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Romantic Raider

        Hey there, I'm looking to buy some RL commissions. Show me your samples and please be reasonably priced. I'll pay 40 dollars if your art is ******** amazing but it's probably not so just, stay reasonable folks. I'm looking for art of my OCs located here. The ones I need art of most are Remiël, Nef, Nazuki and Ren. If you do couples, I am extremely interested in commissioing those as well.

        By the by, I have 100k in gaia gold as well, so if you can draw me something nice for that amount, tell me as well.

        Thank you for your time <3
hopes and dreams of having ******** amazing art-- dashed SOB crying crying
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Anxious Dabbler

prince satsuki

Awesome characters heart May I try whee ?

Samples: Here

Price: RL Prices

Interested to draw: Satsuki Ishi, Remiël, Ren

Thanks heart
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Enduring Seeker

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prince satsuki

Hi! I am interested in doing RLC!
I do anime art and chibis!
these are recent arts i made: sample sample

more samples here: link
prices are found below the samples page

let me know if you are interested biggrin
prince satsuki

hello! nice oc's ; o ;
would you be interested in rlc?
all info is here!
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Lonely Survivor

askldfjdfl i'll try hehe
* U *
info + prices here
hmm ~ remiel looks pretty cute ~ ♥
though i'm not sure who pairs up with who for couples aaaa * U *
I'll offer my services.
I'd like to draw Narumi since he seems to be neglected lol.
Or Remiel or Nef.

x o x

Prices: here
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Friendly Conversationalist

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There are links to my samples in my signature; Ten bucks!
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Dapper Gekko

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I'm a bargain artist! I'll list the approximate prices that I charge. I take into consideration the amount of rlc someone wants to spend-- but doesn't really have the budget, so I'm really flexible with prices! Just keep in mind that the higher you spend-- the more quality and effort put into the work (but I always put in a 100%).

Preferred sample work/prices (please full view):

http://fav.me/d4l0vce - 25+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d2gk8oz - 15+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d5ft66n - 15+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d47ki5z - 15+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d262oeo - 15+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d25v899 - 12+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d25v7hu - 12+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d5gd0lm - 10+ (rl)
http://fav.me/d4jqf8r - 8+ (rl)

I do both traditional and digital work!

My DeviantArt!

Thanks for your time!
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Romantic Raider


        Thank you <3 I'm quite interested actually. How about a fullbody of Ren? o:

        Lazy Asuka

        Sorry but your style isn't really what I'm looking for right now, thank you for offering though c:

        y o u n g k i m c h i

        Holy s**t those tiny chibis are adorable! I usually kind of dislike chibis but damn, I love these. C-can I have one of all of them maybe? o: That's eh, ten characters so I'll pay you 25$ maybe? <3






        Ah, sorry but I'm not really looking for something in your style~


        Yes, yes, I'm interested! Could you draw Nazuki a colored full body maybe?
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Precious Cat

whee heart
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Dapper Gekko

prince satsuki

Flat colors or shaded, and do you have any colored references for that character? o u o
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Romantic Raider

        I don't think I have any colored refernces :/ Is that a really big problem? :c I could probably give you a picture with just the colors though ahaha;; I'd realy love to get a good reference for him because as you see, my own art is a bit lacking xD If it's still possible I'd like a shaded piece c:

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