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Give me all your fighting OCs! A ref and description of fighting abilities would be awesome <3
Also, probably not going to start drawing today, jus sayin emo needless to say, I will be drawing to this song.
Oh, and I'll be using references, cause I need anatomy practice ~ u ~

dA << needs more kickass
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That's a true kickass AMV. xD
not sure if counts but
him - fights w/ a giant axe w/ flames coming out the top
him - fights w/ a tome or lance
don't have refs for their weapons but freedom to you c|
Umm i have Avatar OCs? that know types of martial arts :3
Perhaps one/both of them? heart
a veeeeeery old oc >> mitaku please c:
klaus: uses 3 kunai's on each hand ; v ;
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Storm 2 : He unhinges his jaw and swallows you whole. ONOMNOMNOMNOM BABIES. Either that, or he drowns you.
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Perhaps my OC Isola
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That's a true kickass AMV. xD
rofl inorite!? It can't get any better than that.

So many cool characters * u * All of you are considered! And feel free to keep posting cause I'll decide later when I start drawing.
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/right hand fell off due to awesomeness of song
now I'm typing with one hand thanks a lot

Anyways, I have Lisette who uses a bow with a magical bowstring, as well as magic.

Midori uses glaives because she isn't coordinated enough to use a long-range weapon, but doesn't like getting splattered with blood.

Sienna is a psychopath and swings at anything that moves with her axe.

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She's aaaa Chronomancer;
If you're ever to wonder why she keeps her face covered, the reason to it is heavily linked to Chromomancy. The term "chronomancy", stemming from the Greek word chronos (meaning time), and the word manteia (meaning divination) is also used in fiction to refer to a school of magic involving supernatural manipulation of time. While her ability is limited, she does posses the skill to slow time. Come in contact physically with her eye, or perhaps stare at it too long, you might find things.. slowing.. down. Only for the connect-ee. Time for anyone else, or herself, remain the same. Not slowed, or sped up. It lasts until she so-decides to cover that eye up, or something such as immense pain, or outside contact such as shoving or covering of ones eyes occur. It really is as simple as looking away, but by the time your slowed self manages that, it may be too late!

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