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Consider this OC?

- Ellinda Thims -

Short Bio
Age: 17
Wings (optional): has four wings but is mostly only seen with two
Other Info: Clumsy, naive, joyful, innocent,

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Bridge in Nairobi

Is this okay? a bit big xD forgot to resize
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its great biggrin
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My OC for 50k?

Cecilia OC

You don't have to dress her in that her favorite outfit. That's just a reference in case an artist I order from can't think of a different outfit for her. You can dress her up however you want. She likes color. Bright or pastel. Try to refrain from dressing her up in a goth or emo attire. She's not a fan. She prefers clothing that are a little more girly. Jeans and leggings are fine. No short shorts. Skirts are okay. She doesn't like to show her belly. Dresses are loved. Other than that, dress her up however you want.

(pictures are terrible quality)


Her sweater is bright, warm pink. Like the color of the sunset. It's very big on her so it only hangs on one of her shoulders. The other side hangs off so it slides pass her arm. There is a black heart with a white keyhole in the center on the middle of her sweater. The cuffs and bottom of the sweater are tight but stretchy like you normally find on warm jackets and coats. With those small little stretchy lines on them to show that they stretch when you put them on. The top part of the sweater is folded over so that's why it looks like that. Like a turtle neck that's been stretched and pulled down. The closest resemblance I could find is the Flashion Top that you find in the Gaia gold stores. It's very lose on her so it's not exactly fitting when she wears it. You can make it fit by pulling down the sweater so it covers her bottom. Somewhat like a dress but not quite. Cecilia usually wears a black or gray tank top underneath her sweater.

Her skirt is about mid-thigh length. But she wears black leggings with white music notes printed on them that reach down to the bottom of her knees. Cecilia's skirt is tight and fitting. It clings to her body. It's a jean skirt. Or a skirt made from jean material. The ruffs at the edges are made from silk and resemble that of a cheerleader's skirt. Only not as long. The ruffles are only about an inch and a half in width. The ruffs are white with a light pink trim. There are three buttons on the side of her skirt where she secures her skirt. The buttons are shaped as pink butterflies embedded with blue and green jewels. You might not have to draw the whole skirt if you decide to pull her sweater down.

Her locket is gold. It is the kind that you can open up and find a picture inside. Don't have it open though. (I have not yet created the characters that are suppose to be in that locket). There's a hoop there that holds a long thin gold chain that hangs around Cecilia's neck. In the middle of the locket is a white gem shaped like a tear drop. It's a little fatter than the one in the ref picture and the point of that tear drop is not that sharp either. That is a hinge on the left side of the locket that opens the it. I've decided to change the right side, the part where you see those rectangles, into a simple keyhole. The right side of the locket has just an old fashion keyhole. So it kind of resembles an old wooden door.

She wears black flats with a black bow on the top. There is a fake diamond on the center of each bow. She wears a thin gold anklet with tiny, tiny charms on them which she changes everyday so it is up to you, the artist, to decide what goes on them. She wears black, thick rimmed glasses. She wears a light blue headband with a pink bow on the side. Other jewelry and accessories are up to you.

Unfortunately I can not find the picture of the bag she usually carries so I will leave it entirely up to you. She wears smalls backpacks with thin straps or a small side bag which she wears over her shoulder and across her chest. She always picks bags with butterfly prints on them no matter what color they are.

Big dark brown eyes. Semi long eyelashes that are usually uncurled because she doesn't wear make up or anything. She has a dark caramel skin tone. Like Filipino or people who live in Southeast Asia.

Please know that you can choose between highlights or no highlights and her hair style. Usually when she has her hair casually up it's in a messy, just-got-out-of-bed bun at the base of her neck. Jet black hair with blood red and dark purple highlights. Not really noticeable highlights. They blend easily into her dark hair. The hair doesn't reach to the middle of her back. It's about three inches before that. No bangs unless she has windswept hair that covers her face.

Her cup size is a 38B. Her waist is a 32. Her buttocks is a 45. Her thighs are 34. She weights at 175. She is exactly five feet in height. Cecilia is like a really short pear or squash. Not an hour glass figure. Just a little on the meaty side.

Three thin, long scars on the inside of her left calf. There is a birthmark on the right side of the base of the neck that looks like a "the X marks the treasure" cross.
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Tsukiko Kotone


Here's a wip if you'd like an update
User Image

Notice:: It's gonna be school days again and i need to finish up my HW so i won't be really active during most of the weekdays, but i'll finish it ASAP
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She looks sooooo good!!!!
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my OC ?

tektek // art dump // info

for 50k ?
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80K for my avie ?
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