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♫♪ Dinosaurs And A Rubber Duck And Rainbows And Balloons! ♪♫
"This Is So Much Fun!" Exclaimed Tomi. "I Love Being On The Moon!"

"Let's Go On An Adventure!" Said The Little Green Dinosaur.
"Yes Yes Let's Go!!!" They All Started To Roar.

So They Walked Up On The Moon And They Sat Up On The Clouds.
You Could Tell They Had Such Fun By Their Playful Silly Sounds.

Later That Day, Tomi Shouted "Hooray!"

"This Has Been So Great! I Had So Much Fun! But I Have To Get Going Home Soon.." Tomi Spoke With Gloom.

"We Should Meet Up Again Sometime!" Said The Little Toy Creatures With Their Wonderful Features.

Then They Waved Goodbye.
And Tomi Walked On By.

Waiting For That Wonderous Day
When They'd Meet On The Moon To Play.
✖Rules of the Shop✖

✖Follow Gaia's ToS
✖No Spam Posts
✖No Badmouthing
✖No Discriminating Against Others In This Thread
✖If You Don't Like My Art, Don't Order. Simple As That.
✖Put A heart In Yur Order To Show That Yu Have Read The Rules Or I Will Not Accept It.

✖Samples & Styles✖

-Samples Removed-
Regular FullBody Art
-Samples Removed-

-Pricing Removed-

✖II Sex Panda II >> Fullbody Couple, Ink+Color >> 6k + 4k Tip >> Needs Ink+Color 3nodding
✖Koekjesmonster >> Nubby Style2, Ink+Color >> 1.2k + Tip >> Needs Ink+Color 3nodding
✖iKeety >> NubbyChibi Couple, Ink+Color >> 1.4k+Tip >> sweatdrop
✖Akiko_Miyahara >> Nubby Chibi Couple, Ink+Color >> 1.4k >> sweatdrop

✖RMS-141--XekuEins--Type-3 >> 2 Nubby Chibi Orders; 1 Ink+ColorByMe; 1 Ink, ColorByVeVe >> sweatdrop
✖Prlcanerd >> Fullbody, Ink+Color >> 3k >> Needs Ink+Color 3nodding
✖Ishmeluv >> NubbyChibiStyle, Couple, Ink+Colored >> 1.4k >> sweatdrop
✖Crimson Blossoms >> Fullbody, Ink+ColoredByVeVe >> 3.5k+Poss.Tip >> sweatdrop
✖X iDorkie >> Fullbody, Ink >> 2k+2kTip >> sweatdrop

✖Juggalett Alice >> Fullbody Couple, Ink+Color >> 6k+1.5kTip >> sweatdrop
✖II D0RKii II >> 2 FullBody Orders; 1 Inked, 1 Ink+Color >>5k+Tip >> sweatdrop
✖BeastOf3Souls >> Fullbody, Ink+Color >> 3k >> sweatdrop
✖InDepEndeNT_zEBra >> Fullbody, Ink+Color >> 3k >> sweatdrop

✖KellyzOfficial >> Nubby Chibi, Inked + Colored >> Made A Banner >> Needs Ink + Color 3nodding
✖X Frozen Dreams >> Nubby Chibi, Inked + Colored >> Adv. Meh Arts. Cx >> 3nodding
✖liloboloo >> Fullbody Ink+Color >> sweatdrop

✖S p u z z e h >> Fullbody, Inked + Colored >> 20k Total heart heart heart heart heart
✖bluesparkzzz >> Nubby, Inked >> 1k Total heart
✖Sara Obscura >> Fullbody, Inked + Colored >> 3k Total
✖SakuraNinjutsu >> Fullbody, Inked >> 2.2k Total heart
✖Sugar Venom >> Nubby2, Inked >> 5.5k Total heart heart heart
✖Messieurs >> Nubby, Inked + Colored >> .7k Total
✖X i Frozen Dreams >> Fullbody, Inked + Colored >> 8k Total heart heart
✖runs__with__scissors >> Fullbody, Inked >> 2k Total
✖XSugar_AppleX >> Fullbody, Inked + Colored >> 3k Total
✖i6 tails raijuu >> Regular Chibi, Inked+Colored>> 2k Total heart heart
✖jimmy4lag >> Nubby Style2, Inked + Colored >> .7k Total exclaim
✖Rawr10009 >> Fullbody, Ink+Color>> 3k >>
✖x_Toxic Waffles_x >> Fullbody, Ink >> 2k >>
✖Ekedo kun >> Furry Fullbody Couple, Color >> 6kTotal heart
✖Xx Crazy For Emmett xX >> NubbyChibi, Ink+Color>> 6.2k Total >> heart heart
✖DawnFall >> NubbyChibi Style2, Ink+Color >> 2.3k Total >> heart heart
✖NyunNyuChii >> NubbyChibi, Ink+Color >> 1.7kTotal heart
✖oOPandaLoveOo >> Nubby Chibi, Inked, Colored By VeVe >> 850g Total

✖✖Buyers Will Be PMed Their Art.

*Cuts The Ribbon*
Meep. 1st xD
Yay. Cx Thank you Bear!! C:
*latches onto thread*
This looks good!
Omigosh. :'D Really??
Yeah! I like your order form, it's creative.

Ah~ my kitty is sitting on my keyboard (random)
Yeah. Cx It's Just Expanded From The Name Of The Shop. BTW, Thanks So Much For Helping Me With It Last Night! C:
Oooh. Kitty On Keyboard? Is It Basement Kitty? Cx

Sorry I had to restart my compy.....
C: That's Okay Bear.
EDIT: BTW, I Finished Your Racer Bear Drawing. I'll Scan It In A Bit. C:

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