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"*GASP* Is wanita trying to go on a huge quest and that is why she is trying to steal my goldies with her artistic...art?! "

Well, not exactly. I usually only make art for my friends but I have been told multiple times by a certain someone (and she knows who she is) that I should make a shop...so...I did. rolleyes

What kind of art do I make? Zee goold 'ol ink shtuff. That is, I draw using ink..as in...pen...or marker...or whatever the heck I can find laying around the house. BUT DON'T YOU EVEN DARE TO GLIMPSE AT THAT "MINI SHOPS" LINK! My art is rather....unique. See, regardless whether I use a red pen or a blue or even a lime green, whenever I scan the pictures I set it for black and white. THUS, giving it an "ink look". Not only that, but I add my own designs to make each picture unique with an extra "zing" and appeal.

So, without firther "adue" or however it is spelled/said, I welcome you to Zee Wittle Avichu Shop!



1: Do not steal my art/edit my art/ claim my art to be your work/ sell my art.
2: No spamming.
3: No page stretching.
4: No begging.
5: No flaming.
6: No harrassment with anyone especialy me or my friends.
7: Make sure to post all orders and IMMEDIATELY send the trade.
8: Check the waiting list to see if you can place an order.
9: No overcluttered avatars.
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User Image
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First of all, I do couples, I do singles, I do same sexes. No more than 2 people in a picture though. @w@;;;

:: 2000 gold per avatar in a picture.
:: 1000 for every head shot in the picture.

Note that I have not done head shots before but they look simple enough.
exclaim How to order exclaim

Just post this order form in this thread and imediately start the trade. I will confirm it once so remember to confirm twice. I will finish confirming the second time once your avatar is done. I will also send the picture to you via PM. Make sure to save it in case I end up deleating it from my photobucket account one day.

[color=violet][b]Your name:[/b]
[b]Who is in the picture[/b] [i](please put the username(s)[/i][b]:[/b]
[b]Avatar outfit[/b] [i](you must put a picture, do not say "My current")[/i][b]:[/b]
[b]Any extra details:[/b]
[b]Total Cost:[/b]
[b]Did you send the trade?:[/b] [/color]
exclaim Affiliates exclaim

If you want to link your shop with mine, just post the code in this thread and I will put it here.

I PREFER little buttons, not great big huge banners.

User Image
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exclaim Link me? exclaim

Want to link my shop with yours? Just grab this link button code and you're all set!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


exclaim Waiting List exclaim

To ensure that users do not have to wait long for their order, I am only going to have two slots. If no slots are open, tough luck. Just wait and soon it'll be open again.

1: (open)
2: (open)

Happy Customers
S!aves to the DJ
Simple Blue Sunshine
Your name: S!aves to the DJ
Who is in the picture (please put the username(s): S!aves to the DJ+Imp`
Avatar outfit (you must put a picture, do not say "My current" wink : User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Myself[Left]&Other avatar to draw[Right]
Any extra details: Could this be the pose, please? n.n
Total Cost: 4OOOG
Did you send the trade?: Yes.

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