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I suddenly really want to draw a couple. Like idk why this never happens.
Preferably something like to your left.
I don't have many couple samples soooo check my Deviant art account and stuff.

Also, just because I want to draw a couple- doesn't mean I don't want gold. I'm sorry. Drawing couples takes A LOT of time.
Will probably also be more inspired if I have a full body pose reference.

Fill this out plz:

[b]Hair colors:[/b]
[b]Eye colors:[/b]
[b]Pose suggestion:[/b]
[b]Bribing with:[/b]

**PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT get animation. That's another gold story. 'Kay?
Oooh ooh ohh and I I I.
Give me back my money and give me back my time.
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Dapper Genius

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Username: d a t n u t e l l a and Gakurin
References: my current ( wont be changing )
Hair colors: whadafup does this mean e.e ? Uhh... Purple (mine) Gray (Gakurin)
Eye colors: green (mine ) gray (Gakurin)
Pose suggestion: can I kiss him on the cheek o: ? I want him to be blushing and surprised
Bribing with: 50k

Please quote me ASAP
d a t n u t e l l a

Sorry but, no thank you.
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Blessed Demigod

          Username: buttflustered
          References: viri and deo
          Hair colors: pale blue + blueishpurple
          Eye colors: blue + mint green
          Pose suggestion: viri is tsun for deo so?? do whatever you want orz
          Bribing with: 150k //so bad at prices ; 7;

Pfffft. Viri is the prettiest man I have ever seen. * q*// A+ for you.
Butuh. JBKsdsg. I'm going to have to decline. I don't think I'd do them justice.
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Blessed Demigod


          hahah yes he is the prettiest man anyone has ever seen
          and thats alright i guess, thank you anyways! hoarding coupleart is so hard ughugh
Username: AmberTruesdale
Hair colors: Blonde and Brunette
Eye colors: purple and gold
Pose suggestion: You can have free range
Bribing with: 130K?
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Greedy Noob

Username: mr S3LF D3STRUCT
References: here are a whole bunch
Hair colors: platinum blonde + honey blonde with redish brown
Eye colors: light brown + grey/almost black
Pose suggestion: holding haaands? or anything fluffy idk lol
Bribing with: 180k


Ahh, both very cute but, no thank you. ; v;//

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