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Welcome to кокзѕнї✖!

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Greetings, fellow Gaians! And welcome to my avatar art shop, кокзѕнї✖! *bow*
I'm please to be able to serve you, and if there is anything you need help with, feel free to ask! Take a look around our shop at some of the things we have to offer, along with the reasonable prices! Even though you're not interested in ordering, you are always welcome to bud into conversations and hang around for a while. Visitors are always welcome!

Enjoy and have a great day wink .

on a hiatus && working on your commissions!
don't worry i won't forget about youu. xd

check below for the progress....

Since 18/05/09
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August 8-19: Limited edition chibis are here only for week, get them fast! There are only 10 slots. (: Look below for dets.

July 20-24: Sorry guys, I have volunteering this week all day so I won't be making much progress. =.=; Please bear with me. (=

July 4th: Happy Independance Day!

July 1st: Happy Canada Day, eh? smile

May 18: owo! FIREWORKS!!! Happy Victoria Day everyone, Canadian or not!

April 15th, 2009:
*Prices are being raised slightly today, because I feel like my prices are a bit low.If you do not agree, then please do not order.*

April 12th, 2009: Happy Easter everyone! GRAND OPENING TODAII!

Cheniie is currently questing: Reve Rouille and The Nightmare.
kishanna is currently questiong; Picolitrosso's Urn.

Please help them on their quests smile

Want me to put a notice up here? Just PM me! (:

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I will only do the orders that I've accepted and sent a trade first.

Regular Slots ✖:


✖Misty <----done; waiting to scan
✖Call Me Hatsu <----done, waiting to scan
✖Mutilating Sanity/bribe
✖Mutilating Sanity/bribe

✖x_cheniie <----done, waiting to scan
✖Ametra <----done, waiting to scan
✖NidHogg <----doone, also waiting to scan

YO! Scanning may take a while, I don't have a scanner, so I have to ask my dear friend (x__cheniie) to help me do that. It's summer, and hey, I'm getting lazy. So I will usually finish a group of com
missions , then get it all scanned! Please be a patient camper. (:
Scanning ✖:

✖meltingsnowflake14; colored chibi

Waiting List ✖:

Art Trade ✖:

*If you are willing to wait a few days to get onto the regular slots, then please send your trade to me, and I will put you on the waiting list.*

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[About Ryuu] Hey everyone! Well, as you can see, I made this shop not to just earn some money, but mostly for practice...well,er scratch that....I'm also trying to earn some gold. (bwahahaha) I have been drawing ever since I was 7 but I'm still trying to improve and constructive criticism is always appreciated! Hehe..anyways, keep on reading!
Age: 13
Birthday: October 1995
Country: Canada
Interests: video games...chyeah....volleyball, biking, reading,listening to music
Hobbies: Improving on my art, martial arts, playing piano, going on the computer.
Background: Chinese-Mandarin. WOOT! (:
Favourite Artists/Bands: Alexisonfire, Lostprophets, Jay Chou, Big Bang, Super Junior, Morning Musume

Yeap...that's about it.

Current obsessions: G-Dragon <3 and c-walkingg. (: teach me how!

User Image
✖of course...always follow and obey the ToS.
please put the page number of your order in your trade! It's so frustrating for me to take time to actually try to find your order...so please make my day a bit easier. (:
✖no begging, flaming, fighting and/or swearing. zero-tolerance, okay?
✖absolutely no stretching pages or quoting the first page.
✖do not t@lK LyK dIS, because it is annoying and no one will want to talk to you.
✖no stealing the ARTS!! (ex. removing my signature cuz it's just so easy to do...maybe I should sign OVER the picture? Nah...)
✖i have the rights to ignore an order, just because I don't like you, (lol jk jk) or if you are on the black list. (note: there is no such thing as a black list in this shop....don't make me create one just for you. twisted )
✖yeah....just have a great time here! whee

I WILL draw:

✖girls/guys <---may take a bit longer than girls
✖muscly individuals xp
✖backgrounds [free of charge!]
✖OCs, only with a reference picture. and a detailed description
✖couples/groups, we'll see if I am willing to do some yaoi/yurei. razz , JUST REMEMBER: NO PORNO!

