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I wish I logged in more. I owe a bunch of art I cant even do because I dont have photoshop anymore. I need to get it back quickly...

aw man :^( that sucks! uh if you pm me i can send you a link for cs3 /o unfortunately i only have that..gomen..
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Bahaha, this is like the Gift of the Magi. Sort of. NOT REALLY but I'm tired; excuse my inaccurate literary references. But I look at your posts and think goddamn, my paragraphs must seem so long and tl;dr. Maybe I should try to post shorter ones. ******** I ramble so much. Why can't I do short lines too. :[ Shitsticks.

We are in the same self-conscious boat, along with 98% of the world. Don't feel bad. Of those leftover 2%, half of them are ridiculous assholes and the other half are saints, so whatcha gonna do.

Anyway there is a benefit to being concise sometimes but I don't think you're much abusing the English language. Lack of punctuation and capitalization aside, you're still forming cohesive thoughts and using correct spelling so... it cud b wurs u no if u tlked like dis 247 idk if we b frens nemore!! wink


Lol Scone you are so amusing ehehehe I'm so glad you're back on Gaia. As you like, good sir. I will keep my posts bare and revealed for all the world to see. -wiggly eyebrows-

As far as college, ehhh, I mean... I'm going into a major/job that is reading and writing. And translating. That is my job haha. So it makes sense to train hardcore for it now. I think if you go for animation or what have you, you'll still have to read and write some, but not like this. Also you already know not to use Ask.com so I guess you are a step ahead some folks here. -long stare of despair-

Ha, yeah -- we have a black president now! No more racism every yaaaaay! The most bullshit r us. xD I'm taking a 101 Sociology course to fulfill a lame requirement and it's....tough.... It's almost all freshmen, because it's 101, and they're just now learning (apparently) about all the inequalities and prejudices and problems in the United States. And they're not getting it. "But that's just how girls are?" "But if they worked harder, poor people wouldn't be poor." That's right, son, and if I beat your head against the wall a few more times, it wouldn't destroy any more brain cells. :[ I'm a bad person in that class. I sit between two girls, sort of in one corner of the class, and I think I amuse the crap out of both of them because I scribble angry things in Greek and Japanese in my notes (usually it's just SHUT UP STOP TALKING YOU'RE STUPID GOD STOP NO CLOSE YOUR MOUTH) and when I get really irritated, I start swearing under my breath. There's this hippie-hipster girl who sits across the room... Jesus, I brace myself every time she opens her mouth. One day, she said something ridiculously vapid and I looked up and legit was just like "Bullshit." and the girl beside me cracked up. xD

/socio ranting forever
/that class
/i ******** swear
/but the prof is amazing; we're bffs. we email funny videos and s**t back and forth hahah it's good times

But as far as the 'against black rights' versus 'against gay rights', have you seen the video of this preacher/minister reciting arguments against gay marriage? And at the end of this two-minute hate-spiel, he reveals that he's been reading statements against interracial marriage the whole time, with 'gay' replacing 'black'. The audience's faces. Omfg. 2 good 4 life.

Scone, go read history books. :[ HISTORY IS IMPORTANT THIS IS WHY COUNTRIES CONTINUOUSLY SCREW EACH OTHER OVER EVEN THOUGH THE FUTURE IS REALLY EASY TO READ WHEN YOU KNOW THE PAST /huffthrowpapersinair. Yes, the Alamo was in Texas. Granted the Alamo isn't so important, but you should certainly know the Civil War. Very high casualties indeed. If the Civil War happened again today, with the same percent of casualties adjusted for the modern population, about six million two hundred thousand people would be killed. Picture that, bro. =/ Civil War is crazy s**t, crazy crazy s**t.

Rosetta Stone is too expensive.
And the pirated copies are too confusing. xDDD
Writing them requires producing them from memory, whereas reading them is just recognition. Think about multiple choice vs. fill in the answer tests --- What year did the Civil War start? You'd probably much rather have multiple given choices (recognition) versus fill in the blank. Likewise me with kana.

Eh, I know zero about Ace Attorney and I watched it. You don't need any precursor or whatever, so there's not much 'getting into it'. (Fortunately. I don't have the energy for more timesucking fandoms.)
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i thought you might be busy with rl but dang, it's hard not being able to talk to someone online when you don't know them offline and it's just constant wondering of where are they etc djsg christ

but i think gift of the magi applies! haha but you're totally right. i guess it's just a perception thing? my friend recently noticed that whenever someone looks at me while i'm drawing i turn red and cover my mouth for some reason and look away?? and he's like why do you do that, nobody's judging you here. and it's like wow you're right, it's really only me being overly self-conscious..

on the other hand that self-consciousness is the only thing keeping me from being a total obnoxious slob lmao so i guess it's a double-edged sword!! whatcha gonna do indeed o/

i laughed really hard jc lit i never see you type like that omg..welp if it's not as bad as i think i guess there's less room for worrying on my end?!?! still uses spoiler cuts anyway HAHAHA
(but are you sure i don't type like that already, sometimes i get REALLY TERRIBLE..)

but oh gosh lit! you're just a sadist. admit it you're a saaadissssttt and you like to see my pain
dskgj but i like to be back! i missed the forum-based interaction, definitely different from tumblr! and hehe good, good GOOD
rubs hands together

i am an idiot and actually did not realize that major influences emphasis in certain core subjects till now WOOOOW good going me
that actually makes total sense my god slap me with a fish, lit, i need it tonight gkjhsssss
though that actually makes me want to cry, i can't believe knowing not to use ask.com puts me ahead of a college student that is an adult that does adult things like driving, and voting, and paying the bills. my god

exactly omfg..and the people saying obama's in office again b/c black people (and other minorities) voted for him specifically because of his race makes me want to hit my head against the wall. were romney voters all white then?? what are you saying omg baka tweeters. bakas all of you!!!

