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Hello Friends-Welcome to my Art Request~ will make pretty later....OPEN!!!!
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I have 80m+ that I'm ready to offer for High Quality art of my OC(s)- I'm willing to look at all styles but I'm particularly found of anime/semi realism- mostly fullbodies-

Please post your samples and prices- I will not be pricing/bribing. No RLC.

After too many offenses I have to highlight that you must *****POST YOUR PRICES ***** how hard is that -__-

Freebies are love heart and I'd be more than happy to draw you back wink

Current Requests:

Single art/ Couple art(non romantic) of Sesshirou and Huey // Freebies/sketches of other 3 4 girls (Sugarloaf/Reika/Rella/Zessin)

Thread Guide:
Post 1: Welcome/Intro
Post 2: Main Request: Sesshirou
Post 3: Huey
Post 4: Sesshirou Alternate Outfits
Post 5:Couple Picture Guidelines
Post 6: Received Art of Sesshirou's Main Outfit
Post 7: 2nd Requests//More OCs
Post 8: Art Received of 2nd OCs

1) Please do not steal my character(s) - The Aran backstory is not mine but Seshirou's specifc spin on it/her design does belong to me
2) Please respect all others in this thread- no need to bash on someone else's art- if you have an issue with them please take it outside the thread
3) Please speak/type with as little chat speak as possible- it hurts my brain to have to decipher...
4) Please do not expect me to pay for art if I had no explicitly stated I will do so
5) Please don't be offended if I do not commission you- I appreciate your time in offering but am pretty picky

Please post away :]

Art Trade Info: So I have no access to a scanner...so my art will be uploaded via sucky camera pictures lol- this option is more of an incentive for freebies- I'll usually draw you back a sketch if you draw me :] or if you're really interested in a full on CG picture art trade this is possible- just let me know


Pencil sketch:
Main Request

I'm seeking art of my Maplestory Inspired OC(s) Sesshirou (and later others). I have a lot of art of her in the Gaia Item/Pink Kimono but an artist has since revamped her outfit and I fell in love with the new version- so I'd love to see other artist's renditions of her new outfit, or see what other artists can do to create a new take on her pink/purple short kimono!

In other words, I'd love anyone who is up to it to go crazy with artistic freedom! Put your own spin on the outfit to the left or create a new pink/purple kimono esk outfit for her!

I'd greatly appreciate any art, or input about her character/outfit!

Ideas I've been playing with: two piece kimono// transparent sleeves// hot weather// cold weather outfits// kimono/nomadic warrior wear fusion

Sesshirou :: Hero

User Image
Age: Appears 21
Weapon: katana
Hair: White-(silver is ok- but not gray) can be done either up or down - if up: a high ponytail with braids going along the sides of her head- near her ears- doesn't have to be as ornamented as the reference to the left - but it can be if you want biggrin
Eyes: Deep Violet
Defining Features: Bat Wings atop her head and Devil's Tail
Skin: Light
Build: Slim - Athletic - not super busty but not completely flat -

- courageous and persevering with a young/fun/flirty side
-can be displayed as strong and confident, fragile and vulnerable, young and free spirited, or dark and sexy
-I prefer you have fun with things like poses/expressions- go crazy with fun dynamic action ones- jumping/diving-swinging her katana- if you want something more mellow: maybe her enjoying a steaming cup of tea or pouring over some old scrolls/books

Over 100s of years old, she has the appearance of a 21 year old girl who has the unmistakable marks of a demon from the Underworld. Though it is said that she is the very hero that legend speaks of, the all-powerful and righteous defender of humanity that long ago disappeared after vanquishing an Underworld threat to the human world, she has no memories from before she inexplicably woke up in the abandoned ruins of an old battlefield. With no memory of her past life and no remnants of her old strength, she sets out, apprehensive and unsure of herself, on a journey to rehone long forgotten skills and discover why exactly she now bears the marks of the underworld she once subdued.

***Image above is the outfit I am currently requesting = Main Outfit = detached sleeves
[Main Outfit-]

Best Reference

But there have been very many very gorgeous renditions/twists on this outfit:

[Tattered Samurai Garb] [Nomadic Wear] [Preferred Sleeves/Gloves]

Hair Reference: [x] *** if you don't want to do the ornamented one in the reference above
User Image

Huey :: Dragon Master

Huey: Dragon master:
Age: 21
Hair: Tall/Spiky- Blue
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Dark
Build: Slim yet built - a kind of subtle buff- so not like super humongous muscles but not skinny.

