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Me too.

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hey kate they have adventure time stuff emotion_awesome

lol you been away for to long~
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/sigh what a weiird day

asdfjkl; time for /rant

After class tomorrow I'm gonna go by my work and see if Jerry is there/if I can talk to him about MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. Oh yeah...I gotta go to the Haggin Museum tomorrow for a field trip so that's gonna be interesting.

And I have Thursday 11-8 when I'm at work to talk to him if he's there...Which is the last day to pre-reg for Fanime, I'm assuming by midnight that night.

But I plan to show him my hotel confirmation email and stuff. Everyone tells me I'll get it off but idk... I hate talking to that jerk, but I have to. But maybe I'm lucky cause I still have one more chance to talk to someone about it cause Joe said no.

Joe said no one could have Memorial Day weekend off and posted a flyer about it (that's on my twitter picture.) So right after he posted it, I went and talked to him and told him, how my friends are counting on me and paid me for hotel, I can't cancel without fees and he didn't post that flyer before the cancellation date, I needa check in with MY card etc and he was like "wtf, why do you book a hotel for Memorial Day weekend?" and I'm like "THATS THE DAY OF THE CONVENTION" lol;;

He asked what the convention was about and I said it's like an electronic gaming expo that involves the industry >_> I didn't wanna say Anime or anything, make me sound like a total nerd. He then finally said to talk to Jerry about it cause he doesn't write the bagger schedule, Jerry does. But he writes everyone elses schedule. He used to write the bagger schedule when he first came to our store.

But I looked at the RTO board, and sure enough, my vacation slip is still up there. And I saw some baggers posted requests off for this week and they were hanging up there still and I looked at the weekly schedule and the requests were not granted to those people. So wtf?

And he says "we're a business, we need everybody here at the busiest time of year." Okay, so why the ******** was I able to take off Memorial day in 2010 and 2008 with the company before? You're just a douchebag boss that is trying to control everything you possibly can cause we are such a busy store.

Jackie was granted VACATION by corporate the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend and it was approved by CORPORATE above your ******** head and was not a "blacked out" week that we couldn't take before for vacation. But now you're saying she can't take her vacation cause it's gonna be busy?!?! That's why Jackie is bitching to corporate and the union right now.

That's why you made me come in when I was "sick" last time or you'd write me up and said you had no baggers until 2pm. And then I get there and the store has 3 baggers and is ******** DEAD!

But baggers are only getting like ******** 16-24 hours this week. So I'm sure on Memorial Day weekend you could do requests off granted by seniority/reason and bump everyone elses hours up to 40. I'm sure they'll appreciate that nice check PLUS holiday pay. I'm gonna get holiday pay whether I am there or not...well now it depends on the new contract tomorrow.

But hella people did put in for Memorial Day weekend off so, he said bullshit like if he gives one person the day off, he has to give everyone it off. Umm no you don't. You don't do that right now. You grant requests off by seniority and our reasoning for it right now. I'm 4th bagger in seniority and I don't always get the day off but sometimes people below me do because they go and talk to Jerry about it. But if that day isn't important enough to me to have off then I won't b***h.

But this weekend is important to have off! So I will keep bitching about it!!!

******** even Mcdonalds would let me have Memorial Day weekend off, given that I was one of the first people to post for it off. According to all my friends that work there still/used to work there.

And I know tomorrow is Savemart/Union Negotiations day. Which has been postponed since February. One of the rumors is that baggers can only work 16 hours at the most/least per week so it's not "unfair" to all the other baggers with hours. If that happened, I'd laugh and start looking for a second job and then they'd have to hire like 10 more baggers srsly. Cause 16 hours a week would be like four days of 6 hours shifts or 3 days of 8 hour shifts. We would need more baggers to cover all the days of the week. With a possible reduction in pay, I wouldn't make crap anymore.

IN the end, I just need ******** memorial day weekend off! I don't care about taking my vacation anymore that week. And that last week in August to see my bro, if I can go see him.