why can i hear that in such a perfect "Lit voice" my freaking word i am going to die omf g

clears throat..but yeah wow i mean..i hear it gets better in college or w/e but the kids take some time (some more than others) to mature still and just wow jc
though lit i want to have you in my class omfg we could scribble angry things together. i tend to doodle my emotions more than write them in words but y'know, it works haha..
on the other hand props to you lit! calling people out on bs takes guts man. i wish i could do the same but the results wouldn't be quite so entertaining i think fft

that's so nice gosh!!!!!! i wish i had a teacher i was that close to! i emailed a funny set of comics to a teacher once (and only because he was rad as hell) and that's the closest i've gotten to that sort of relationship. hgghh at least there's a highlight to that class hahaha

omfg no link it LINK IT TO MEEEEEEE

wait what there's pirated versions?? how do you pirate rosetta stone omfg
but aah!!!!! christ i need to use my brain more, i getcha now
personally both came really quickly though, maybe it's just the way my teacher taught it or something? and i never really noticed a lagging of one vs the other but maybe that's a personal thing
though kanji good LORD /FREAKING KANJI/ with kanji i'm definitely stronger in recognition..i only pick up a few here and there from character names and stuff but if i tried to recall them from memory it would not be happening ever

WHAT REALLY!! good good GOOD i'm going to go find a stream for that and watch it w/ my breakfast (or dinner hm) tomorrow! i try to watch something during meals since i don't eat with my family (my mom's at work usually and my brothers eat at different times) and we don't have cable so i tend to be kind of at a loss for what to watch haha
if you happen to have a link pls send it my way /lazyyy
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blistering barnacles

hmmmm. -seeping guilt-

But, Gaia didn't send me a notice for your last post and I ended up seeing your thread pop up on the Art Shops, so I was all that scone, why hasn't he replied yet. And you had. And then I felt like a d**k haha. It's Gaia's fault, not mine, I swear.

This is weird as s**t, but I really really like watching people draw. Livestream/joinme isn't quite as good as real life, though it depends how they're drawing. If they're using fancy layers and different brush styles and crap, I'm like apdfjngjdfsng technology stop. But if it does feel like they're sketching on paper - but through a computer - then... damn. I get really soothed by watching people sketch. In elementary school, there was this Vietnamese kid I chilled with; he'd draw these fantastical monster-shape-creatures and I'd take them and name them and write stories about them. I ended up pestering him into drawing because I wanted to sit there and watch him for the whole class period. Even now, when I notice people doodling in their notes during class, I get really distracted and want to watch. ;___; i dunno whats wrong with me

But yeah, self-consciousness is only a bad thing in excess, like most things. Being too self-conscious really translates to being self-centered because you're convinced that you're important enough that everyone is looking at you and judging you all the time. Yoko and my mom can both be hyper-conscious... My sister and I have a ball with it when my mom gets started. xD "Those people over there keep looking at me..." "Mom, that's because your purse is infested with tarantulas." "Yep, they're trying not to scream in horror." "They would come over and warn you, but they're too scared." "Probably trying to figure out how to burn the spiders alive without killing you." And then Mom just glares at us ehehehehe.

Everyone has their own way of speaking out loud. No reason people shouldn't have individualized styles of speaking online... Also noticed you're using way less emoticons than before. Iiiiinteresting. /creeps

Bahah oh Scone. This is why I'm glad you're back. Yeah, most universities require you to take a bunch of general classes (some math, some english, etc.) and then you get to run into the arms of your savior senpai major. And hopefully live happily ever after with it. Dude, I was talking with someone and they told me that Native Americans, at one point in the US, had to take a test at 18 to prove they were competent adult citizens in order to vote and whatever, prejudiced s**t, so forth. And I was like holy god. Can you imagine if any of us took that test. We would fail the hell out of it. Taxes? Mortgage? Real life??? What no. nonono.

It's true that he did carry the minority votes like a champ, and so he should. He recognized them and encouraged them to take a stance in their national election. Makes good sense that they'd favour him, but that's a policy/charisma thing, not a race thing. I think this video is pertinent here.

Hahha I'm glad. xD That class. I swear to ********. If the prof weren't so badass, I might have assaulted people in there before. So that girl who sits next to me always hails me in the hallway really loudly, all HI LIT and I'm like hahah hi (i still don't know your name girl-who-is-amused-by-me) what's up. At least I'm a funny douchebag. I can't get too angry because at least they ARE taking this socio class and hopefully learning from it, unlike some a*****e seniors who still have their heads up their butts. So that's something! And yes, we could scribble the angriest things. Man. I hate the prof in my Greek class too, and since it's a language class, we use this soft-cover textbook which I write in rather than taking notes. I know I had a bad class period when I flip the page in my textbook and the whole thing is covered in furious black ink hahaha.

Honestly I make better friends with profs than students. Because I'm a creep, as established. She's awesome. My mentor/psci prof is like my uncle. My other psci prof is lulzy (and really attractive and only thirty-seven imjussayin). One of my Eng profs is a semi-therapist xD. Etc. etc. But that's why I chose a small school, so that the professors would give a s**t about me and want to talk to me. People who get nervous around profs and/or don't want to be noticed should not go to small schools.

Fuuuuck I dunno if I can find it. =/ I'll try. edit: just kidding the internet loves me boom. please note the kid behind him with the phone, smirking away, and then everyone else xD so many eye rolls and awkward faces eheheheheh. if you can't stand listening, start around 1:30 to hear the good part.

