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Small revamp done, what do you think?

Needs new layout. 0.037037037037037 3.7% [ 1 ]
Needs to be clearer and more concise. 0.074074074074074 7.4% [ 2 ]
Yay, slots again! 0.40740740740741 40.7% [ 11 ]
Fufufu, where did the fullbodies go? 0.074074074074074 7.4% [ 2 ]
ILU <3 0.40740740740741 40.7% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 27 ]
I'll wait I don't mind ^^ And that song is good.

Aww that's no good Crux. Cramp in exams definitely bad.

And you shouldn't get embarrassed Dai ^^
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bippa-san's Partner

Magical Datemate

Fleetwood Mac.

And I'll try not to be!
I will!!!

I know you guys are. Never said otherwise. ^u^

Anyways. I'm going to head off for a bit. I'll see you all later.
Stay safe!
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Supreme Demigod

I love FM DX my friend was infatuated with it on our way to a theme park one day and all he could sing was little lies XD.
No Cramp sucks hard and I wish it would die XD;;;; Lol I love my music too much XD.
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Hallowed Healer

Fairly Mental
Hehe that's because it took the whole bloody year to evolve. If you buy one now...it won't be complete until next year.
Hehe yeah it does a bit

But if you're patient it earns you a nice bit of coin (:

I had a 1st gen, 2nd and so on. Sold one as soon as they got their final stage and bought the younger gen to then wait some more n_n

Then again I'm busybusy so I hardly realise a month passes n_n;

@Crux: Oh no cramps D:
Hope you don't have any for other exams. :s

@Daikizen: Oh hello there!
Spotted you in here before ;3

Sowwy everyone but today is sooooooo hectic! TwT
Just like yesterday!
I might stream later tonight though, after my dinner.
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Supreme Demigod

Heya Ame,
I don''t have any exams now I was talking years ago lol!!! Like... Maybe 7 years xD
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Hallowed Healer

Oh, sorry! My bad x3
I'm confused and all being overworked at uni :B
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Supreme Demigod

Its kay :3
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bippa-san's Partner

Magical Datemate

Ame: Hi hi!!!
I'll call you Ame too! If that's alright?
Yes, you might have.
I'm here to stay! ^u^
Because I guess, I like you guys.

I know how you feel there....

Can I get a hug?
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Hallowed Healer

Hey Daiki!
Of course you can, if I can shorten your name too to whatever you prefer (:

And people who stick around are always appreciated n_n

@Crux: I'm just getting old I guess 4laugh
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bippa-san's Partner

Magical Datemate

Ame: Dai would be fine.
Everyone calls me Dai.
Well, besides those who use my real name.

All the more reason to stay!!
- is bricked -

You're not old Ame!!!
You can't....
....wait what's your age, again?
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Supreme Demigod

Ame your not old D<
*hugs tight Dai and Ame in one big super hug* <3
Hehe you're right on the money front. I have a second gen one...I'd buy another if I didn't love it so much lol

And hello everyone else
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Supreme Demigod

Morning Fairly, I am drenched, the rain is horrid I want it to go away Dx;
I know gonk I've spent the day out in it.

OOOh... Crux you have to tell me what thing with the sleeves is...
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Supreme Demigod

Ouch, hope you don't get a cold.
The item is the same as the hair chest and rose....Nymph Adora

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