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AHAHA! I LOVE HIS NOSES TOO! Nothing like some pronounced nosies to make a character be insta-sexy. * v*!! <33 I also love how he does face structures in general, so amaazzinggg. <33
And yess, usually there's only so much of the the perfect anime button noses I can take before all the characters start looking the same to me.

AND COINKYDINK. Phobs and Fool are both Russian! emotion_awesome Something about Russian artists and their styles. <33 Of course, that's entirely arbitrary. LOL.

Ohh, yes! I can see the connection! I love love love storybook-like art. So on the more cartoony side. I like the imaginism team on dA too. * v*

Yep, I love Syosa's work because of it's softness and simplicity. And the earthy colors! <3 He's great at animations too. C: I learned pixel art entirely through observation and tons of practice. Pixel tutorials did not get through to me. At all. I could read them just fine and be all cool on the theory, but when it came to actually applying what I learned from the tutorial --& nope, what did I just read? XD So I just experimented a ton until I settled on a style I liked enough to keep going with it. But then, pixel art is super flexible, so I change styles around a lot. So maybe my style isn't as stable as I thought... D8;;

Anyway, yeah. I would try to get some practice in doing freebies, but it never gave me the right motivation, so I've stopped. Usually for commissions though, I accept almost any request because I'm usually up to trying my hand at pixeling anything. and that doesn't seem to really make sense since commissions and freebies sort of serve the same purpose for me - practice - but oh well!
YEP. Pencil sketches over photoshop! Haha. Less steps to go through. XD I doodled until 4AM last night. u__u;; That was bad.

I like traditional more than digital, actually. 8DD;; But it takes actual materials for the artist and I don't think the gaia money they'be be getting in return for spending actual money on materials quite balances out. Of course, pencil sketches are less of a concern. But things like water colors and copic markers. Those can hurt the wallet. u__u;

FFFF, I looked a litle closer at fool's work. THAT'S PIXEL?????? ksjfsgdgjkhgdjkgbl
*head explodes in a cloud of colorful confetti*
My mind, has been BLOWN 10 times in a second. HOLY F***!
Whoa. Wow.

As for Syosa, yes, the animation is so well done and clean- gentle and has weight to it.
Not just some 2-d sprite floating across but really there. I can see why you adore the art.

efff, I used to do that. Do traditional art for gold on gaia, until I got my PS5. More economical that way UUUUGGH. Copics. HISSS. They're great but HELL they're expensive! D:
I've got a set of 36 and that was a total punch in the balls of my wallet (though it was my dad buying it, but still...)
I buy my own copics now, but mostly as a splurge after a paycheck or if I need a color ofr a peice of art I'm working on that's for me or I'm making for my sweetheart. Caio Copic are a little more cheap than the normal ones. I think 3$ a pop compared to the 5$. : O

Do you do traditonal? At least, beyond the graphite pencil?

YES. IT IS ALL PIXEL~~ If that blew your socks. THEN HOW ABOUT THIS? Hurhur. I love the things you can make with pixel art. * v* I don't have that type of skill yet, because I'm not adventurous enough with the backgrounds, buut I would love to do such smooth pixeling someday.

Omgg. Yes. 5-6 bucks a pop is like, dude, I could have a modest lunch with that. HNNRGHHH... THE CHOICES. Lolol. "Starving" artist? 8DD;;
A friend introduced me to http://www.paigeedraw.com/ and they sell Copic markers for about 3.50 per pen, so it's wayy better than buying them commercially. I'm still considering whether or not I should take the plunge, but I'm staying my hand for now.

I do traditional! 8D I have Chinese ink, colored pencils, some water colors aaand I'm playing with the Sakura Micron pens (omg, so fun reallyyy).
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That's so baller, I wanna try! D:
So sleek and creamy, I can hardly believe that it is butter-PIXEL. fffft.

OOh, the prices o nthe sets are really, REALLY good compared to the official prices. Dude, for a 72 piece it's like...400-500$. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
I could pay my college tuition with that money.

Yeah, it's better to buy them as cheap as possibly. I usually use them in junction with prisma's.
Cause I multitask that way.
Uuugh, I find myself eating less and less @ ^ @'''

Chinese Ink? I've never heard of that. I mean, there's India Ink- I use that since it doesn't fade or is easily washed away. Once I lay down lines I can go in there and add water color like nobody's business. Why do you use Chinese? What is it like?

Color pencils...Ah, yes <3 I do that sometimes, not as often as I would like to. I used to do a ton of it. I began to use multimedia, so watercolor, colored pencil and marker all in one image. It makes for interesting textures and effects with color based on what media you're using.
Here's an example->

Old stuff, but eh.
I still have my old roseart colored pencils, I haven't used them in a while. I hope I'm still able to after all this time. I was fairly good at getting good color out of those cheap things, derp.
I remember as a Kid i would make so much fanart of pokemon with colored pencils and crayola markers. THE NOSTALGIA.

I used to use Micron but I switched to Staedtler. I duno, I feel that micron doesn't last very long and is fragile. I'm brutal sometimes with my art utensils. My tools gotta have BALLZ. Water colrs are great, a neat little trick I learned this year is to pour a little water on the paper (preferrably heavy weight watercolor paper) and then dip color into it. Then pour the water off and a nice colorful abstract background can come out of this. :>
Yepp! And only basic anti-alias, wahahaha. If I remember where I found a good example of dithering, I would show that too. * v* BUT I'LL SPARE YOU.

AND THEN THE REFILLS. /ohgod, I'll just a be hobo forever, thanks. And srsly. T___T;; IF YOU WANNA GET THAT SWAG-A-LICIOUS.. give up one of your organs. hahaha.

I haven't tried India ink, so i can't say much on the difference. They're probably the exact same since when I put them side by side, I don't see a difference. LOL... My relatives sent them over as a gift (along with a set of Chinese brushes~~ * v*) so I stuck with them. They don't wash away easily either, so as soon as the ink dries, I can put whatever the heck I want on it~ Unless I add water to dilute it, then I have to be careful. /sob
It's really nice and heavy in color, so if I hold my brush at the right angle, I can do such fun things with it. <3

LOL. OMG. I drew Sailor Moon pictures with my derpy colored pencils! OH THOSE DAYS~~ Couldn't figure out how to draw PIkachu for my life. DD8 So I stuck with people.

It's my first time using Micron, so I'm still getting used to it. But I'll give Staedtler a whirl next. And I was googling it earlier... TESTING MY WILL, TESTING MY WILL. Uurggghhh. Ohh! That sounds like a fun trick! I'll have to figure out where I put my heavyweight paper and try it! O:

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