You can pirate programs. It's a little too technomagical for me, though. =S I'm sure my sister knows how to rig it up. Yessss see, it's the same way with kanji. Recognition is so much easier, thank god.

Uhhhhhhhhhh nooo I downloaded it orz. I dunno if it's streaming anywhere.
Did you ignore my civil war post.
You have to indulge me on military things.
I love them too much.
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pfffff well lit it's different okayyyy
well it..isn't but....oh gosh darn it you win!!!!!!! i'm hontou gomen

though good golly gaia does that a lot
okay i forgive u!! but only this once m/

i feel you! it's the same with me haha i just don't like being watched personally, makes me feel embarrassed/pressured even if that's not how i necessarily should be feeling??
i don't think it's very weird though! i mean that's why livestreams are so popular and i know people irl who like to watch others draw haha when i used to hang out in the library and sketch it the librarian would watch me and i noticed some times and she would just say it was fun to watch? and my friends do the same so i dunno i mean it's not not understandable!! it just is fun to watch others draw!! though dude that is the most darling thing ever holy s**t

omfg lit you and your sister are terrible dklgj
though that's an interesting way to look at it! the only people i know who are excessively self-conscious tend to have a very low sense of self-worth/self-esteem :^O and i guess they're just paranoid that they're "weird" and stand out because of it
it's a perspective thing i guess

haha i guess! i picked it up by being lazy and even more lazy though psh...not sure how much that counts! and yeah i noticed that too, it tends to vary though? depending on what i'm typing
i mean last post i bet i used maybe one or two emotes but this time 'round i'm using two already and i'm only a quarter of the way through lmao who knows!! who knows
i feel a little less comfortable with excessively using emotes since the ones i use are kinda strange and if i can use words i'll try fjdks sometimes it's impossible though

LIT YOU REALLY ARE A SADIST, I AM WEEP. jc though i really need to get out there in the world and learn more because i am so so so out of it sometimes it is terrible, and i honestly don't even notice it ughhsjk my friend recently was like "if you weren't leo, i'd punch you" and i was like..wait what does that..mean.......why would you
and i realized it's because i'm a flat out idiot dear god
the fact that you can put up with me, much less WANT my company is beyond me lit i really cannot comprehend i just what even man

but that much i knew!! i just didn't know like english majors would read more in their classes than other majors or
wait dang it i'm getting jumbled up here, you don't get a major till you take those general courses?? do you pick a major when you apply i thought you did..
though lmao dude i think you'd pass decently at least, you're pretty knowledgeable, mature, and well-adjusted and that translates well in the real world!! book smarts only go so far ghgdj
at the same time i'm kind of enjoying the idea of that test, because a lot of seniors (in hs going on to college) would fail pfft

oh i wouldn't deny that! (though sweet infographic let me just..casually save you..) he definitely did do that and i wasn't at all surprised he won the minority vote lmao i mean seriously..not even something i think was debatable there..just the idea that he won the minority vote simply because he himself was a minority bothered me!! though that video omfg "when we roleplay, i am always mitt romney" CHRIST I LOST IT THERE

i'm glad you at least don't resort to physical violence cause things get ugly fast when fists are involved..though dkgj this girl. seriously PLS BE IN MY CLASS YOU MUST BE REALLY ENTERTAINING IF ANYTHING!! and i need that in my life good god
my classes are all pretty swell though i guess i can't complain?? even still a class w/o lit is a class w/o furious scribbling and that is a class i am missing deeply from my life.
and yes!! actually i was going to say that it's good they even bothered to take the class in the first place and if the prof is really that rad they'll come out of it definitely for the better :'^) but omg dkgj hope your prof never notices the scribbling..

that's pretty interesting!! i used to be the same till this year actually..laughs dryly i think i've become more immature and that is probably why
though for a 16 yr old 37 is a little out of the ballpark!!! cmon lit gkjd though they sound all really cool?? gosh i hope my profs are just as cool when i go to college, i get kinda scared by the thought lol..in all the movies professors are so daunting it's kind of terrifying hahaha

thank you for telling me where to skip to, it always kind of makes me a mix of sad, angry, and hurt to hear this? even in jest or without ill will behind it, it's just..sad that people would actually agree, and it's just..sighs
sighs lots
though lmao this video is really great, but the comments are just as great?? wow this vid is full of great.
"America was founded on the idea that no religion shall be promoted by government and that no one shall be discriminated against based on religion. This means that the Bible, Koran, Talmud, or any other religious text has no value when it comes to governmental issues. As soon as anyone brings up religion to argue for or against a governmental law their argument is immediately invalid." HOT DAMN THANK YOU
"if being gay is a choice. then chose right now to be attracted to the same sex. go look at gay porn and enjoy it. if you think its a choice then go chose. tell me how it goes"
though springfield wow i live in..illinois........great to hear them debate about it hah..a..
glad i don't live there!! because the other speeches i don't even want to go near
makes me really mad this even needs to be debated, and it makes me just as mad that people drag religion into this
wow back off man religion's got no place in supporting a law or going against it just go back. go away.

on another note i ended up here while trying to search for something to get away from the vid when my mom walked in (she's p anti-gay rights..gghh) i am going to cry jc it's 12 am and everything is funny

omg gonna pass cries your sis gets mad props from me, that stuff flies over my head
technology, what is u
HOLDS YOUR HANDS APPRECIATIVELY i now understand, god bless

lit you suck ghhhhhhh now i need to search. i need to use EFFORT DANG IT LIT
also uh no

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blistering barnacles
s**t, it's already one am. I should go to bed. Tomorrow I want to finish my research paper, watch the new Bond film, pick up groceries, and go to work. :[ Probably sleeping would be good. Also aodfijmgfdndfnd Yoko and I need to finish up this scene we had to stop because she needed to sleep. Huffpuff. Srs roleplay times going on.

