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Okay I think I'm finally ready to quit gaia for good. So I want to throw the rest of my gold & items @ art (*´∇`*) not that I even have much.

This is also the first request thread I have ever made in my x years of gaia life, and will also be my last ahahahahaha.

Ok just going to get straight to the point.

What I'm looking for:
- animu, chibs, pixels, etc.
- singles, couples, groups
- doodles, anything, idk.
- writing though most of my chars are painfully underdeveloped

I'm picky as hell so don't take rejection personally pls.
I'm willing to spend millions on a single piece 'A'd

Funds: short on pure can liquidate items
(only listed those of significant worth)
Rainy Day
Celestial Emissary
Jekyll's Morality
Little Sister
Virgil's Sinister Verdict
Protostar Guardian
Compass of Seidh 8th Gen
Comet Breaker
Fremere's Guard 2nd Gen.
The Lovers
Anesidora's Gift
Fallen Wish 7th Gen.
Secret Retreat
Class Headphones
Fall of the Morning Star
Radio Jack
Deus Persona
Deus Persona
Antique Shop
Mademoiselle Magpie
The Nightmare 5th Gen.
Rascal the Alley Cat
Bad Moon 3rd Gen.
Kottan Bell Reunion
Winter Dancer
Seracila Pendant
Kottan Bell 4th Gen
Hermes' Moon 5th gen
Coat of Kannon
Celestial Array
Anesidora's Woe
Keiko's Cake
Apprentice Charm 3rd Gen

No form, just post samples + who you want to draw + price (I will not offer).
Also don't link me to shops, though you can give me a form to fill out but I'm posting it here.

v next post for characters v
(click for profiles)

Dysfunctional Trio
User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image

Orb People
User Image User Image User Image User Image

Pokemon Gijinkas
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image more

oc master list

oc tag on tumbls

You can pick whoever you want from any of the links. Also pretty much artistic freedom on everything.

If you have any questions about any char just ask~
<3 = freebie

raptor - Iavan
dandy - iiyarii
mochi - Leilia Sama
lune - Trione <3
x - Bitterwing
layla - soggy cats
lune - soggy cats
lumi - -Lolita_Kana- <3
x x x - Nintendo Sixty Whore
x x - du -triste-
x x x - mycatpaw
tiggra - LittleMrsAnonymous
arinu - Laiyu
x x x x x - Kira-kun13
akita - Len Inazuma
ralos - Kethy Chu <3
royce - is it she <3
ranul - buttflustered
lune - buttflustered
dandy - art muIe
garua - VainKitty
raptor - stupidpigrabbit
mochi - raaenya

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