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              I'm seeking HIGH QUALITY art of my ocs and fanart from my favourite fandoms/fics.

              Unless stated explicitly, anything that's person A + person B must be COUPLE ONLY

              I will PM you if I'm interested. And if you require additional references, contact me and I will provide what I can find.

              OC Art Request:

              Janice + Mari (face) - fighting, Mari perving on Janice, being hilarious. Janice is the grumpy cat in the relationship while Mari's the more touchy, feely, outgoing one

              Natally - Unfurling her wings (I will not accept RLC for this one since Neopets has copyrights around the pet I'm basing this OC off on)

              Asrar - Drinking coffee, fighting pose, sniping a target from a building,

              Fanart Request:

              These require a bit of reading.

              Shindo Hikaru - After his transformation in esama's fanfiction Catalyst. Description under spoiler.
              'This era is strange,' Sai thought faintly, while Hikaru-san added colour into his own eyes, changing the colour from dark, murky green in striking light green.

              Then it seemed that Hikaru-san was finished. "Whoa," he said, as he finally turned to look at himself in the mirror – and despite the strangeness of the transformation, Sai had to agree. He did not look much like the young man who had entered the establishment, not with this new long, sleek black hair flowing down to his shoulders and his back, with eye brows that were much darker and thinner than before, and eyes which were piercingly pale.

              "It's not as long as I thought," Hikaru-san murmured, running his fingers through the black hair covering his forehead before turning a bit to see the way it went his neck. 'Or as girly. Will take me a while to get used to not having any blonde in it, but at least it doesn't look anything like Toya's hair, thank god. Or like yours, Sai,' he added silently, while Sai wondered who Toya was.

              BBC Holmes & Watson - In which John is Moriarty in A Facade Faded
              Harry Potter & Jack Frost - Rekindling, 2nd part of first chapter
Maybe see if any of the artists at GA-CON fits your needs?
I wouldn't mind drawing that bbc sherlock piece for you smile
my gallery is here click

there is mostly SPN stuff right now but I guess you can still get the idea of what I can do ^^
send me a note if you're interested and we can discuss prices, poses etc. ^^
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Good day ^^ I'll just place my rl info here: IRL info
Happy holidays ^^
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Lovely characters! I would love to draw a fighting picture of Janice + Mari or of Asrar. If you are interested in RL commissioning me, please look at my samples and prices here:


I'm also a little partial to Holmes and Watson, hehe. Here's some Sherlock art I've done:
Note that this would be a little more expensive since I have to reference real actors.

Finally, here are more examples of groups:

Thank you!
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Please consider me!


RLC info
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I'd like to draw Asrar!
do you still accept RLC?these are some of my samples:
colored works
line works
RLC details here

let me know if you are interested or not smile thanks!
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Good day! Perhaps I could interest you with my art for RLC? ; v ;
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Cool OCs! Interested in chibis? I would like to draw Asrar or Harry+Jack!

RL Commish Info
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I like your OC Asrar. I'd like to draw her drinking coffee.
Samples: http://s1272.beta.photobucket.com/user/real_slim_shadie/library/#/user/real_slim_shadie/library/?&_suid=136182400113407148577639468321
Prices: RLC? $8-half body/ $10-thighs and up/ $15- full body

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