Haha, your librarian. Adorable. When I volunteered at the library, the most exciting thing that happened to me was getting asked by a girl if we had more books on serial killers. And I was like probably not, but you should go buy this book called blahblah, it's about the memoirs, letters, and illustrations of killers dude it's so good. And she was like FJDJGDFSG THANK YOU. Bonding through morbid books. /no judging
Yeah, for drawing... It's like... I'm always amazed; it feels like watching a god create a planet in front of me. You're making little lines and I'm all ha, how could three curvy lines make anythi-OH MY GOD IT'S A HEAD. WHEN DID THAT GET THERE. SLOW DOWN, CRAZY. Because of my visual retardation, everything is a surprise. orz

Yeah, there's that too. But there are ways to be weird without drawing attention and then there's socially harmful ways to be weird, and if you are lucky enough to be in the former category, you don't need to be as anxious about it as many people are. I dunno. I wish I could sit down with kids before they entered middle school and explain to them how not to ******** up their social interactions. There are some good guidelines, though sometimes life will ******** you over anyway.

I'm trying to cut down on my emoticons because I think they seem excessively feminine. It's sort of working. For me, emoticons help in expressing tone - whether I'm joking, how I'm joking, whatever - and if you take them out, people can misinterpret. But I'll suck it up and delete them anyway. (I enjoy your bizarre emoticons hehehehe.)

Bahahah ********, I want to meet you in real life just to determine this. One day. Maybe. You are an endearing otouto to me desune. I'm full of tangential anecdotes today --- I said something made my kokoro go dokidoki to Yoko, and she said, you make my kuchi go warau. I condone the stealing of this to be used in your yuri bakery comics.

Hmmmmmm depends on the school. In mine, we had to declare a major by the end of sophomore year, but you could come in completely undecided. Many state/public schools make you declare upon entering but it doesn't matter until sophomore or junior year: all students will be required to take approximately the same first-year courses (science, math, eng, hist, or whatever). So it depends.
I can't do finance, man. Taxes. Credit cards. ******** is this. ******** is that. I have no clue. Money and the economy in general baffle me. It doesn't bode well for my future ahah. But I did get to vote this year, yeah!

I forget, dude, what year are you in? Jun...ior................maybe

Yeah. Some guy, I think a troll, was posting 'obama'll be a s**t president because he was elected by uneducated blacks' and I was like hahhahahahhhah gtfo. Yes, I'm serious. Leave. ~People are dumbshiiiits~

I'm glad you like your classes. =D For some reason, I'm often disappointed with my classes. I think I care too much about school and I can't find enough people as crazy about it as I am to fill a class....and so then...I get frustrated when no one else has done the readings/work and we can't have discussions, etc. Apparently that's too much to ask??? It's weird though because you have real life on one side and people are like ehhh i don't want to do work even though i'm at ******** university....and then you go online to specialty websites and meet people who spend hours upon hours researching, like, snakes. or wwii uniforms. or storms in india. And it's like, wait, what, What, how do you dedicate so much time to learning this and who are you and why don't you exist in my real life.
Lol, I sit about four feet from my Greek professor. I don't give so many shits about what he notices or doesn't notice about me. -rubs face- I've bitched about him before, I know, so I'm going to get off my soapbox.

Okay, he's 37 and has been there five years. That means when he arrived, he was 32. Some of the seniors who took his first classes could have been 22, which makes it only a ten year age gap. Golden. That's the most fair game. I can't find a good pic of him, but he's cute enough in this one. (edit: hahah he's so derpyhappy in all his pictures... his book / mountains??)

Yeah, I didn't have the patience to sit through it. I really couldn't. I want to highfive that dude for real. And yes, the comments were surprisingly decent for youtube. I was impressed. Also lololol how the ******** did you get to that video!!! xDDD What. In return, have one of my top five favourite videos on the entirety of the Internet: behold the glory.

Hahahah talking with you also taught me more creative actions to use while typing, like -holds your hands appreciatively-. I think my recent favourite was Yoko talking about how one of her douchebag characters would prefer live baseball over hockey -- my reaction was -SITS TWO ROWS BEHIND AND ANGRILY PELTS BACK OF HIS HEAD WITH POPCORN-. Baseball over hockey, my god.

/rides a polar bear back to canada
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oh christ lol sorry for not saying i was going to bed, it was 1 (maybe 2??) am for me and y eh i was really really tired
though i heard skyfall was pretty good :^O i hope you get to see it!! and ksdfg may your rp go well /raises hand in salute

klsdj omfg the best bond lit, THE BEST BOND. admittedly while i don't have a specific taste in the morbid when i was reading devil in the white city i was really intrigued by holmes's story and not so much the architecture bit (not what i expected to be interested by)!!
though woah that's an interesting way to look at it!!!! haha i'd have to say i'm in some ways the same but i can't honestly say why it's so fun to watch people draw!! huh huh hUH

