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Tree! 0.46153846153846 46.2% [ 24 ]
Oh tree~ 0.32692307692308 32.7% [ 17 ]
No tree.... 0.21153846153846 21.2% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 52 ]
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I'm gonna have LOTS to do when I get home =O
Gaia's just full of ads now hey? XP
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You can change the clothes xD.

Have any examples of something awesome they'd wear?

Anything punkish o:
(chain btw, for the cellphone thingy)

Alright then awesome :3
I'll just Google "Punk" and do what catches my fancy I guess XP

Also if they have chains it'll be 52K ^^

Alright biggrin
Can they look big though, instead of being kind small?

The quality will lower if I upsize unfortunatly...
Oh okay.
omggg, these are so cute!
would you consider doing a group of three together ? ; A;
i have been trying to find some art shops that would be willing to do a group of three but so far nobody.
i wouldn't mind paying extra if you accepted.
Sorry :C
But I'll still try m'kay?
Why are people not doing the form? @~@
And I was gonna reply to the PM at home.
I'm at school XP and tehres watchful eyes =A=

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