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Will you draw my new male OC? ;0;

I'd rather draw Tilty~ 0.53333333333333 53.3% [ 8 ]
omgsocuteI'dloveto! 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 1 ]
If I have time ;0; 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
No, Go away. *huffs* D:< 0.4 40.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 15 ]
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Welcome to mah request thread! Tilty is always hungry for more art so FEED MEH! *coughs* Yeah, uh...moving on...


I have a few requests that I'd like you to take a look at and hopefully something will catch your eye. heart

The only RULE I have for this thread is the same rule I have for ALL of my threads. NO ******** DRAMA. Thank you. dramallama

Pardon the dust, I'm revamping um...a little bit, I guess.

Current funds: A lot. Show me watchu got, a'cause I has moneys AND items. XD

Post 1 - Intro (You are here)
Post 2 - Draw JUST ME? <3
Post 3 - Draw ME & MY FRIENDS (featuring...a bunch XD) <3
Post 4 - Draw sexy male OC Tenvoid Derlock (featuring him and Ash's OC, Livia) <3
Post 5 - *****CURRENT MAIN REQUEST - GO NAO! NEW OC!***** <3
Post 7 - Artist WISH LIST (WANT SO BAD T3T)

BTW, if you wanna SEE the majority of my collection, these are my two safe-for-work galleries:

MAIN Gallery
OCs + Other Gallery
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WANTED: All media, all styles (Freebies loved, too!) <3

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

~*ART REFS ARE AVAILABLE OF EACH UPON REQUEST - Other outfits also available, just ask!*~

You can mix and match pieces from the outfits or even play around with your own ideas.
The only thing I ask is that the following items are included in whatever avatar you choose...
->Elven ears
->Cross tats over her eyes
->Cat ears + tail
Note: She LOVES accessories

Anything else is fair game. X3
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These are some people that also love art. I'd ADORE YOU FOREVER if you wanted to draw me with them, pleasu. They deserve more arts. If you want to draw JUST one of them, let me know, and I may be up for that, too, lol. Anything for my friends. <3

User ImageUser Image

User Image*2 sets of eyes User Image*draw w/headphones for this one

Note to my friends: If you are NOT shown here, DO NOT GET UPSET. These are only my CURRENT requests. Once I manage to get art of me with these people, I'm rotating it to throw up DIFFERENT people. I want to make sure everyone is covered, but it saves time and space to only include a few for now. DX
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Feel like drawing a very sexy male OC? You've come to the right place! My Tenvoid is the perfect candidate. XD

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Character name: Tenvoid Derlock
Race: True/Full Blooded Vampire
Age: Unknown but appears to be in his early 20s
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality/Traits: Loyal, stolid, protective, quiet, mysterious, twisted
Position: He is Jez/Tilty's blood-bound servant and lover to Livia Ashlire

--Physical Appearance--
Hair: Red, long (small of his back), braided w/loose, long 'bangs' that hand over his cheeks
Normal eyes: Red, "Cursed" Eyes: Black sclera w/red pupils
Complexion: Pale. Very pale.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Roughly 180-200lbs due to a smaller frame.
Frame: He is quite toned/athletic. Swimmer's build.
Piercings: Several piercings in his long, pointed ears (mostly studs & 1 dangling star earring from the right ear, opposite the eye tat)
Tattoos: 1 - A small star at the lower, outer corner of his left eye.
2 - A barbed-wire 'tribal' tattoo that travels from thumb to elbow on his right arm. Kinda like this.
3 - An upside-down cross tattoo on his chest (the crossed part reaching just below his pecs)
*Note: When in "cursed" mode, his tattooed arm turns black, the tat glowing red, his sharp nails elongated into claws

Accessories: He wears a long, silver-chained necklace that hangs to the middle of his chest. At the end of the chain is a small, round pendant with a star-shape fashioned on the front of the medallion-like pendant. His belt is black leather with a silver buckle and noticeable stitching. He often wears a black top hat. It's not very large, but it's usually tipped forward, somewhat masking his face. His shoes are black, leather boots that tie up the front with black laces.

Clothing: Loose, typically unbuttoned jeans with several rips/holes and stitched up spots on them. The top varies...(please see refs for examples)
*Note: I AM open to artistic freedom for his clothing.