eh i honestly dunno if i want to get into semantics about this since it's something i think just depends? i mean there are kids i know who've been abused their whole lives and as a result have a severely distorted view of self and think very little of themselves and thus are rly self-conscious?? or think they're strange i guess only because that's what they've been told and they haven't had a chance to be told otherwise..for example my friend's mom was a severe alcoholic and his dad used to beat him up before he was sent out to a relative, where i met him, and he was always worried that he was "fat" or that he smelled funny or his voice was strange even when none of that was true?? and that he was stupid because we shared classes and he was supposed to be a year ahead, etc i dunno in some cases it's just not really the kid's fault and i guess i'm getting a little defensive here but yeah, i just?? i think in those cases being told how not to screw up social interactions would do jack s**t since that's not really the problem
then again i'm not really the best with understanding people etc cries..a lot..
if anything i think that in some ways there are things kids need to learn on their own about social interactions? i mean tbh if current me came to 13-yr-old me and said "hey don't be such a big weeb and try to be more open to others" i would tell myself to screw off and let me make my own decisions haha and of course now that i'm older i realize that while i regret what i did then it also helped me grow up?? I DON'T KNOW GOSH i guess i just believe in learning through your own mistakes, and, when you're mature enough to listen, the mistakes of others!! but typically middle schoolers are far from mature so it's just a toss up really

oh!! well yeah i can get that, since tone is hard to get over the internet haha i don't think emoticons are especially feminine or masculine?? i mean i see lots of guys who use xD etc

you'd probably kick my a** lmao i'm especially bad with history dear christ..geography is second worst for me and i just, aghghgh
i mistook africa for australia lit..i........you'd probably seriously hit me or something at some point i am just huge baka
you are sugoi kakkoii aniki 2 boku, lit. (ps YOU KNOW ABOUT YURI BAKERY oh my god turns away, hides face in shame
is embarrassing how bad i am at stories)

wowza that's..amazing omg..so theoretically if i go to a state uni i won't have to worry about my degree for another two years?? hallelujah
though lmao i think it baffles most people not studying it, god i don't want to have to pay taxes ALTHOUGH I LOVE FILLING OUT FORMS AND PUNCHING NUMBERS INTO CALCULATORS SGHG i just dunno taxes look like lots of work......
so do credit cards eyagh

yup!! i'm 11th grade haha

people truly are ugh /__
but!! not everyone is and y'know someday it won't even be a thing, i hope

aw! well ahah i'm..one of those kids..unless it's a subject i enjoy typically i either get it in class that day or the next oops lit you'd hate me
though i feel you ugh in psych we're supposed to do the reading and luckily people do it so we can do fun stuff in class besides lecture on the prev night's reading but dear golly if people didn't i'd get soooooooooo steameddddddd jc nothing more boring than sitting through something you've learnt THE NIGHT BEFORE..AHG
though yeah haa there's something interesting in that! i guess it's just a personal interest thing, i know if, in my art class, we could research our fav artists and watch vids on them vs watching vids on artists our teacher picks out from her stash i'd love it like holy s**t but i typically end up just bored as hell staring at the screen like..christ if i cared about jackson pollock i would've looked him up good g o d
not to disrespect but yeah i dunno maybe it's a niche thing?? if anything the internet has made it WAY easier to get into something fairly specifc haha

though ten years age gap, dear golly lmao biggest age gap i'm familiar with is like six yea

that guy deserved way more applause than he got jc he made an excellent point!! and yeah haha i was going through other vids comments and christ
tappin out not gonna read it..
though omfg i've heard the audio before, but paired with this vid i KDLGJ HAHAHAHAHAHHA

oh god im gonna spam you man
this kid omfg
and this man is magic!! christ
gomen for this and this ok im done gomen
i just
oh my god

hahaha i'm glad!! omfg though i'd have to agree..baseball is boring as hell haha
though i love the stadiums, gosh

waves hanky in the air
farewell, lit
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blistering barnacles

You're fine, you're fine. I ended up sleeping in late today so I didn't have time to go see the Bond movie. :[ But I'm going home this week for Thanksgiving break so maybe I'll go watch it with my sister. Not all is lost. Also now I'll use time to make a new art req because I'm dumb.

Remind me of what the Devil in the White City is? Holmes as in...Sherlock Holmes? I've only read a few of his stories. Drawing is magical orz orz I've thought about livestreaming writing but it would be strange and awkward. So many indecisions and bad descriptions before I get the right handle on it.

No, your point is well-taken, and I should put my foot in my mouth. xD I spoke too generally -- I mean kids whose "real" (note the quotes) problem is more social interaction than anything else, kids who, if given a few tips, could glide through school much easier. And you're exactly right in pointing out that the problem is frequently not the kid but his/her upbringing or environment or whathaveyou. There are deeper problems which need to be actually addressed, not brushed aside in 'well why don't you just be QUIET and weird instead of loud and weird' and I don't mean to imply that that's what should be going on.
Unfortunately, that's not something I have enough experience to help, so I try to think of places I could intervene. And yes, kids are dicks. xD Actually all people are dicks and it's ridiculously hard to give advice for that reason. So many things I have been told by elders and....just not done....why.... orz I guess what bothers me is, at any age, when someone in a class or social gathering does something they think is okay and everyone else in the room pulls that omfg face. And I'm sitting there dying wanting to help this kid because they don't realize their missteps and it's like a;dfsngdfngdn please just .__. please just notice what is going on. And they don't. That's what kills me. If they never notice their mistakes and think people 'don't like them' 'think they're stupid' 'etc.' for no reason, they can't ever learn from their mistakes...
:[ There's no good answer and too many questions.

Heeeey that's good. I felt like it was a female thing but now I can relax off of that.

Geography is so hard. Wtf geography. Even after roleplaying in a WWII setting for years, I still look up a map every single time we talk about countries and borders and cities. So easily confused /weeps I even get my birth town/province confused sometimes. (But yeah, Africa and Australia is kind of bad xDDD At least you don't think Africa is a country?)

