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have some free gold <3

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this shop will be opened mostly on weekends only. (because i have work on weekdays) (unless i have a crap day & need to draw)

not all will have animation, sorry, depends on my mood & bribe

80% offer > 20% character
& this means if i decline i am sorry but it's probably bc the bribe is not enough.. gomen.. <3

1. please use form
2. image links and COMPLETE references only - no links to threads, big photo albums, blogs or whatever else you can think of, no "this hair this eyes this nose this costume"
3. be polite and patient
4. i can cancel any time i feel like it-- before you accept trade :/ i am temperamental, change moods easily and lose motivation easily
5. not all will have animation, sorry, depends on my mood & bribe. if you want custom animation then bribe big blaugh
6. SAVE. YOUR. CHIBI. WHEN. IT'S. DONE. i will constantly purge my photobucket album it WILL be lost!!!!!!!!
[ignore this]

i don't work in order...

complete <old... new> :
Mimi and Jayjay - soft hands - Alringo - oiju - KyoumeStudio - FriendofFoes - 7obias - alexi_jameson 1 hugee support heart - LostForeverSora huge support! heart - alexi_jameson 2 - Tales of Tales - LadyShi - Itsuka Kuchiki heart - yuroppa heart - Cambrie Noel heart - Mademoiselle A heart

auto ... :
probably will be animated.... but i will reject auto slot offers if i really can't draw your commission... or if someone else offered the same thing and i prefer their commission =/

couple or two singles: User Image renard lol

singles: User Image white body dye ;; User Image doufu hua ;; User Image ivy flourish wings ;; User Image balgeary ;; User Image ashen

User Image

User ImageUser Image

before you order, see my do's and don't

tasteful clutter
lots of detail
anthro - just no *purple* skin please. higher bribe
girls, and boys
pets - bribe extra
hats - bribe extra
color-co ordinated
couples - for a bribe above 3m
fanart, oc's, tekteks, whatever xD

a pose that you choose - sorry i choose the pose
demands for animation - if i decide to animate your art, i already do what i see as the best feasible animations possible. please do not demand or choose animations as 75% of the time when people do this it would just look gawdy if i did it, or would take too much time.
scales (like fish...)
anything against tos

please use this form when ordering
when your chibi is done, if you want another version in signature size*, just ask ^^

[quote="Iron Kibby"][/quote]
[size=18][color=red]hi kibb - i'd like to bribe you for some art please so i've filled out a form :3[/color][/size]

reference: (images ONLY please)
notes: (2-3 sentences MAX please)
bribe amount:


User ImageUser Image
signature sizes will range from 400px to 500px on the longest dimension depending on the amount of text in your current signature (i try to leave space for it) and size of file (sig limit is 100KB). furthermore, some animation may be left out due to signature file limit. i feel like a lawyer.
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Please make sure to respect these people while you are in my thread. They are important to me.

Divine Illuminance - still my most darling friend on gaia <3
Alexi_Jameson - she has been a huge support of my art, and a really good friend


NEW: teenie tinies

comes with simple animation (no promises made on what they will be - please do not request animation or pose (expression is fine))
if you know th ere's lots of detail on your request, please expect some to be left out .. these chibis are small and it may not fit but i will do my best <3

min bribe: 50k single ;; 150k couple

User Image User Image User Image User Image

please use this form when ordering

[quote="Iron Kibby"][/quote]
[size=18][color=red]hi kibb - gotta have a teenie tinie so i've filled out a form :3[/color][/size]

reference: (images ONLY please)
bribe amount:


drew your oc - see first post ^^

cute chibi gaia_kittenstar
Shine Weaver
cute chibi gaia_kittenstar

pahah ty ^^
i am drawing your oc (for free).
iron kibby
Shine Weaver
cute chibi gaia_kittenstar

pahah ty ^^
i am drawing your oc (for free).

emotion_kirakira awww you're so sweet!!!!
(where did you find my OC though?)
Shine Weaver

in your art shop ^^
iron kibby
Shine Weaver

lol...well thank you for visiting~ cat_3nodding
watanohana's avatar

Distinct Regular

cute heart
Shine Weaver

it's ok ^^
but do you have better pic of her balloon?

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