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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Introduction and Goal(s) ::.

Hi. I'm Reiney. Call me Reine, please. Or Aze. Your pick.

My shop is permanent, but slow! =D

About me: I'm a ex-military, part-time dishwasher and soon-to-be cocktail waitress (bartender).
I'm also a full-time Gaian.
I randomly do freebies.
I'm incredibly picky though.
Orders are here though, so go ahead and order some art, please. <3

I have some tools of the trade: pencil and paper, color pencils, soft pastels, markers/sharpies, and my handy-dandy computer with Gimp on it, as well as a simple Wacom tablet (experimental stage).
Ask for anything in any medium and I'll oblige the best I can. <3
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Index ::.

1 - Introduction and Goals
2 - Index
3 - Rules
4 - White List
5 - Black List
6 - Do`s and Don't`s
7 - Samples
8 - Order Form
9 - Commissions
10 - Completed List
11 - Links Out
12 - Art Trade / Freebies!
13 - Livestream via Join.Me
14 - WIP
15 - Feedback
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Rules ::.
Follow them, please. Makes life easier.

I'm gonna keep this simple::

- Gaia's ToS and Guidelines.
- Friends & Friends of Friends Welcome
- Be nice.
- Don't quote anything on this page.
- Keep it kid-friendly. There are tweens on Gaia.
- Don't advertise your threads here. If you want a link out, please PM it to me and I'll put it up for you.
- Tell me if you want me to Quote you. I don't normally do it, so asking is nice (especially if quotes are the only way to get your attention).
- I'd appreciate if I do accept your order, if you'd start a trade. I will not accept until after you have seen a marked copy of your order.
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: White List ::.

These people get discounts. =)

.:: People ::.
Kottan Belle

.:: Clans ::.
The Eternal Alliance

.:: Charities ::.
RAWR Charity
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Black List ::.

No One is on My Black List! <3

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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Do`s ::.
I will draw females, cross-gendered or normal (meaning that if your avi is a guy and you want it to be a girl in the drawing, I will do so).
I will draw some mech and armor, though don't expect it to be too fancy. I'm still learning here.
I will draw fur, but same rules apply from the mech and armor.
I will draw OCs.
I will draw Dream Avis.
I will add stuff (say, a giant teddy bear) to your order upon request. =)

.:: Don't`s ::.
I won't draw most guys. If I do draw your avi and it's a guy, I apologize. You may pay me less because I know the quality won't be the same.
I won't draw above a PG-13 level.
I won't draw avis that have an excess of white or black.
I won't draw overly cluttered avis.
None of You + Me + (Something Extra).
I "can't" do animations.
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Prices ::.

Check the completed list for samples.
My prices are driving me bonkers right now.
Just let me know what you're willing to pay for any of my mediums/styles. =)

.:: Chibis ::.

.:: Animals ::.

.:: Multiple People ::.

.:: Full-sized, Detailed, Uncolored ::.

.:: Lines Only (aka, Lineart) ::.

I Will Accept Tips. <3
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Order Form ::.

I'll keep this simple. Most people think half the work is filling out the form, so I'm gonna cut that in half.

Sample Order Form:
User Name: iAttie Strife
Work Requested: Chibi, Fullbody
Paper or Digital: Digital
Reference Image: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Anything Extra?: Tektek doesn't allow the holding of Siku. I would like to be able to hold Siku. <3
Price: 40k

.:: Code ::.

[b]User Name[/b]:
[b]Work Requested[/b]:
[b]Paper or Digital[/b]:
[b]Reference Image[/b]:
[b]Anything Extra?[/b]: (i.e.; time constraint, full-bodied, colored, etc..)

If you aren't able to provide a reference image, then please provide an item list.

It will be easier on us both if you PM the form to me. PMs get my attention faster, I promise. Though that does not mean that you can't post it here. As long as I'm online, posting here will get my attention. If you blank quote me, that will also get my attention.
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Commissions ::.

--Please Remember that I have the Right to Revoke an Order any time I see fit--

.:: Open Slots ::.

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

.:: Bribe Slot ::.
1 -

.:: Reserved Slots ::.
1 -
2 -
3 -

.:: Freebies ::.
1 -
2 -

.:: Bribes ::.
I like gold, bugs, and inks (rgbw). 3nodding
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High-functioning Hellraiser

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High-functioning Hellraiser

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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Art Trade ::.

If you want to do an art trade, then I'm up for it! Just be sure to get my attention about it first! <3
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High-functioning Hellraiser

I have a tendency to livestream when I get done with the physical part of the drawing. The digital part always takes longer than the drawing part. Watch for when I post up a join.me link.

.:: Livestream via Join.Me ::.
Not currently streaming.

For my sake, change your name to your user name so that I know who you are. Thank you~
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: WIP ::.

If, at any point you want to see a Work in Progress, I will do my best to provide one for you.
If I haven't yet started on your art, I will let you know upon being asked.
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High-functioning Hellraiser

.:: Feedback ::.
I love receiving criticism. If you have positive or negative feedback regarding your order or how my shop is run, then please let me know!
I can't fix anything if I'm not aware of the problem(s).

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