Ahahaha it took me too long to figure out what '2 boku' meant BUT I GETCHA. Yes. I know all the things, Scone, duh. Or at least half of them. Heheh, semi-unrelated, I'm tutoring a kid in Japanese right now and he's starting to learn place words -- doko, koko, migi, hidari, etc. -- and so I was pointing at things in the room and having him tell me where the computer was, so forth. I ran out of objects, so I pointed at my coworker and said Gaijin wa doko desuka? (and then lawled forever)

It depends heavily on the school. Some of them have specific programs you need to start right off the bat; most don't. Just another thing to check into while you're looking through schools --- I'm glad I didn't have to declare until sophomore year....even though I changed it a hundred times after sophomore year anyway ahahaha /whatever. Hehehe yeah I like doing algebra problems. I feel so damn accomplished after turning that jumble of crap into a number. QED, b***h.
But no other kinds of math ahhh boy.

Okay see that's exactly what I mean! If people didn't do the reading and you had to sit through s**t every day, you would be pissed. It's common sense/responsilibity at that point, not even interest. alngadf. Hahhah Jackson Pollack. Oh god. xD And yes, the internet is great in that you can meet people who know waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about a subject. They are the handiest encyclopedias. Still where are they in real life? Who are they? What are their jobs? I want to meet them. (Professors don't count, because they're paid to know everything about their discipline.)

HE IS VERY HAPPY. He's adorable in class. He has a weird thing about lecturing, where he tends to look down, or at the board, or somewhere else while talking, and his face sort of gets red...... he glances up occasionally... goes back to notes... It's not like he's shy, because when we have discussions, we talk normally, but ahaha I don't know. He's a funny guy.

Omfg so much Sesame Street. xDD That sandwich video just made me angry. Why would you not ask for all of it at once ajndfjgndfnbdfg i'd eat his sandwich. The Jason Mraz one > the original. I like it. I went through a phase of watching a bunch of American Idol/X-Factor/Blahblah's Got Talent videos --- mostly the terrible ones, but sometimes the good ones. I have to say I like Britain's talent shows/judges better than the American ones.

But in video retaliation, can you cry with me over how sweet this song is. Afsdnsdfng watch all the way through, for sure. I know it's not in English but it's about him feeling separated from a lover who he wants to see once more before s/he goes away and/or dies. ;__;
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cries sorry i was drawing/eating/in the shower and i didn't even notice the time till i went to go do the dishes agh

it sounds like it worked out for the better?? i mean i'd rather go to the movies w/ a friend or sibling than on my own haha
ps liNK ME..or maybe ill go find it myself, time to creeeeep

aah devil in the white city is a book (and also apparently a movie, wowza) about the World's Fair! it's fascinating overall and really mind blowing but god i gotta admit the holmes bits were my favs
and pfffff no holmes is dr. h. h. holmes, a serial killer :^) the wiki article calls his hotel the "murder castle" which is metal as hell, and he's just really interesting overall. he was balls deep in insanity lmao
though WHAT REALLY!! i've read only a few haha i hoped i wasn't the only one! i used to love the sherlock holmes stories in general but i dunno lately, whatwith the bbc adaption coming under fire and my general lack of time/interest in anything that i can't finish within a day or two it's tough for me to keep up with it..sighs..
drawing IS magical!! IT'S MAGIC, YOU KNOOOwww never belieVE IT'S NOT SOooOO!!! though aw what if you get enough people a ls is a ~lovely~ thing! i'm terrible participating in/making livestreams because i'm just an awkward, awkward person but livestreams are rad as heck

OH okay i think i misunderstood gjks no need to put anything in your mouth (for the time being..wink wonk) i getcha here and totes agree!! i actually don't think i can give advice or opinion at all considering how inexperienced i am in general /_ but oh god kids are total dicks, but i think part of it isn't really entirely their fault? still though same omfg..for me personally i hate people telling me what i should do if it's something i feel i could do just fine on my own h a h..and i'm kinda stubborn about it and god the amount of arguments my mom and i have had over the stupidest things...
OH GOD THAT IS TERRIBLE AND I AGREE COMPLETELY. there really just isn't one single all-fitting answer for something so complex as human interaction i think?? gosh it's just so over my head haha

i'm glad :"^) i mean emotes are fun to use and yeah..

well borders and cities are understandable, i definitely don't know many u.s. cities and i have no good excuse for that..sobs.....though god bless, i've never mixed up my birth town! dunno what my birth province is (god i don't even know what a province is..) but hehehe chuckles maniacally. (y...ea..h....i know omg...i mixed it up on some kid's shirt and he pulled out the world map in our school planners and was like..dude how do you mix these two up..though oh my god lit i am going to cry i thought africa was a country when i first read that sentence - i was like s**t IT ISN'T?? and then i remembered that africa is a continent. good god lit you scared me i thought i was worse than i was jfc)

hontou gomens for dat, my japanese is so freaking rusty!!!!! though ah yes, lit is omnipotent. lit knows ALL. though lmao lit pffffft you're terrible!!!! props to the kid though for naming all of that! haha i'm proud to still remember the words you listed good golly i remember the weirdest freaking things

casually takes note..considering my grade i really need to keep this in mind haha;; though i think changing majors is kinda common? i mean for most people college is a one-time thing (for the most part) and yeah..i mean you're picking one thing out of hundreds to make a career out of, it's a huge decision! though omg really?? god i love doing algebra but only because of how soothing it is, i can just let go and use my brain and not think or anything haha
god i was doing my alg homework earlier actually and i let myself get carried away, good GOD
i just hate graphs and lines and ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no non nonoono
though aw what!! not even geometry! geometry's fun as hell man!