Dragon: Muir

*****Dark Skin is a MUST****

clothing: red flannel unbuttoned shirt/ black/grey undershirt/ black jeans/red and black nike sneakers, small single earring

******For pictures of Huey: let me know if you'd be capable/interested in drawing the dragon






Maple Story Avatar Ref


Set in an time and place where dragons are rare and pose as nothing but a threat to humans, Huey is a troublesome young boy who one day came across a dragon egg. After hatching the dragon who called himself Muir, the two become bonded in spirit. Huey gained the power to summon this dragon and use it's powers. The two battle and become stronger as one. Though all Huey claims to want to do is 'be a thug' and 'mess people up,' at Muir's urging, the two set out to try to 'do good' and help people- just as they've read dragon masters of the past used to do.

Dragon: Muir:

He's got a few different 'sizes/stages' you can draw him in from tiny baby dragon to...massive...

baby or full grown

[Stage 1 Baby]
[Baby + Grown Dragon]
[Dragon Gif]
[Complete list of Growth Stages]

The dragon- Muir- is like Huey's other half....not really his pet...more like partners again in a sense- the dragon is his source of power/his means of fighting- lets say huey is a summoner and the dragon is his one summon. or kind of like a pokemon relationship- actually thats probably the best way to put it. XD but the dragon is ever present...kind of like pikachu if you will....and he can talk if that makes any difference- the dragon- muir is his name- can breathe fire, summon lightning bolts, fre beams of light- and huey waves around his staff/shouts commands to make this happen- huey can also ride on Muir's back and all sorts of things of this nature-

Sesshirou has no command over the dragon and can't utilize his battle abilities like Huey can- but she treats him like another travel companion and he will permit her to ride him etc- in battle Muir might launch her into the air for a combo attack and things like this

User Image
2nd Outfit Option

User Image
If you'd really like, you may draw her in her original outfit- same hair/eyes/etc- the oufit is very similar too- just the sleeves are a bit different

Original Outfit/Art References:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[Art Ref 1] X [Art Ref 2] X [Ref 3] X [art ref 4] X [Fun Alt. Outfit 1- ]
For Couple Pictures:
User Image

These two are NOT a romantic couple- they're pretty much siblings/ best friends/partners in crime

Sesshirou met Huey during her journey and now they are travel companions. They've been through thick and thin and have had countless adventures together. Think like Full Metal Alchemist or Samurai Champloo type wandering by foot journey.

The two enjoy each others' company and have a relationship like that of two siblings. Their relationship is not and can never be romantic in nature. The idea is just perverse. Sesshirou is older and more level headed and so she serves as an older sister between the two of them. Huey, the 'younger brother' is loud, rash, hot tempered, bad mouthed, and inexperienced. He likes to think of himself as a tough, hardened thug and Sesshirou is entertained by his fantasies but often finds herself rolling her eyes and shaking her head at his wild antics right before intervening to get him out of any trouble he gets into.

Though they haven't known each other for too long, it's as if they've been siblings their whole life. This is especially apparent in their interactions in battle. The pair works perfectly together as a team and their moves compliment each other making the two a lethal opponent for any enemy.

Their teamwork and fluidity in battle is something I really want captured in a picture.

I really like this picture/pose: [x]

I love this as well : [X]

Fun poses like these are ok too: [X] [X]

They can also be found doing activities such as training/sparring/ resting/ eating/ etc
Art Received:

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

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Additional / Extra / Secondary Request

As a secondary request, I'm looking for art of the following characters- their outfits are not concrete yet so I'm looking mainly for (freebies? biggrin ) sketches of these if anything unless one really tickles your fancy


Sugarloaf: her hair should look a little more...dishelveled. ahahaha. I also like her red evil wings staff better than the gaia avatar one- reference Maple Story Avatar

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Sugar Loaf

User Image

Sugarloaf: Cleric/priestess:
Age: 19
Hair: black, straight, but somewhat unruly, goes down to just above her shoulders
Eye color: red
Skin color: light
Height: 5’2”
Build: skinny but not anorexic. Chest area is relatively modest. if not downright flat.

