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Chibi !! 0.66666666666667 66.7% [ 2 ]
digital art 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 1 ]
traditional art 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
sketch 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 3 ]
This poll closed on December 3, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Open- Away - Busy - Full - Closed

When the status is :
Open = you can order
Away= you can order, i ll see it when i am back
Busy= you can order but you ll need to wait, cz there is orders b4 you
Full= Don't order , cause i have alot D:
Closed= PM me for Art ^.^

Contest tektek
Coming soon

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* Announcements And Updates*

*october 20th 2013 have 3 orders >w< , and almost done with one, and sketching the others

* september 18th 2013 :minimized the posts in 1st page x.x
* september 9th 2013 : accepting orders again :3
*March 16th 2013: free art
*March 14th 2013 new styles i guess
*December 2012: i am giving Freebies ~ !
*november 1st 2012 : i will be working on all freebies and the winners arts in weekend ^_^
*25th october 2012: constest is over , and winners are announced !
*30th spetember 2012 : 1st contest in ! the ideas is for Star-Coon-Kid
* 19th september 2012 : Since i do not have any art request now, and i wanna draw O: ! I started working on a project heart which I love it and whee i can't wait to finish it [ then i need to do the freebies that i have to do and art trade O: ] :3 but you can order anytime ^.^
* 18th september 2012, Shop Open again, but still during exam, i will draw but slowly, but i ll pick like one Art to work on it in a day or two >.<
*13th sep =( so sick ! i missed my exam, but i did a request yesterday, and i only have 2 more freebie and coloring something
*September 5th 2012, did 3 requests, still 3 more requests [ without counting freebies ] and need to close shop for a while, because of exams x3 , wish me luck !
*august 30th 2012 ,full and 250 vote ^o^
*august 24th 2012 , done with all the shop [ even that im thinking about a new layout, but for now this is it , and open to business again ^o^ , with 223 likes and 23 dislikes , popular !
*august 21th 2012, 3 pm GMT finish my new shop layout lol, it is cute xD heart still the samples and galleries post , i need to work on it smile
*august 21th 2012, working on changing shop's layout ^o^ !
*august 21th 2012 my thread got the popularity back with 5 likes, but the likes kept coming , and i had 223 likes ! average 200 , <3 thank you all heart !
* august 19th 2012 , Total unique visitors: 814 [ i wish that evey visitor <3 my thread please , ty<3
* 181 likes in the thread and 20 dislikes, i dunno why , i hope that they tell me >.>... [ anyway thank you all for ur opinions <3
*august 13th 2012, average thingy in that square is 150 likes ^O^ ! ty !!! heart
*august 10th 2012,finished an order, and did an order lineart for ray[couple normal] and gonna fix an order, and 165 likes ! heart
*August 4th : DID 100 ORDERS ! and 153 likes for now heart
*151 likes ! heart
*august 1st 2012 : digital art bust and headshot and sketchz and colored are in biggrin
*31th july 2012 , my birthday is coming in 5 days !!! O:
*27th july 2012 , first post on page 150 will get a free art with colors heart
*27th july 2012 : 139 likes and 14 dislikes =rated :125 [ must reach 200 likes 4laugh
* july 17,2012 :Officially ART SHOP is popular with 104 [ 117 likes, 13 dislikes]
*july 13 2012, 110 vote [ 100 likes ! ] heart ty all!!, special thanks for Princess Kuchiki for staying and chattin in the thread, and helping me getting this number of pages O: <3
*july 12,2012 love my customers 4laugh
*july 12 2012 :102 votes [ 90 likes, 12 dislikes]= rated 78 ( i wanna reach 150 likes by rating) whee
*since June 25, 2012 til July 12,2012 : 216 visitors*points to link up*
* Apr 30, 2012: ReOPEN heart
*Jan 03, 2010: opened


1. Follow the gaia rules
2. Feel free to PM me or post your order here, but make sure that you quote me ^.^
3. Do not quote anything from the front page
4. somtimes i may ask for the item list.
5. You get your art with water color mark on it, til the trade is done [ sorry had some prob that is why]
6. Do not steal my art
7. Please do not rush me, but you can ask how much it is done .
8. Not first come, first serve, but sometimes it happen xD
9.As soon as i accept your order , please send the trade .

Gold gotten from this shop: 8730 k heart
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Slots On hiatus
when my slots are closed, the price will be discussed between the customer and me [ if they ordered via pm or in the shop here ]

1- the legendary guest [ couple normal full ] [ Coloring][75 %]



Extra Slot via PM:

* Robotic Penguin Tracks a chibi colored done

Reserved Slot

* For princess Kuchiki [ 4 couples ]

Waiting on reply but sketched: chiiiboo

Order Form

[align=center][b][size=18]:puddi:[color=red] I[/color] :puddi:[color=orange] Would[/color] :puddi: [color=yellow]Love[/color] :puddi: [color=green]To[/color] :puddi: [color=blue]Have [/color]:puddi:[color=indigo] Art[/color] :puddi:[/size][/b][/align]
*avi: 1 avi , couple
*Reference: [ if u ll change ur avi b4 i draw u , put a reference here please, or the reference of the avi that u want me to draw ]
*style: Chibi or normal
*Digital or traditional :
*Colored [ yes or no ]:
*pose [ if there is any ]
* extra :
* offer :


User Image
Traditional samples :

normal :

User Image User Image User Image User Image


User Image User Image User Image User Image

couple [ chibi and normal ]:

User Image User Image

Digital :


User Image User Image


User Image User Image User Image
User Image


User Image this september 12th 2012

Digital well shaded :

User Image User Image
For more samples there is galleries



for more new samples visit my DeviantArt
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Normal half avi:
[character = offer ]

*traditional line art: 50 k
*traditional colored: 90 k
*digital line art: 60 k
*digital full colored: 100 k

Normal full avi:
[character > offer ]

[no full avi lineart]
*traditional colored: 150 k
*digital full colored: 250k [knee up]

[character =offer]

[no chibi lineart]
*traditional colored: 100 k
*digital full well shaded: 150 k

Couples are double and with colors
[character > offer ]

no uncolored couples

3 persons or more ( bust or chibi or full )


questing these :3

* User Image User Image*User Image User Image* User Image* User Image* User Image* User Image*
User Image User Image User Image* User Image*
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~Art cafe~ popular thread

Art that i got in gaia

Price My Art <3

Freebies Shop popular thread ^o^

digital shop
User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops/temp-art-cafe-2-digital-colored-open/t.81453387/][img]http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/o617/naizy7/Freebies tablet/p2-1.jpg[/img][/url]

Contest im in now :

[ none ]
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Invisible Fairy

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i recommend with these shops 3nodding

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[X] Welcome to ~Chaos' Art Shop~! NEW ITEM!

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

For RP >.<
User Image

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