that's true gjsdkfj i mean..just yeah.....agh. it's something you really can't help though since no one's going to sit in every student's room and make sure they do their reading haha
though oh my god i spelled it as jackson pollock didn't i. good. god.
haha true dat though!! the most fab thing is that they're like..most likely everyday people? it's just fascinating!! theoretically when you walk down the street you might pass someone who's super knowledgeable about one thing and it's just eyaaaaaaaah so cool

THAT IS TOO CUTE NO NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god happy, funny, and cute as well as a prof?? this guy has it DOWN

i'm sorry i have really strange tastes aghghk though omg haha i thought it was hilarious, though i can definitely see the anger bit dskgj grover going I QUIT at the end was priceless!!! and yes i def agree, as much as i love the original! and yeah same man, though i dunno if it's just me exotifying british people or something hahaha..ha..i saw an american talent thing where this kid screamed by inhaling, i think it was seriously one of the funniest things i've ever seen and just that phrase is ridiculous and hilarious at once and my god. screaming by inhaling. this guy went on national tv and did this as a talent i just oh my god

though SWEET?? MORE LIKE BITTERSWEET WOW his voice is so haunting :'^O without context it sounds really sad, with context it has moved near madoka-tragic territory, good god. his voice is something else though, christtt
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Militant Loverboy

blistering barnacles

Eating in the shower??? How irresponsible/delicious. xD Eh, the only problem with going to the movies later is that my sister might not have time off....which means I'll miss my chance to see it in theatre altogether. And that wouldn't be fun. Ha, yeah, I finally taught myself how to make gifs so I've been playing around with that for an hour instead of making the req. So don't go searching yet. You won't find it...................unless you can read my mind. ~O_O~

Aha, I knew I recognized that book! Yes, my sister read it and really liked it. She's far more of a fan of serial killers/true crime stories than I am. (I tangentially enjoy too many things to count.) But I remember her talking about it and how many people he killed. Didn't realize it was a movie? Is it already out?

We read one when I was in high school and then not until last year or so did I read more Holmes. I thought he was sort of a p***k in high school but I like him better now. xD Dunno why. Also, for all us fanboys enjoy slashing anything, he and Watson are ridiculously not-together in the stories. That's a fact. Also bonus Watson comic, whee! Yeah I saw the movies which were fun and had nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes past the title hahah. Oh well. I've never watched the British or American show versions and donnnnnn't plan to. Why has the BBC version 'come under fire'?

(From what tumblr has shown me of Moriarty, though, I kinda dig.) (And this movie was frekaing amazing as a kid hahaha oh man.)

But if I livestream, you'll see how badly I write without editing. orz

Bahahah ahaha ahah why are d**k jokes never not funny. Now that is truly magic. That's another tough thing about my socio class -- there are always some exceptions to every explanation of human behavior and I want to say That's not the point! The point is the theory explains trends! but i'm not the teacher so I simmer in my greek/japanese/latin scribble corner. Likewise with polisci -- the class I'm taking this year introduces different models of foreign policy decision-making and it's the identical problem. One theory can't explain everything, and I hate having to choose and defend one for that very reason aldfngadjfngd.

........weren't you born in the US? If so, you were born in Town, State, not Town, Province. Canada has provinces rather than states lol. -giggles away over a hilltop- Oh Scone. Have you read Azumanga Dai-Oh? I was going to make an 'OSAKA GET IT TOGETHER' joke here but it doesn't work without the series.

Are you still taking Japanese this year or did you stop? SCONE-KUN, NIHONGO NO TOMODACHI GA ARMIASHOU NEEEEE. I can't remember if that's the right participle before arimasu /weep oh well you get the idea. I should really start trying to write kana again ajdnrgdrgno.

Yeah, changing majors is very very common. We joke about all the premed freshmen coming in, because only like one in ten of them are going to stay premed by senior year. -pats their heads- Someone told me he was going to double-major in premed and business and minor in leadership and I congratulated myself on not laughing in his face. I'm sure he'll do reallly well. That being said, I do know someone who's triple-majoring. He's also a prat and brings it up 5x a conversation. :[

I want to do algebra homework again. QQ So easy.
AND YES EXACTLY. I've crossed off one life goal like that: I casually met a guy who's a furry. Sitting next to each other on a bus and he starts off talking about. In fact, he had a lot of fascinating stories. He wants to track down serial killers for a living. Our subjects have come full circle somehow.

I -- I don't know what the right spelling of Jackson Pollock/ack/aghghhgck is. So. I will go with whatever you say.

Dude, I could tell you endless stories about him ahhahaah. He's so ******** great. He almost became a herptologist. I laughed and then realized he was serious. Apparently that's not a made-up word: a herptologist is someone who studies lizards for a living. Then he told us about his experiments with re-sexing lizards and discovering what parts of the brain were affected and adugnadrngdng he almost went on a yacht with George and Barbara Bush when he was a child imjussayinhesprettydamncool.

....find that American Talent video. Pls.
In return, I'm sure you've seen this already, but it's required reading for talent shows hehehe.

