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Wheee! Since i have oh so much time on my hands these days, i've decided to reopen my avi art shop =D

So welcome to the new and improved.. CookiesWorld { of amazingly cute chibi avatar art :] }
A minishop brought to you by the oh so wonderful cookie
=D <33
Thats right, so this be my minishop. Take a look around hopefully you see something you like!

Bribe meeee <3

Check out my DA

& a BIG thankyou to Pancakes` ilu<333
and pipper & Apple

Moving on...

Free doodle to first post on page 100 , 150 , 200
{ excluding me of course }

Also.. =D Why not check out sylvie's cuuutetastic art <3
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Post 01----------------& Welcome.
^ you are here ^

Post 02--------------------& Rules.
Post 03------& Samples and Prices.
Post 04---------------& Order form.
Post 05---------------& Slots.
Post 06---------------& Customers.

Ho Snap theres rules! Thats right.
They aren't here just to look pretty.. so
obey them

.1. Follow Gaia ToS
.2. Do not steal my work
.3. Do not stretch the page
.4. Do not Pm me your orders
.5. Be nice
.6. Do not edit my work
.7. I can refuse your order
.8. Follow these rules

I may add more later

ingle ;;

User Image User Image User Image

Price// .

ouple ;;

User Image User Image User Image

Price// .


Order Form.
The need to know if your planning on ordering

Just copy&paste then fill :3 ;;

[color=#24CE28][size=24]Draw me [b]Please[/b][/size][/color][size=9][align=left][color=black]
Single or couple -
Name/s wanted on art [if any]-
Avatar/s - [image of AVATAR]
Desired Pose -
Desired Expression -
Trade sent? -

Please send trade once your order has been confirmed.
I will confirm my side of the trad when your art has been finished.
Please complete trade and pick up your art.

I won't start art unless trade is sent

also.. please use your own hosted image of the avatar.. so if you change your avi the one posted in the order form doesn't change gonk
Tektek's are also good
& preferably the User Image
Check here before you order <3

------& Slots ;; Regular

.1. Open { status } Trade;; . Art;;

.2. Closed { status } Trade;; . Art;;

.3. Closed { status } Trade;; . Art;;

.4. Closed { status } Trade;; . Art;;

.5. Closed { status } Trade;; . Art;;

------& Slots ;; Bribe

.1. Open { status } Trade;; . Art;;

.2. Open { status } Trade;; . Art;;

Thanks to all of you guys <3

------& Past customers ;;

[x] FancyPantz x3
[x] Bite Me Then
[x] Greedz_Rawkz
[x] Greedz_Rawkz
[x] Bite Me Then
[x] Taiikou
[x] Shrimp Tails
[x] Momoko Sayuri
[x] 17_Coquikun_my_heart_22
[x] Contradicting Irony
[x] Azn Half-Castillios
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] If only
[x] Tanyerz
[x] Yoru Taiyou
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] PsychoValentine
[x] oORychelleOo
[x] Gwin1990
[x] Love Vicariously
[x] PsychoValentine
[x] RadicX
[x] x-Sweet Sweets
[x] x-Sweet Sweets
[x] my plaid shirt
[x] Ahna-Lay
[x] omlett
[x] Black_Rose_Petals
[x] Black_Rose_Petals
[x] Panda-monium B O X
[x] my plaid shirt
[x] sadiegirl01
[x] Greedz_Rawkz
[x] Greedz_Rawkz
[x] Sylvie
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] GopherSaysNo
[x] Gwin1990
[x] Tampon Socket
[x] Melanar
[x] Greedz_Rawkz
[x] Cross Lucane
[x] iiSexLeslie x3
[x] Nerdz Rope
[x] Lite angel15
[x] Jacob is awesome
[x] || Mike ||
[x] Jasmine4i7
[x] Tampon Socket
[x] Candied Peach
[x] Carpet Pediphiles
[x] I Am Fire Fox14
[x] Cmonsterkid
[x] x-iLove K y l i e x3
[x] Jasmine4i7
[x] Lite Angel15
[x] LifeWithHate
[x] Isibi
[x] I Am Fire Fox14
[x] I Am Fire Fox14
[x] SuicideStar
[x] cuddley - sex - chan
[x] PS- I Luff Yew
[x] I Am Fire Fox14
[x] Exxquisite
[x] Lunar-Kuto
[x] Taiikou
[x] Count Marius
[x] -x iTechNoTic x-
[x] XxPerpetual MotionXx
[x] cuddley - sex - chan
[x] Black_Rose_Petals
[x] cuddley - sex - chan
[x] x-popcorns-x
[x] Poppy Yukia
[x] PecheurDoux
[x] Exxquisite
[x] Exxquisite
[x] Perfectly Wicked

------& PastPast customers ;;

[x] Sora [x] whisperingwillow [x] Sora ;2 [x] NitemareOfYourDreams [x] KASKAID [x] [.LaRue.] [x] (a)manda [x] NitemareOfYourDreams ;2 [x] Chicken In A Can [x] Pancakes` [x] Simmy3 [x] FireWaterEarth [x] pipper` [x] Judeophobia [x] P i p p e r` [x] Blue Stem Cell [x] Bopples [x] Bopples ;2 [x] Faeriserena [x] Vampire Phoenix [x] p i p p e r` ;2 [x] DarthObiwan [x] zonic69 [x] Multi988 [x] Minwoo_025 [x] p i p p e r` ;3 [x] vampi [x] Romani Antares [x] Kenta Hikari [x] Isthene [x] stushi [x] .Burnt-Soap. [x] Poki-chan [x] Darktastical [x] Fluffy [x] Sweet`Vanilla [x] p i p p e r`

= tipped
= freebie

------& Latest art

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

So cute! n___n


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Avi Art Please

Style - Two.
Avatar/s - [x]
Preferred Pose - Standing.
Preferred Expression - Normal.
Total Cost - 5.ooog

Second request.

Avi Art Please

Style - Couple.
Avatar/s - Mine & Hers
Preferred Pose - Cuddling. :3
Preferred Expression - Happeh. n 3n
Total Cost - 9.ooog

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