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xD I'm playing "therapist" right now lolololol
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omg zelda lol dude all her Frolicking made her look like some random gay elf :/ and then that hip action later lol

Zelda: Link what are you doing!?!
Link: .. *tosses violin at Zelda and runs off*

uhh well I hope Jerry lets you off I mean I dont see whats the big point in not .. I mean cant he just make other baggers work :/ how many does your store have? aklsdfjlaks
They better let you off for that weekend in the end D<

and every time I think I gonna get some work I get kicked in the face at work. My aunts Custodian Eddy is out for this week cause of his heart? I guess and I was to work 4 hours today but she got me to work 8 hours for this whole week and not 4. Well I get to her school to find out that if I work 8 hours this whole week she is not gonna get any more subs for the rest of the school year which would be till July 1st. WTF! ( cause Eddy might be out for a whole month for heart surgery? ) They told her she could work me 4 hours for 2 weeks or 8 hours for one week. dude I could do all the bath rooms and trash out the 2 schools in 4 hours but I would not be able to clean the 8 classes room that NEED to be cleaned ever day cause of kinder and adult handy people. Today it took me so long to clean both her schools cause they where a mess after just 2 or 3 days of not getting fully cleaned. Tomorrow should be easy now. But anyway

My aunt said she was ready to quit her job but she knows she needs the money. But her representative told her she should get a note for them doctor for a leave of stress and take a month off but if she was to they would have to get a head custodian to take her place and find a person to take night custodian cause no ones gonna have the will to do 2 schools . And her adult school is gonna be in for the whole month of June so she needs a custodian to clean it.
And so shes gonna fight it with all there will and try to get me for that whole time and she said something that maybe I can get Eddys spot if he does get heart surgery cause she said their is no law in are work that says family's cant work together.

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xD I have to rewatch some parts of it later. I mostly listened to the Zelda thing but I saw some of it.

I know. Jerry should just let me have it off. Like 3 of my coworkers assured me that once I explain everything, he will. But idk...something always comes up with that guy and letting me have time off!

That really sucks! Your poor aunt. Well I would be scared if she took a month off, that they would find someone to permanently replace her, by the way they are doing things over there. I don't know if they could do that. But the way s**t works nowadays and lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to.

But if anything, I really HOPE she can get you Eddy's spot! I mean, if she's in charge, why can't she pick who she thinks is qualified to handle such and such route or be a replacement? And if there is no policy against families working together, then all the more so!

Dood. Everyone is like really stressed tonight x_X
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no they can take her job from her she is union protected she even wants the people on one side of her school to rat her out saying she isn't doing a good job so she can get some help but they are to scared to do so cause they think she will get replaced but she told them she cant be like that. lol first person I know to want to be ratted on .

and she could pick me its up to the head and the principal to pick a night custodian .

oh yea and this Friday is the geek meet up right? and you want to go to Jills house for the fox and stuff right ? what time would you want to go to Jills? and what time do you want to go to the meet up? tell me so I can figure out what time I need to work Friday .
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Hmm. Interesting how she wants to be ratted out lol. I would hope you could be night custodian.

Yaaay for Union Protection. My union is doing something tomorrow. I'll figure it all out from my coworkers/find the new contract somehow.

Yeah this Friday is the meetup.. The meetup starts at 6:45. Jill hasn't given me a time exactly so maybe we could go around 5 or so? If her or her sister are there? If not, then we could visit some other time?
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hmm okay then I wont be able to leave work until 6 or 6:30 cause the after school program leaves a 6. SO if your okay with being a bit late again for the meet up ? x'D

so I would work 1:30 to 6:30 would give me 5 hours
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*EYEZOOM* did you say Marvel Movie MARATHON! emotion_awesome whichs ones do you have now?

yea you can spend the night I just really really want to draw Saturday so ;3; if you dont mind that lol then its okay with me~ emotion_yatta

eww Paprika but its better than Tirgun emotion_puke which I heard someone say.. *brings Gundam Endless just in case lol*

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Rio is a Russian Blue cat with burnt black fur and blind eyes.

Rio: WTF I cant see??

isnt Fuzzy a Russian Blue lol

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