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Special Offer!! See "Price$" section for details
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The Art~
Forms of Payment
Ordering Form
Announcements and Updates
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-Always follow the Gaia Terms of Service
-No annoying behaviour (Spamming, cussing etc.)
-Bumping is allowed and greatly appreciated
-No page stretching
-Please do not advertise here, it is not polite
-Please try not to use chat speech, it's annoying and sometimes hard to read
-Do not PM me with questions, I only have so much room left in my mailbox. So post them here and I will answer it
-My word here is rule XD
-Have fun
The Art~User Image

Will happily do:
-Originals (With detailed description or reference)
-Avi art
-Ragnarok Online
-Pokemon (Normal or Gijinka)

Will not do:
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Sorry, I have a personal dislike for it, just too many of them out there)
-Most mechanical things (But you can try asking me, there are some that I might not mind drawing)

Other than that, I'll draw anything, perhaps even cluttered avi if I think I could handle it. I'm better at drawing girls than boys by the way^^"

Sample art can be found in my DeviantArt Gallery
Price$User Image

Special Offer!!: Buy 5,000 or more tickets from |-Ryu Lotto-| The Riches of a Dragon, and get a free Lined CG headshot from me. I will still draw it during hiatus

Headshot: 7,000 g
Bust shot (Waist up): 9,000 g
Full body: 10,000 g
Chibi Headshot: 8,000 g
Chibi Full body: 10,000 g

Line Art:
Headshot: 10,000 g
Bust shot: 12,000 g
Full body: 13,000 g
Chibi Headshot: 12,000 g
Chibi Full body: 13,000 g

Pencil Colored Art:
Headshot: 27,000 g
Bust shot: 29,000 g
Full body: 32,000 g
Chibi Headshot: 29,000 g
Chibi Full body: 32,000 g

Lined CG:
Headshot: 30,000 g
Bust shot: 32,000 g
Full body: 35,000 g
Chibi Headshot: 32,000 g
Chibi Full body: 35,000 g

Unlined CG:
Headshot: 40,000 g
Bust shot: 45,000 g
Full body: 50,000 g

*New* Pixels:
Sprites (about 100px*100px in size): 20,000 g

And additional 50% of the original price will be charged for each additional characters added to the picture.
e.g. Full body unlined CG costs 50,000 g. Then 25,000 g will be charged to add another character to the pic.

Background: +10,000 g

-Note: I only know how to do simple backgrounds, I might reject your request if I find the background too complicated-
Forms of PaymentUser Image

-By Gaia Gold

-By Monthly Collectibles
Paying with monthly collectibles will get you a free request up to a full body Lined CG art with only 1 character to a picture and no background, or you will have to pay an additional of 5,000g for each character from the 2nd one on and 5,000g for a background, but may vary with the price of the item.

-By Evolving Items

Paying with monthly collectibles will get you a free request with only 2 characters to a picture and no background, or you will have to pay an additional of 5,000g for each character from the 3rd one on and 5,000g for a background, but may vary with the price of the item.

-By My Questing Items
Paying with one of my questing items will get you a free request, but no more than 5 characters to a picture, or you will have to pay an additional of 5,000 g for each character from the 6th one on. This may vary from the price of the item.

Questing List:

Hermes' Moon
Oculus Magica
Kitsune Mask
Elegant Veil
Winter Fox Mink
Oculus Mythica
Inari's Beads
Enchanted Book
Yama no Tamago
Fallen Wish
Gogh Reed
Fremere's Guard
Anima Adamantea
Jinxi's Charm
Reve Rouille
Fremere's Guard
Albus Egg
Elemental Wings
Kottan Bell
Chill of Artemis

Multiples Wanted: (The items here can be given to me again even if someone gave one to me already)

Sundae Sweets
Ninja Fish Drop
Ninja Fish

Any generation of the EI will be accepted.

Sorry, but I do not accept Art Trades
Ordering FormUser Image

Post orders in this thread or PM them to me. PMs will be attend to later than the orders in this thread
[b]Form of Art:[/b] Sketches/ CG/ Headshot/ Chibi etc.
[b]Background:[/b] Yes/ No
[b]Description:[/b] What you want me to draw, reference etc.
[b]Total no. of Characters:[/b]
[b]Price:[/b] The total price or what you pay with

The slots are given out on a first come first serve basis. I will not be saving any slots for anyone. But you can bribe me to add one more slot for you. Whether I will depends on how much you bribe me with = v = and how many orders I have at that time

1. IanCC
2. Realmii
3. Lady Karris

You must send the trade before I start drawing. I will accept the trade when I'm done.
ProgressUser Image

I usually have other request arts outside of Gaia, and I also have work, so it may take some time to finish the orders here. I will try to get them done within a week, but I can't guarantee that. Please bear with me.

If you find that your request is taking too long, you could cancel your request even if I've started working on it already. Of course, I hope you would not do that^^"

Work in Progress:

-IanCC--Waiting for PM reply
-Lady Karris

Finished: -Newest on top-
Ice Master
Jirachi Mist
Vincent Bloodheart
Freebies!User Image

I will give random freebies in this thread for:
-The first person to reach page 50
-The first person to reach every 100 page
-Nice people who sticks around
-Anyone who got on my good side XD
Annoucements and UpdatesUser Image

May 17,2009
Special Offer!!: Buy 10,000 or more tickets from |-Ryu Lotto-| The Riches of a Dragon, and get a free sketch from me.

May 8,2009
Added Pixels to the list of art type I'm doing^^

May 8,2009
I've separated MCs from EIs in the forms of payment, since EIs usually worth way more than MCs

May 5,2009
Ok, after the long, long hiatus of this shop, I'm going to reopen it again. I'm only accepting one request at a time, and I've increased the cost for a bit, since the inflation had been insane since I've opened this shop.

May 26, 2008
This Art Shop is officially open!
Not too major of a change.

Name:Vincent Bloodheart
Date:May 26,2008
Form of Art:Lined,CG,Bust Shot(with the little shadow guy jumping into the air some how, XD)
Background: No
Description:My AVI I give you total artistic freedom over the art,I just ask that he have like a serious expression,thats it from me ^^;
Total no. of Characters:1
I have been lurking in your thread the whole time,waiting for you to open XDDD
Name: Jirachi Mist
Date: May 26 2008
Form of Art: CG waist up with lines
Background: No thank you
Description: [x] Umm just draw her with a rose would be fine xD
Total no. of Characters:1
Price: 14k+tips heart

If you accept I will send the trade whee

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