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Baha, it's happened before. Nothing a handsome sliding man can't fix.

Yeah I know huge populations of people who would not be alright with me. The family I babysit for, my direct neighbors on both my sides, any of my past employers, a couple of the profs here, many of the male students I know, a couple of my doctors, etc.... I just haven't told them. :`D

But the online thing is an interesting situation. Here on Gaia, yes; on tumblr, yes -- though I have a great deal of issues with tumblr's communities for other reasons. But these, let's admit it, are like pits of liberalism and dominated by the younger generations. You posted comments from an article on your tumblr and though none of them were outright anti-trans, they were skirting. That was a nice place in comparison. Many news websites have comment sections filled with bizarre and furious ranting about these sorts of things.

I did this search awhile back about whether it was legal for a man to take his wife's last name --- the answer is irrelevant; the comments were insane. Yahoo! Answers is apparently deadset on guarding modern masculinity because every post was you cocksucking f** why would you want to do that; if you're gonna take her name and be her b***h, you might as well go all the way and cut your d**k off; can't believe you'd dishonor your father and his entire family line don't you have any pride in yourself etc. etc. (because, clearly, matrilineal family lines...don't exist...). People are nuts all over. Likewise Facebook can get very hateful and illogical if you live near/connect to that type of population. In any case I'm not concerned with anyone online giving a s**t. Screw them haha. It's real life people who could beat or kill me that I'm concerned with. One of my really good friends here is lesbian and over the summer got cornered by some dudes in a parking lot and beat up for picking up a chick in a bar. And one of my mom's twitter friends had just about the same thing happen a couple months previous.

Yeah, I'm hoping so. It helps if I have someone with me who refers to me by a male name because even fewer people are going to question that. xD But I'm pretty alone this semester so I've only risked a couple runs out to fast food places while passing. It's difficult also because people in my dorm see my coming out of my room....and know it's me...but I sort of look different.... Awkward. >_>

I don't remember if I got marshmallows or not. orz
Also once I went as Davy Crockett and people thought I was Daniel Boone. Honestly, dudes. Who has a Daniel Boone costume???? The coon-tail on my hat should have been a clear mark that I was Davy.

The gif. Choose the giiiiif.

JET is Japanese-English Teaching program or something. Anyway. To go teach English there to Japanese students. =D

manga ja nai yo!
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Nande Are

oh gosh it's you hello!!! :^O
djsgk hahaha

certainly. handsome sliding man fixes aaallll

well that's kind of a downer :^( i mean, to be expected really, but that still sucks. the attitude people have towards trans people is appalling considering the generally improved attitude towards lgb people /__

ah definitely true. i recently read an article on boy scouts having a pretty big chunk of its funding revoked for its anti-gay actions and rules and the comments were terrible. they weren't as bad as i expected but the pettiness and general rudeness of it was just..gosh i can't believe people post this stuff!! i saw some tweets when obama was reelected and just wow hooooly gosh that is just no

jesus christ lmao if anyone goes to y!a expecting a serious answer, 90% of the time they will be disappointed. though that's especially bizarre for y!a considering most trolls don't go quite so far as that;; but wow i'm just..holy god im so sorry for both your friend and your mom's twitter friends. that is a terrible thing and i can't believe nothing happened to the people who did this!! jc it really is scary because people can kill you for who you are and only after the fact that it's happened does anything happen to them. it's just so insanely shitty i can't really gughg

though yeah wow /m that really is kind of a complicated situation? i mean you can go at it at your own pace y'know?? just do what makes you comfortable, and don't let other people get you down! but be safe as well.

pssh sorry i honestly..did not know the difference...between the two..................................
lit i am a failure to you

klgj ok i choose the gif. lordy that cat is so cute though HAHAHA

oh!! that's really neat :^O wowza i hope you guys get to go together?? in a foreign country by yourself is lonely.

manga da!!!!!!!
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blistering barnacles

Ya. But hey, the gay stuff has come along fairly quickly, if you think in terms of history, so there's hope for trans stuff to move along too? I think the globalization of the world is both intensifying xenophobia and making it a lot more difficult, particularly among younger generations who meet all these crazily different kinds of people instead of their own narrow population.