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

I'd LOVELOVELOVE it if you drew him with his girlfriend, Livia Ashlire!! Examples:

User Image
User Image
User Image

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Fourteen aka "Fours"...

He was in his 20's in life & is just shy of 6'0" tall with a slimmer but toned build. He is a human-mutant hybrid and, mostly, looks like a human with his features except his ears have lil points on top like an elf or demon would BUT his ears are NOT longer in size/shape except for the points...
SKIN: a light blue/gray/purple shade (He's a ghost...>.> )
EYES: His right is a rich purple, left is golden
HAIR: shaved on his right side, long/messy on the unshaved side, the tips just barely dangling in front of his purple eye. His hair is a DARK BLUE shade.
TATS/SCARS: "014" in military-style print across the shaved part of his head and a scar through the side of his top lip~
PIERCINGS: 2 studs in the lobe of each ear (earrings vary in style) and his tongue is also pierced with a stud~
JEWELRY: a broken pair of dog tags hanging around his neck (his serial number and name are broken off)
CLOTHING: As a ghost, he...really doesn't wear any. XD And he rarely materializes his legs because it requires effort
MOOD/PERSONALITY: He's completely and totally useless...in his mind. So, he's always depressed, upset. He can be pouty and stick his tongue out, too, sometimes, when he's feeling petulant.

In life he had slightly tanned skin. All other features are the same.
CLOTHING, however, he actually wore. XD
HANDS: He wore fingerless gloves that were long enough to extend past his wrists in a leather cuff design. (all one glove, not two accessories)
UPPER: wears a white vertical-striped tank (no colored stripes, it's a texture thing) under a flight jacket. Under the jacket is a black, leather gun holster
LOWER: Navy blue slacks with attached suspenders hanging casually. Wears black, leather boots, military style.

I always pay well and this is my MAIN request right now so I'll love you forever if you draw it for me. <33
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See a request you're interested in tackling? Let me know!

You do NOT have to fill this out, it's just suggested...but at the very least, please, quote me! If I am interested, I WILL quote you back or PM you.

[color=red][size=18][b]ART SEXXUNS FOR TILTY![/b][/size][/color]

Username: (Your username. Duh.)
Request: (Which request you'd like to tackle. If a couple image, tell me with whom.)
Samples: (Shop link, DA link, or at least 2 samples...)
Prices: (List your prices, pleasu...)
Estimated Wait Time: (How long it'd take you to be done. Lawl.)

I am being PICKY about auctions.

I am NOT currently looking for RL coms. ;0;

If I turn you down, PLEASE, don't be offended. Your work just isn't what I CURRENTLY want. sweatdrop
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Art trade list...

WISH LIST (People I DON'T have art from, yet!)

sakimi.chan (I need moar! I want a bust emotion_kirakira )
PyroGoth (Hnnn, one of these days...)
Dfrnt Luv (holding out for a full body some day <3)
Christmas_Chan (Need updated art of Tenvoid~)
Siin Adonai (Want so bad ;0; )
0tsu (*cries* I always miss my chance ORZ)
Cynischism (I'm always missing your threads, lmao)
Dionysiandust (one of these days maybe XD)
Eukleides (I can dream~)
*will add more as I remember them* D:

OLD LIST...most of these I'll probably never get. ;0;

Precious Flame
DJ Lune
->L i v i e l l e - Supposed to get art from
->Beanish - Supposed to get art from
->Silverbleed - Supposed to get art from
->Chikkuru - Supposed to get art from

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Familiar Shapeshifter

*hugs tight*
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Dras! What, you wanna draw him or something? XP
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Desirable Fatcat

*hugs tight*

*crawls under*
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Familiar Shapeshifter

*hugs tight*

*crawls under*
*sits down next to and holds you against me, wrapping a blanket around us*
wanna draw him
but only have time for commission and art portfolio work nowadays.... especially since I'm trying to get enough good fanart together for AX

but I can ogle happily
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Kage: *curls up into a ball*

Dras: Ogle away. :'D If I had the money, I'd RL com you. >.o
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Familiar Shapeshifter

Kage: *curls up into a ball*

Dras: Ogle away. :'D If I had the money, I'd RL com you. >.o
*pillows her head on my lap and pets her hair slowly*

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