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Mackwell: >_> Don't be scared... (I used to have a wife...)

So you gonna get Laptop Symphony? I "pre-ordered" it on itunes cause I have money on my account I haven't used. >_> But I thought something was coming out May 1st and no, not that Laptop Symphony thing, but his actual album. LIES!

Idk I just heard that awhile ago, but im not really keeping track/looking up things for BT
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I pre order Laptop Symphony back in Jan cause it was to come out Jan 30th but that was a lie and it changed to April 15 and then I canceled my pre order and then it got moved to April 24th? and then now on Amazon it says June something I believe -___- so I just gonna wait till it comes out and buy it IDK and yea their is another one that was to come out in May but IDK whats gonna happen with that one.

when Iook at Amazon now it says the CD comes out June 5th but you can Download the CD on May 14th neutral

Gaby: Macky how old where you when you had your first lover? was it a girl or a guy?
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I want the CD one cause Amazon has made my Tron and X-men download CD disappeared so now I would have to re buy them if I wanted them again like that. so I want CD xD

Gaby: oh it was a guy.. I thought it would of been a girl.. was he younger or same ;^; he ... he was uke right ;A; Macky could never be bottom *lol*
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Profitable Shapeshifter

hmm I to scared to go click the buy button again and see if it will let me download for free again xD
but yea I just the same account on amazon

oh and my car is going bye bye today it seems my mom called for them to come pick it up ;A; so weird I wont be seeing it again

Gaby: *w* a long story you say. Do tell~ *sits closer to him all happy* He was your first love right? I'm so jelly I wish I could of been but I cant be everyone's first love ;3;
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Profitable Shapeshifter

no Amazon is different with music downloads if you have an account if you lock buy then you bought it that fast and it goes right to a download page

yea I am getting 300 for the car.. *so sad after putting in what 3k for fit it over the years*

Gaby: emotion_facepalm ...GO WAY MAX! emotion_donotwant Your daddy is trying to tell me an important private story. You go play somewhere ...

( lol I still want to hear the story no matter what woman ;D lol been waiting for random Macky past love stories makes you make them up emotion_yatta )
Max dont mess around with Gaby when he wants something fuu lol
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Sparkly Genius

That sucks with Amazon. I still wonder if you will get it for free ;D since it was purchased before. There has to be a way to secure digital downloads. Im sure Amazon has a way you can get what you downloaded before.

300 better than nothing but yeah you're right, it sucks to sink so much money into a failing car T__T

kay well i'll think about the story more on the way to class ;O

Im just gonna wear my glasses today >_> *(feels odd) IM SO ******** LAZY

I hate driving with glasses on. Still needa change lolololol I'm always late to art. Oh well.

I see people walk in 15-30 mins after me so I don't really care.
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Profitable Shapeshifter

I bet their might be a way I just to lazy to find out atm

yea its better than nothing .

I like joo glasses on you xD
its cause it later in the day you feel lazy about it or feel you have more time to make it when you really dont in the end xD

yay think of the random past mackwell lovers xD
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Profitable Shapeshifter

What people say about you

Oh dear, Rio looks like such a hottie! CALL THE POLICE!!

Wow... Sage looks like a smart person. CALL THE POLICE!!

Oh my god!! Tsukasa Con looks like such a nice person... I want to hug you!

F**k! Andros looks like something good to eat... run away!

Your Villain

Purple Rio is a Brainwashed Hero, who seeks to raise the price of Tuition!
( your never go to school for cheap!)

Lord Sage is a Master Thief, who seeks to cause World War 3!

The Lone Xeno is a Cyber Criminal, who seeks to piss off everyone around them!
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Profitable Shapeshifter

lol thats what I thought about the Sage thing so I had to post it xD

I think the one about Gab was he was some evil person online that was gonna kidnap all the children xD

*gaby be waiting for your Macky lover story lol *

I need to do lots of stuff I need to go shopping for food and hair stuff =A= maybe we can do that tomorrow before we go? IDK I should really go to Delta before schools out and turn in my papers shiiit
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Profitable Shapeshifter

hmm so did you hang out with kate?

IDK sounds like a good deal to me for the pens
I only want to use pens on my board xP thats one reason I havent drawn on it xD

hmm well I will set my alarm for 12 so maybe 1:30? or I could set the alarm for 11 xD I always in bed around 4am uhh and I can do all my shopping in Stockton I would like to go to Winco to get 2 things I need lol

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