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I realized the way your eyes deceived me...

Welcome to Paper Roses. First of all, know that this is a bribe shop. All throughout the store, you'll see references to Marie Osmond's Song, Paper Roses. This is my 6th shop, and I've learned a lot while selling my art. I'm not someone who's going to draw you some masterpiece for 100g, remember that. But i'm not gonna make you go broke just to afford some of my art. This shop is mainly practicing so i can get better. I truly hope you'll help me to become a better artist. Just as a reminder to first-time customers, I cannot start your order until you send the trade.
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...With tender looks that i mistook for love...

1/1/10 - Happy new Year!
25/12/09 - Merry Christmas!
24/12/09 - Shop begins construction
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...So take away the flowers that you gave me...
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ElectroPhi - E•leck•tro•fye

So this is me. You can call me Electro or Phi, or Leanie. I enjoy drawing, painting etc. My favorite movie is Monty Python's Life of Brian. I've been on gaia for 2 and a half years. I love the Beatles, wings and the Osmonds. I have brown hair and eyes and in-case you can't tell, i'm a girl. That is the shortest summary of me ever put together. Oh yes, i am a spelling hound, don't try and pass 'wat' or 'plz' with me. I'm complex and often my text doesn't display any emotion. I don't donate. I am in desperate need of a time machine, so if you have one, please loan it to me. Anatomy is not my forte. My dream is to become a graphic designer and to own a gallery. I am a reminiscer, so beware. I love people who stick around to chat ❤.
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...And send the kind that you remind me of...

Just a few things to remember when posting.
✔ Follow The T.o.s
✔ Send me a trade right after you're accepted so i can start
✗ Don't Flame
✗ No Foul Language
✗ Don't Order and Run
✗ No Text talk
✗ DO NOT STEAL, MODIFY, SELL, SAVE or DISPLAY my work without my permission
✗ No Spam
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...Paper Roses, Paper Roses...

Take a gander at some of my work. Remember the rules.

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...Oh how real those roses seemed to be...

Keep your price offering reasonable. I do not do Anthro, Mecha, Yuri/Yaoi or Nudity. Everything else is fine. You may pay with LARGER items. DO NOT PM ME, POST IN THE THREAD. Due dates must be reasonable, i'm not gonna be able to finish something by tommorow. Note that your price offering will affect the quality of the order (shading, coloring, detail etc.)

[align=center][color=#a40415][b]❣Paper Roses, Paper Roses❣[/b][/color][/align]
Style: (Chibi, Manga, Realism etc.)
Size: (HeadShot, Fullbody, Bust etc.)
Price Offering:
Due date?:
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...But they're only imitations...

You'll appear here when you're accepted.

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Lady Akuetta
❣Paper Roses, Paper Roses❣

Username:Lady Akuetta
Style: Chibi and Manga
Size: Chibi = Bust up Manga = Full body
Reference: Current avi [will not dare to change it]
Price Offering: 200gg plus tip = about 1-2k? <3
Comments: Yaaaaay xD
Due date?: Whenever you can get it done ^^

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Slot Two is Open!

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Slot 3 is Open!

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Slot 4 is Open!

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Slot 5 is Open!

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...Like your imitation love for me...

This list is empty. Be glad and don't fill it.
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...I thought that you would be a perfect lover...

✩LadyTNT - My wonderful mother
✩TreasureGecko - My Little Brother
✩Jazzdox - My Awesome Dad
✩Coldplaying at Hogwarts - The Funny Superfan
✩Bunnai - Old Friend But a Good Friend C:
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...You seemed so full of sweetness at the start...

Feel free to take these and distribute & display them.

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...But like a big red rose that's made of paper...

We strongly encourage visiting these wonderful shops! ( But don't stray too far C: )

Please Private message ElectroPhi, or Leave a comment on my profile to become an affiliate!
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...There isn't any sweetness in your heart...

This post is just waiting until Phi finds something to do with it.
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...Paper Roses, Paper Roses...

This post is just waiting until Phi finds something to do with it.
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...Oh how real those roses seem to be...

This post is just waiting until Phi finds something to do with it.
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...But they're only imitations...

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