I am SO GLAD you agree. This song.
This artist.
Holy sdajdofh;dfnhasfdt.
Also I decided that the guy who comes in and sits down next to him is actually the lover he's singing about. But he's a hallucination that the singer has imagined in his loneliness to keep him company and sing with him. ;______________; Why.
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i gotta go to bed but omg i read your reply over and GOD IT'S HARD NOT TO REPLY, AGH
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and i return!!!!
omg well u know what i meant. eating and drawing and showering at different times!!! huffs and puffs
though god that would suck :^( i personally am going to pass on it (not like i can go to the movies anyway HA) but i mean..it sucks not seeing a movie you want to see in theaters! there's something different about it. and gifs oh my god i tried that once, long ago
too much no i cant wrap my head around it. i can make it from like things i make (screenshots or drawings) but from videos?? no
devil magic
though yeah i noticed wehh did you post it yet!! /too lazy to check

aaaHHH!!! good its a good book y'know?? though haha i'm not too into this type of thing normally but i can see the appeal. there's something fascinating about such a taboo subject!! though yeah wow it was crazy how many people he killed and how he did it so elaborately, the guy was definitely smart!!! and i dunno that adds a layer of interest for me because he was genuinely intelligent, but such a terrible person haha
i mean he was just crazy good at being a serial killer
though yeah i honestly have no clue!! i assume it probably is considering the age of the book and the fact that i was completely unaware of the movie, via trailers and stuff, so..yep!

he's still kinda a p***k to me but it's interesting to see how the level of prickiness goes up and down through adaptions haha though yeah, that's for sure. and gosh i love beaton's comics in general but the holmes ones (and the captions) were pretty especially witty to me klgj i love beaton so much!!!!!!!! and yeah my god the ones with rdj in them right? they were really fun, that's the perfect word for it honestly aahhh my good god though
can't really word it? like..it's just a general feeling i've gotten about it from reading some posts i can't find..and a lot of it is to do with the john/watson shipping fans and their really terrible opinions about women in the sh series hahahggh
it's actually mostly the fans coming under fire whoops, haven't read anything really bad about the show in general haha

omg i remember you showing me this movie earlier!! and oh god moriarty
in a lot of ways he really rustles my jimmies mfw and i can't place it at all on anything specific it's just oh god
i dunno
i wish i could say as a character i liked him even minutely but that would be a terrible, false lie gomen, lit gkdssssssssss though this is probably a good sign, i'm not too good a judge of character

pshh dude it's au natural that way!

because d**k jokes are great hehhe though yeah my good golly. if you could generalize human behavior accurately it would be freaky! you can't you just cannot. you can explain trends, you can make connections but you can't say that ALL people exhibit __ behavior /__
i mean technically you can't even say all people breathe?? since dead people are people too dskgj
i guess the only generalization you can make that is accurate is "all people exist" or something and that's seriously just so obvious it deserves a good smack upside the head.

course!! that's prolly why i was confused HAHA i was like province?? does the u.s. use provinces i do not think..they do....but i am fish-brain, i cannot say
though yes i have!!! LIT. LIT. i have.
(osaka and i are on different leagues man, osaka's like..out of it on just a totally different plane ok!!!)

i stopped haha i didn't want to take it here on the mainland..........and uh i guess, you can skip over this it's mostly kind of a dumb opinion/experience on my part
but in 7th gr i came to the mainland for a year and i was the only asian in the school excepting one other guy in 8th gr and it was terrible?? like on one end of the spectrum i had kids laughing at my last name and making fun of it and calling at me things like 'ching chang chong' and on the other end i had kids who wanted to be friends with me because they liked anime and i was asian gghhhhhhh and i became friends with a circle of kids who were all really big on anime and i like anime too, but it's just i dunno! it felt more like my ethnicity was what made them want to hang around me and it just felt really weird..i dunno gosh;; i'm kind of self-conscious about it since then? and i grew up in a place where everyone was either asian or pacific-islander and it's just..i dunno haha i never was aware of my race or anything and it's...i never thought about it, or felt like someone liked me because i was asian and not for me, and it was the first time i'd felt that way and it still kinda gets to me today?? i have white friends who make me feel kind of exotified in a way because of my race, and i just feel incredibly incredibly sensitive about the whole thing especially in regards to non-asians into anime who seek out asians because of their glorified opinion of asian culture/people and aghGH MOTHER OF PEARL I AM RAMBLING. i'm sorry i really dunno how to say this thoughtfully or respectfully good god
but yeah i really just don't want to feel like that again and i know some kids who take japanese and are really really off-putting weaboos and i just really don't want any part in it. i would love to take japanese but in a situation where i felt that my ethnicity wouldn't be called into play sobs hard and long..in my old school nearly everyone save like one or two kids was japanese anyway so in my jpn class it wasn't even anything near a thing to be asian agh and it's just so different here where most people are either white, african american, or hispanic/latino and i just am going to stop god im sorry, i don't mean to say i hate people not of my own ethnicity or something i just don't like feeling like my ethnicity is something that makes me appealing vs me as a person making me appealing, is the point, and yea h
flawed logic here but i really don't want to get into it or think about it i'm sorry

anyway you should!! :^O you'll forget it if you don't! and i think ga is the right particle before arimasu
been a while, but i'm fairly certain!

haha premed is a pretty tough thing i think!!!! not even wanting to go near it omfg though agh that's terrible /__ i mean i give him props but god
that's just prickish..

gomenasai lit, gomen
though omfg that is actually pretty amazing?? my lord LMAO what are the odds seriously

i think it's pollock, i just googled it..so i was right........though pollock, when i say it in my head, sounds funny haha
who knows! it is a mystery

omfg though this guy seriously has it down! yachts are pretty big stuff, disregarding the people on board too

my god
not the one i was looking for but omfg
i don't think i can find it but it was really terribly funny haha like..just omg...and im sucked again mY GOD SINGING TROLLS

that's really sad omg /__ dude the poor guy
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hey! i’m staying with some relatives over the break so i’ll be gone for the next 2-5 days depending!! posting in case anyone replies to this thread and i don't reply for like..days lmao

have a good thanksgiving though!!

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