Mmmhm and the whole Chik-Fil-A ridiculousness. xD But at least this s**t is getting in the news and being debated? That's something. And yep, people are still big fat assholes. My favourite is the ones who say they want to go to Australia... Lolpls. Do go live under a female unmarried atheist PM. Much more conducive to your values than a black Christian family man??? Idjits.

I ******** love Yahoo anwers hahaha oh god. One of my friends is a TA and he got a paper with Ask.com cited as a source. Oh god. We laughed for ages. But yeah, no, they weren't trolls who were posting those kind of comments. And yeah it's scary as s**t. I can't wait to move somewhere else when I start grad school. @___@ Not that prejudice doesn't happen elsewhere, but there are better and worse areas.

They're two completely different people. xD
It's like conflating Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne. They are just...two different people. That is all.
I have a strange dokidoki for the Alamo, as well as for the Confederacy in the Civil War. -wistful sigh- I don't know why but I am probably the most patriotic Canadian Confederate, if there are even others hahah. Southern gentlemen...

Yessss me too bro. Even if we don't get posted in the same area, we'll still be able to visit each other on holidays and be approximately in the same timezone. That'll be really nice. >_> Six hours off, as we are right now, is confusing and not convenient.

urusai :[

(i'm weakly attempting to refresh my japanese in case i get accepted hahah /don't remember jackshit)
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gonna put my replies under a spoiler cut now
just for the sake of not having my long a** replies everywhere hahah
walls of text dear jesus im sorry lit for making you read/reply to them

definitely! i think also sexuality and gender exploration are becoming much more socially acceptable in general and it's just for sure getting better. i guess relative to how fast i'd like it to go it goes very slow, but every baby step adds up

fo sho!! lmao i'm kind of on the fence about the chik-fil-a thing, not knowing a lot about it, but yeah wow just
not cool
though omg jc n o

are you for real KDJSG THIS IS COLLEGE LEVEL..WRITING........OMG..
though wha t really..dude, that's just terrible ghg...christ..
but yeah wow, def agreed. i'm lucky to live where i live, hawaii was pretty bad about lgbt things in general (at least in the small town i lived in hah..) and the mainland's generally much more okay with it. like you said though there are better and worse places;;

laughs sadly as this all flies over my head
i am continuing to fail you

haha of course man! i'll be crossing my fingers for you!! i mean on top of everything you've got to deal with, would be nice to have your gf with you!!!!

u should take online course ffft
though do you still remember kana??
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blistering barnacles

Oh I thought this was a subtle attempt to suggest that I hide my replies as well. AM I UGLYING UP YOUR THREAD. You just have to say so. ^__^ But lol come on I read a million pages for college all the time. This is no text wall. /brave spartan face

In the whole scheme of things, it's pretty crazy. Think how long minorities - particularly blacks in the US - have been striving for equality and fighting about bias. Or how long it took women to get the right to vote. It's not as if lgbt doesn't have a long history of prejudice as well (see: the Middle Ages, forever and ever, amen) but I feel like, when the issue came to the forefront, it sped along way faster than blacks/womens' rights did when THEY came to the forefront. Hard to say though.

As far as I understand it, Chik-Fil-A's owner/leadertype said he was against gay rights and so forth; people flipped shits and started boycotting it; the other side flipped shits back and started..anti-boycotting it? xD I don't really know how it went from there. But it's fairly silly. If a dude wants to say he's against gay rights, he has the freedom to say it. Now if he'd said, I refuse to hire any gay people or let them buy my food, that's crossing the line. In my view, him proclaiming his belief is fine; people proclaiming their beliefs by boycotting is also fine. -shrug-

I'm too chill for this drama haha.

You would not believe the bullshit students dump on professors' desks. It's madness. And this is a good ******** university too ajfdngadfjng >_> And being a pre-med kid, let me tell you, is no excuse for including Ask.com in a damn paper. Bitchespls.

It's kind of important to everything in the US. .___. Kind of extremely.

Danke danke. I think we get told whether or not we're selected for interviews in Decemberish.... and then we interview in Januaryish...and we know a month or two later?

