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AW YEAH!!! that's what i call a PROTEST!! congrats lit you did it you DID IT omg

nope i did read this one haha! i didn't post though since..im 2 anime 4 dis...but HUAH OKAY!! :^O just tell me what to do hahaha
(also i caught that pun you sly baka)

aw yeah that's true :^S with mysteries i tend to go off in the wrong direction a lot..i'm kinda..a bad detective..we were watching men in black iii and the general guy was apparently j's dad and my brother and mom were like THAT'S HIS DAD ISN'T It and i was like dude just cause he's black doesn't mean
oh he is..
so yeah i agree writing mysteries is probably rly rly difficult ugh

hehehe exactly. that and y'know, negative double digits weather and maple leaves and syrup and also moose. and super freaking cold weather.
dang the way you go on makes me curious is anything worth the pain of indigestion RAISES EYEBROWS I'M SO CURIOUS...

i wish someone would've videotaped this omfg it sounds really, really good
it sounds like it just clicked GOSH I WANT 2 SEE IT!!!

hehe i think i will! i put it off for a whlie but i want to learn and..ye..shameless i just want to not need my cousins to translate for me
though korean and japanese are so freaking different it's jarring 8^O when i first attempted korean i was taking japanese at school and just..so different..but yeah the korean alphabet is cool as heck hehe! i love the roundness of the language in general, it's somehow suiting!!

u lucky duck u!!!!!

oh my god that is just a shitty experiment omg..christ how can you do that w/o being a sadist seriously

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