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Christmas Shopping for a Starving Artist
where I will attempt to whore my artistic skillz out for your items, and potentially your money,
so that I may give all of my gaia friends fantastic christmas gifts.
I will accept gold, but items are best.
For gold offers please make in somewhere in the range of the items value, because I will just end up buying that item for the person later...
Also, because its the holidays, I will be giving out lots of freebies - so stick around!
ignore the ugly mule - i'm being secretive ; )

User Image
Psychedelic Submersible - 19k
Talsi's Sash - 19k
Onyx Milady Headpiece - 25k
OMG Scarf - 65k
Masterpieces - 71k
Lunar Cowl - 69k
Goblin Hipster - 95k
Deinocti's Oath 110k
Scarlet Rose - 139k
Guitar of Demona - 139k
Arcanic Circle - 150k
Opera Diva - 170k
Gimpi - 180k
Fall Bride - 190k
Seracila Pendant - 320k
Couple Art / 2 Full bodies / anything you want
Golden Laurels - 6.2mill

Other items you can combine to get a piece of art:
Adamant High Elf Bodice - 5k
Any "Elf" items

Other Examples:
• headshot • • couple, waist up •

User Image
1.Waist-up Couple Art of Ego Dominus Tuus
2. Couple Art Commission #2
Fullbody of Milk Proof Robot for $
after lock up at the arcades,
folding paper swords for the arms race,
that's how I remember you the best
in a pawn-shop kind of halo,
all seraphic in the Day-Glo
the neon bible sputtering overhead
and you point out constellations
said orion liked to chase things,
that were far to fleet a foot to hope to catch

but your favorites
were the stars who, for an instant,
through the night flew
they're so beautiful its almost better they don't last

and I'm sorry
I've forgotten what my point, was....
I am the bad trip of an addict
left for brain dead on a bed spread
getting last rights from a concubine
in the car park,
getting pompous,
over forties,
while the flotsam of our lives crept up the asphalt where we lay
when we chewed up all our past selves and we spit out a piar of infidels
with a bitter taste upon our tongues of flame
The Mating Call's avatar

Dangerous Prophet

Do you have more samples? >0>

and i'm sorry - I'd forgotten what the score, was...
I am a housefly in the slipstream,
with a white flag,
with a litany,
that I'v saved my dimes just to say tonight
The Mating Call
Do you have more samples? >0>


I figured four would be enough - cause I just had one drawing style represented, but here are a few more pieces for you ; )
I haven't got that many other samples cause' I do digital painting a lot as well....
another couple art
and a small waist up

btw; the headshots I draw in this shop will be bigger than the one in this post, and will include shoulders/outfit.

I've said to much,
I've fought to hard,
I've spoke too soon
I've gone too far
i wanted to let you know you are,
a shooting star
I finished the song
and I'm only on the first page
bumps are just too....
yeah, not going to happen.

I should be working on my botany homework...
or eating.
I really want mexican food.
but there are no restaurants in my town, cause its december, and its cold out....
but not cold enough for ice skating, which is a bummer...
and the grocery store is a far way away
and all I have in my house is 50 bajillion navel oranges and some vanilla ice cream.
and lettuce.
and dog food.

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