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Ame's a Master in the Arts now! Now to become a teacher <3

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Draw more! 0.1875 18.8% [ 3 ]
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Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

I like to dream ; w; *dreamy sigh* Then again what are the chances I'll meet a guy like that... Sides he'd have to have a damn good personality for me to even consider going out with him XD
Haha personality is definitely better than muscles. And lets face it, someone like that would be a gym fanatic...
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

That's true but they might be able to whip me into shape XD *shot*
And I'm sure you'd enjoy that immensely. ^^
Amemya's avatar

Hallowed Healer

Crux, you're looking so absolutely gorgeous *v*
Ooh she is. All cream ^^ I like cream
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

Thank you Ame & Fairly~

This is the only cream avi I can make LOL, my lack of cream items limits me : (... I rarely use cream anymore to be fair o wo. Though I love the dress from Zodiacal.
Hehe I do love zodiacal .It was so incredibly pretty
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

It's still in the cash shop but it has taken a year and a bit to complete so I'm really surprised XD; I like the eyes my avi has, makes her look angry a little XD Haha!
Hehe that's because it took the whole bloody year to evolve. If you buy one now...it won't be complete until next year.
Hehe yeah it does a bit
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

Haha xD thats true, but I traded a fully evolved one for a still evolving one cause a friend of mine really wanted one so I wasn't really using it so I said he could have it. :3 I always make angry avis xD I want to try and make sexy xD
Hehe well I suppose that makes sense ^^ And he must have been pleased.

And you can try. Nothing wrong with a sexy avi once in a while
Megitsune no Gin's avatar

Eloquent Evader

He thought that he had the wrong evolution but I told him that there are 13 phases not 12. So he bears that in mind next time XD;
I know there is nothing wrong but I unno last time I did risque I went full burlesque xD
Hehe not really. It's hard to remember all of them.

I don't think there's anything wrong with burlesque. I'm not that good at risque, burlesque or even nakey
Daikizen's avatar

Omnipresent Gawker

- crashes in -

Hi again everyone!!!

Muscles? Evolution?

What did I miss?

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