Weapon: Evil Wing Staff
Elemental Magic Specialty: Holy
Clothes: wears a golden mage circlet on her head with a red gem in the center, a crimson red dress with gold trimmings/ornamentation, red and black sandals/slippers, golden arm bands, a gold choker, and a gold sash around her waist
Personality traits: Nice, quiet most of the time, soft spoken-humble- maybe even meek?, but has a strong sense of duty, has a strict moral compass and is very naïve. A lot like Momo from Bleach without the weird Aizen obsession and like Chopper from One Piece. Wants to do what’s right but has a very black and white view of the world.

Hobbies: reading, helping people, practicing her cleric and priest techniques, baking
Likes: Love, justice, fruits, animals, babies, well-mannered children, nature, helping people, ice-cream, sweets, Muir
Dislikes: evil doers, brats, bitter foods, Huey

Relationships with group members:

Huey: She thinks he’s very rude, improper, and is one of the very few people she could not feel bad about killing. She decides she wants to try to reform him but she knows it’s hopeless.
Muir: Likes him the most of all in the group. Thinks he is a dragon from the heavens and can do no wrong.
Sesshirou: She likes her fighting spirit and her courage. However at times sugar thinks Sesshirou is sometimes too loud and obnoxious. She thinks sesshiou is not ladylike at all and tries to teach her a thing or two, but once again it is hopeless.


•she’s Vegetarian
•Sugarloaf is really just a nickname but no one cares or listens when she claims she has a different/proper name


Born and raised in the El Nath church, Sugarloaf has been training to become a priestess for all her life. She has learned and mastered the art of healing but her training did not finish there, for the black mage still poses a threat that may destroy the entire maple world. She decides to join Heuy’s rag tag group of adventurers whose sole purpose is to stop the black mage so she could become stronger and protect the maple world.


Reika - her hairstyle actually has a bun on the top as well- her eyes and hair are of a bright blue color - reference Maple Story Avatar

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image

Name: Reika
Age: 23
Hair: Cyan
Eyes: Cyan
Build: Tall Atheletic
Key Personality Traits: Serious, Intelligent, Sophisticated, Elegant

Occupation: One of the Four High Generals of a large Kingdom
Weapon: One Handed Red Bladed Sword and A Large Circular Shield
Uniform: Black One Piece Battle Suit, with pieces of Silver armor lined with gold


Rella- hair is a darker blonde color and eyes have a iridescent glow to them - reference Maple Story Avatar - small wings can be included or excluded

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image

Name: Rella
Age: 21
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sapphire
Skin: Fair healthy skin that almost glows
Key Feature: Small Pink Angel Wings - too small to look practical for flight
Key Personality Traits: Righteous, Fair, Determined

Occupation: Princess of her own small kingdom, Knight to the Empress of Larger Region
Clothing: She wears a white and gold battle dress, the royal battle attire of her home kingdom.
Weapon: Wields two handed swords- her weapon of choice is the ominously blue glowing blade named The Raven. Since this is an unorthodox choice for a holy knight of the empress, she opts to use the holy sword, Heaven's Gates, when in the Empire and in the presence of the Empress
Element: Light

Relationships: Though she the the royal Princess and Zessin is her Body guard, she treats her friend as an equal and with complete trust and respect


Zessin- hair/hat should be as in her Maple Story reference

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image

Name: Zessin
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair: Aquamarine Green, Voluminous but well kept, falls between shoulder and mid back
Eyes: Aquamarine - Large - Gentle - Kind
Skin: Pale
Build: Thin
Key Personality Traits: Gentle, Quiet, Kind, Sweet, Warm

Occupation: Member of the Royal Guard - Archer
Uniform: Red Wings Female Uniform - Red Rose earrings
Weapon: Bow
Element: Wind

Relationships: Friend and Body Guard to Rella
More coming soon...
heart heart Freebies of the 2nd Characters!!! heart heart

Sugar Loaf

User Image


User Image


User Image


[url=http://s19.photobucket.com/user/code_violet/media/commission___sesshirou_by_isshun-d4vasm5.jpg.html]Sesshirou[/url]- [url=http://s19.photobucket.com/user/code_violet/media/g46bgless_by_lentyrn-d6an5uw_zps91655a76.png.html]Ref 2[/url]

you can do an [url=http://s19.photobucket.com/user/code_violet/media/SesshiroubyRico-Ri_zps2339c4a9.jpg.html]alternative outfit[/url] if you like or you can even design your own new outfit/look for her! You have absolutely artistic freedom- I love when people come up with new outfits for her- as long as she's recognizable lol maybe try out some interesting kimonos remixes? two piece kimonos/etc

She's free spirited/fun/fiery.