I WILL NOT draw:
✖zombie skin, grombie skin, alien skin, mecha form, etc. BLEH,sorry.
✖hentai....and all that jazz
✖extremely cluttered avatars. unless you're planning to eliminate some stuff.


Mod"er*a`tor, n. [L.: cf. F. mod['e]rateur.]

One who, or that which, moderates, restrains, or pacifies. --Sir W. Raleigh.

Dictionaries are my BFFs. smile


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Anywho, when I'm not around, this person may/may not be around to guide you if you have a question.She knows a lot about the shop too. Please pay her some respect too and and don't be afraid to ask her a question.
She doesn't bite. Or at least I think she doesn't (;

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2 different styles: Chibi and Regular


User ImageUser ImageUser Image


User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Or visit my deviantart account for more examples.

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Colored-add 4k
Couples-add 6k for each additional person

Flob: 6ooog
Headshot: 5ooog
Waist-up: 8ooog
Full Body: 1oooog


Flob: 8ooog
Waist-up: 1oooog
Full Body: 12ooog
User Image

The way it goes downn ✖:
✖You post your order in the thread (no PMing!)
✖I accept your order
✖You send your trade, with the page number as the title!
✖I accept trade start working on order.
✖I finish order, post it in Pick-Up section. (see below)
✖You recieve the art, accept trade.
✖Everyone is happy. X)

Copy and paste the form below onto a new reply in this thread. Do not order if all slots [ plus waiting list slots] are full!

[size=24][b][color=#FFA824]I WANT ART!✖ [/color][/b][/size]
[b]commision type...[/b]flob/headshot/waist-up/full-body
[b]color...[/b]yes/no. keep in mind that coloring+3k
[b]avi/reference...[/b]tektek is best
[b]comments...[/b]anything extra...if you are bribing, then tell me here :D[/size]

limited edition chibis

chuu can get dur form here;;

[size=24][b][color=#FFA824] mwah.✖ [/color][/b][/size]
[b] l i m i t e d e d. c h i b i p l e a s e e.[/b]
[b]color...[/b]just a basic color that will be in your picture. if you really wanna get specifc, you can use a hex code such as #666666 if you want. but you're not guaranteed in getting the exact color. sorry!
[b]avi/reference...[/b]tektek is best
[b]comments...[/b]anything extra...things you want me to ad...words...background? :D[/size]

*for my use only razz *

username... x_cheniie
commision type...fullbody
color...yes ... it is a rainbow afterall
avi/reference... lol sorry no tektek once again; maybe later
User Image
comments...hehehe you wait and see

username... melting_snowflake14
commision type...fullbody
color...Yes please
avi/reference... Order to draw in::
[x] Me
[x] Kana
[x] Cam
[x] Manga
User Image Stary
[x] Mizu. (Draw with bangs) ><
[x] Fii
Me and Fii:: Pease sign
Cam, Manga and kana:: arms over each other
Stary and Mizu:: hugging

commision type...waist-up
avi/reference...User Image
comments... can you make hermmy (the rabbit) be giving me a flower and the avi reaching towards it and the staff pitched in the ground wink

** All refs are tekteks **

username... melting_snowflake14
commision type... fullbody
style... chibi
color... yes :3
avi/reference... User Image

username... melting_snowflake14
commision type... fullbody
style... chibi
color... yes :3
avi/reference... User Image

commision type...full-body
color... no
avi/reference... User Image

User Image

-tip or bribe
bold:repeated customers

Applesauce Massacre
Aicha Megami
In A Silent Way
Sprinkle Bear

The White Countess
iWeapon Mistress
Lieutenant Kiater
Wished For
Mutilating Sanity
The Negro Kirby

tip or no tip...I heart you all.

User Image

T H I S W A Y I N ;

User Image


A N D T H I S W A Y O U T ;

PM me your links or post it here in the thread. I'll always check over the pages before if I've been gone for a while. GIVE ME MORE LINKS NAOW! twisted

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User ImageUser Image
User Image User Image

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Got no money? Really want some art? Well, you know...there's bribery. lol
Here are some things that you can bribe me with.

Pure Gold: No less than 35k

User Image Jenny Doll
User Image Coocoon (any gen.)
User Image Cloud (you'll get really good art, and more than one piece)
i like your art <3

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