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Will you draw my new male OC? ;0;

I'd rather draw Tilty~ 0.46875 46.9% [ 15 ]
omgsocuteI'dloveto! 0.21875 21.9% [ 7 ]
If I have time ;0; 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
No, Go away. *huffs* D:< 0.3125 31.2% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 32 ]
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I totally understand ne 3nodding I hear the news about the economy problems in US daily and believe me, I know what it's like since it happened here ten years ago. =3=;;; Everything was like, suddenly becoming chaos back then. gonk

It's okay~ it's your money and nothing wrong with wanting the best for your art need. 3nodding I'm extremely picky with my own request thread as well. xd ;;;;
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Dez: Dig it. X3 Yeah, the economy isn't doing too well, right now, but...meh, I get by? sweatdrop

Peti: Nomnomnom. domokun
I'm doing okay, better than last night. *Nods*

But, in amidst all that upset, when I was at my Uncle in law's for supper, Hubby's grandad was raving about his grandaughter, who was a portrait artist. We talked about my tablet for a little bit, and then I offered to show him my art, and he just kept on talking about his grandaughter.....

Like.. I'm not that horrible.. Am I?

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You should hear my family and friends talk about my art. They all seem to think I'm talented. =3=

Probably because I'm diverse. I design tattoos, paint murals, and do my digital and traditional anime-ish artses. I do realism, too, but I don't enjoy it. rofl

And pffttt, that was very, very rude of him, methinks. You are a lovely artist. *shakes fist at the dude*

Portraits are not that hard to do as long as you pay attention to detail. rolleyes
My family doesn't talk about my art.. emo

And by the sounds of it, she just copies a photo.. I mean, that's great skillz, kudos to her.. But can she do anything origonal??
ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
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MoMo: That's why I said it's not very hard to do what she does, as long as you pay attention to detail. It's just like still life. As long as you're good at transferring what you see to paper, you get by...but that's so boring. >.<

You draw things from your mind, whatever you feel like drawing...from scratch. That takes actual talent. It's a pity they don't appreciate that.

Quonneh! *snugs*
ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja

heart domokun *Humps*

Jen: Yeah.. It's sad.. But oh well. emo emo
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*hugses MoMo* Cheer up, you. sad heart
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Cool style...but I think you're overpriced. Thanks for the interest. XP
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