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-requests/silver-leaf-oc-req-80m/t.84476117_1/][More info/refs here][/url]

[url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b178/code_violet/commission___sesshirou_by_isshun-d4vasm5.jpg][1][/url] [url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b178/code_violet/g46bgless_by_lentyrn-d6an5uw_zps91655a76.png
][2][/url] [url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b178/code_violet/Sesshirou_zpsa3036a0d.png][3][/url] [url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b178/code_violet/sesshirou_by_faithom-d60cseo_zpsd3b9c06a.png][4][/url]







Huey and Sess

Character Name: Sesshirou

References: --Sesshirou- - -Ref 2-with sword/gloves (2nd one is prob a better ref)
You can do an alternative outfit if you like or you can even design your own new outfit/look for her!
Check my request thread for[more info/refs ]
Personality: She has a heavy burden to shoulder and a long road ahead of her and she knows it- but she's aware of her own inner strength and she pushes through her daily struggles with enough courage and optimism to let her youthful and playful side shine through. She's poised and elegant, with a sophisticated air, but she's not stuffy- she has a sense of humor and a point at which she looses her cool- and it's Huey that usually pushes her past that point. He'll also get her into awkward situations where she will lose her confidence/sense of composure and things get comical. She gets tired and frustrated with him- but in an endearing older sister way. She's a people person and can be charming when she wants to be, unrelenting when she has to be. She cares for the well-being of the world and fights for justice/righteousness when she encounters trouble on the road. She is compassion and aware of her surroundings and genuinely wants to help make people happy/safe.
Pose / Moment Suggestions: She's on a mission and she's determined to see it through- it's hard and gets lonely sometimes - If you want to capture the more human side of her, you can portray her with a determined,concentrated, or even tired/pained look -brows furrowed/clutching her sword- like she's going through a tough moment and is searching herself for the strength to push through.
Or you can draw her in the heat of battle- sword drawn, mid leap, all guns blazing/ dynamic action pose kind of thing.
Or you can do anything picturesque- wind in her hair, looking up to the sky/thinking of a lost lover-subtle smile on her face as she takes a moment to rest and appreciate nature around her-practicing with/cleaning her sword- emphasize her beauty in a serene/laying on the ground pose
Extra Info: *See Huey for couple pose ideas. You have artistic freedom with her outfit!


Character Name Huey
References: Huey Ref 2 + Dragon
More info/refs in request thread
Personality: Set in an time and place where dragons are rare and pose as nothing but a threat to humans, Huey is a troublesome young boy who one day came across a dragon egg. After hatching the dragon who called himself Muir, the two become bonded in spirit. Huey gained the power to summon this dragon and use it's powers. The two battle and become stronger as one. Though all Huey claims to want to do is 'be a thug' and 'mess people up,' at Muir's urging, the two set out to try to 'do good' and help people- just as they've read dragon masters of the past used to do.
Pose / Moment Suggestions: Huey is a wanna-be-thug. He wants so bad to be 'cool' and tries to act like he doesn't give a ****. Think of a teenage boy with a bad attitude - he's whiney/lazy/ and wants people to think he's tough. On the inside though, he's got a kind heart and is actually quite naive and innocent. With Muir and Sesshirou pestering him, he puts his abilities to use helping others he meets on the road.
You could do him putting up his ganster front- slouching/flipping you off/hands folded behind his head/bored look on his face.
You could draw him in action- swinging his staff around/summing fire or ice magic or summing Muir- riding on Muir's back? Or running frantically away from a fight like a pansy- all crazy eyed/sweating...
*For Couple's picture with Sesshirou:
He has a sibling-like relationship with Sesshirou- he's like the whiney/troublesome younger brother and she's the frustrated/tired older sister- nothing at all romantic- when they need to work as a team though-like in combat- they mesh together flawlessly, moving as one unit. In a casual setting- he'll often be complaining and she is quick to chastise him- but they're also best of friends-
You can draw them quibbling or just hanging out/enjoying each other's company-like close siblings.
Or you can draw them battle ready :[Example] Muir is Huey's pet and is quite fond of Sesshirou.
Extra Info: I could add extra if you want to draw him with his dragon Muir. He can be drawn in baby stage or full grown.

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