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Ainsley Quinn
umm, then okay, goggles!

*has difficulty choosing stuff*


Lol Flip I like your style thoughhhh

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@__@;; It's up to you. I have no problem with them.
Are they a certain color or design that I can use
as a ref? I just want to get it right. P:
I think they're like the ones in Digimon since I'm too unoriginal to design~ 8D


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Ainsley Quinn
I think they're like the ones in Digimon since I'm too unoriginal to design~ 8D


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The link is dead. D8

Digimon art is easy to do. <___<
xD Haha. I think I'm so stuck in my comfort zone... That mimicking other peoples' styles is near impossible for mee.

OH. I actually DO have a CCtCD OC. xD

Because I'm a freak.

[John stemmed from a conversation me and some friends were having about the possibility of Eustace and Muriel having children. In my head I was all "OMG. SKINNY+FAT = SOMETHING HOT AMIRITE AMIRITE? OC TIME!"]

John Bagge 8D, Muriel and Eustace's second child. xD
  • As a child, John YEARNED to become a famous ballerina dancer... But his dreams were DASHED coz that's not very masculine at all. He's soft spoken, but is incredibly passive aggressive [especially in his snide comments to the audience.] And he likes to brood. When he broods he throws his shoe at things.

  • Since he never took dance lessons, he is now a turnip salesman. Who wears plaid and/or checkered suits.

  • He has glasses [like both his parents] and red hair [like young Muriel]. And, he is very miserable all the time.

You can if you try. If I do, I don't plan on sticking there too long. xP

I see I see.

xD So wot ARE your drawing-ability limits? You're like. God. To me. Now.
lol shits I'm so sorry about that;; HERE LET ME TRY AGAIN DAHNNN~

lol Flip, didn't you have like, a dead-before-it-even-started COURAGE RP?


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I know 2 artists that can draw Disney actually.
1 does it in their own style. More sexual I guess.
It'll cost you an arm and a leg to commission her.
And another one that draws them very close to the
way they look like on TV. Also a tad expensive. :B
If you're interested I can link you to their shops and samples.
Hello. :]

Username :: jo-nessa
Ref Avi Pic :: User Image
Single/Couple :: single
Mood :: gloating. & I like her floating.
Color/ Black with one color :: color
Additional notes :: flob size
& also you can take out the mustache if you would like.
FOP Treatment? Yeah :]
Payment :: 5ok C:
I probably won't have enough dough but I'd love to see (andstalk) them!


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