If I had time for more classes, I would be taking them irl. xP Yeah I remember hiragana fine. I've always been weak on my katakana though, so I can read it okay but not write much in it. ******** kanji pfff. Nope, this is just a good excuse to watch Japanese movies. I downloaded the Ace Attorney movie and what the ******** it was awesome. I expected to maybe watch part of it and then say blah nope waste of time.
It was amazing.
What the hell.
Beautiful cinematography, really really funny script, great actors, easy but sturdy plot... da fuq...

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scrollin past just this gigantic reply from me
and then this relatively small reply from you
and then you space it out nicely and add pics occasionally but no im like fifty thousand paragraphs but with lots of little words and caps and it..hurts okay..................like christ do i really talk like this, and that much?? it's upsetting you know, my abuse of the english language
it's like when im at school and i try to tell a good joke but i'm laughing too hard and then i start to choke and it's that degree of upsetting
i think i like to talk, is what i'm getting at, and i don't like that i want to be CONCISeee

so yeah wow rambles yet again but don't put your replies under a spoiler u baka
only 4 me. only 4 me and my dumb replies
(also to read your replies then i need to open the spoiler thing and that is just too much work i begin to become impatient i want your replies NOW not after the thing opens!!)
a million pages for college
omg im reconsidering college suddenly..second thoughts...
too much writing, too much reading
i just want
2 dr

ahh yeah yeah definitely i don't think anyone could agree? like christ lmao it took a very long time for black and women's rights (and what bothers me about both movements is they're not really "over"?? like people think we're all done now everyone is equal, we are utopia but no not at all not even close)
but jesus haha in perspective, we zoomed by really! it's encouraging and telling of our day and age

ah there we go
yeah i?? you can boycott for any reason, but i guess the thing is like
it's okay to say "i'm against gay rights" but it's not okay to say "i'm against black/women's/Hispanics', etc rights"?? like lordy i dunno
i mean it's totally his prerogative but at the same time i dunno
i just dunno
you are right in that you can boycott or not boycott or have opinions and that's totally your thing

give me some of that coolness, bc wow i get heated up so fast it makes me ashamed haha;;

i am going to die om
did this kid think hed get away with it omg im gdjdd HAHAHAAHA

i know VAGUELY what it is..the alamo was..a building..and there was a big battle there
and "for the alamo" too
this was in texas i think
and the civil war ofc was the civil war and the most casualties i think?? like god lit you don't even know it's been a YEAR SINCE I'VE TAKEN A HISTORY CLASS LIT. A YEAR. THIS HAS SLIPPED OUT OF MY MEMORY BECAUSE I AM SO OUT OF AMERICAN HISTORY IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE I'VE TAKEN US HISTORY O K AY

ooh that's nerve-wrecking dksgj christ
just, best of luck man!

i meant like YOU KNOW!! those little online things you can learn a language in a few months or something, rosetta stone i think
but weh really?? that's interesting :^O i had an equal amount of difficulty/ease reading and writing katakana haha i can't imagine reading it easier than writing it? i'd think they'd go hand in hand hu h

omg dkgsj i saw that gif HAHAHAHA
i need to watch that but it takes me years to get into things just christ it took me forever to get into madoka and i LOVED that series it's
just my god
but yes i'll add this to my watchlist b/c that gif..just omg made me laugh so hard
#anime cast hahahahaha
I'm bad at actually logging into gaia omg.

Such intense talks are happening in here.
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Willing to draw one of the dolls in my request thread? (in my link)
bit short of time, so i can't post references.
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Bridge in Nairobi

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here u go!! sorry i kind of was gone from gaia yest hahagkl
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Nande Are

djkg im always logged in but im terrible at checking in laffs
hi fives you

though yeah! they are haha
sometimes it's like that, other times it's just funny gifs everywhere


WOW YES PLS!!! i think i'll do ikumi!! :^O
adding you to the slotssss
blistering barnacles

I never fecking log in omg.
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blistering barnacles


WOW YES PLS!!! i think i'll do ikumi!! :^O
adding you to the slotssss

shall i send the trade once you've completed the art?
Thank you~
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Nande Are

pff well it's no biggie?!?! i mean i never log into msn hahga

sure thing!!
blistering barnacles
I wish I logged in more. I owe a bunch of art I cant even do because I dont have photoshop anymore. I need to get it back quickly...

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